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February Consumer Credit: +$8.7B vs. +$12B expected and $17.8B prior. Non-revolving debt...

February Consumer Credit: +$8.7B vs. +$12B expected and $17.8B prior. Non-revolving debt (student loans, car and personal loans) up $10.94B, while revolving debt (credit cards) fell $2.21B. The debt total for consumers marks the highest level since April 2009, although the rate of growth was the slowest since last October.
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  • Great news! Consumer debt is increasing! Time to Buy Stocks!


    Nazi slave labor camps displayed propaganda banners that said "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Sets You Free). At some point in the future, I won't be shocked to see America legislate the creation of debtor's prisons in which there will be propaganda banners that say "Debt Sets You Free". The banners might include a likeness of Ben Bernanke's most reassuring facial expression.
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  • wait wait so now all the bad news starts to come out? What happened the other 6 months of the rally?
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  • never fear... futures will gap down big on the open tomorrow night but will magically levitate between 2-6 am (thanks PPT!) then open monday a.m. only down slightly, giving HFT algos a chance to "buy the dip" around 10 am. we'll be green by noon, and up 5-10 handles by the close. I think I've seen this movie before...
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  • I hope you're right, sheeple. That sounds great!
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  • Anything can happen but I'd doubt it without some positive news. While not a game changer I would expect an increase in caution which means some profit taking.
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  • Yep, that has pretty much been the program for a long long time now. Only problem is real investors including retail, mutual funds, and pension funds keep exiting the equities markets. Pretty soon there won't be any real buyers anymore.
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  • Agreed about seeing this movie before. Could you please define PPT.?
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  • "Consumer credit increased by $8.7 billion in February to $2.522 trillion, missing economist expectations for a $12 billion gain, new data out of the Federal Reserve shows.
    Although that represents the highest reading in nearly three years, it was the slowest pace of expansion since October.
    Revolving credit, which includes credit card debt, declined 3.3 percent during the month. Nonrevolving credit offset much of that drop, increasing $10.9 billion to $1.723 trillion."


    Read more:
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  • hip hip hurray consumer debts are expanding. More zombie debt slaves.


    FHA 3% down mtg fraud loans, sub-prime auto loans and fraud student loans ramping up.
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  • To increase the number of jobs, is an unwanted rush to the bottom on the housing market. That can be done, with an unwanted 90 day tax on unsold houses with the 90 renew option not to pay the tax, if the price is lowered equal or less than the tax.


    The tax should be, 10% of the price of the house, and if the seller of the house, reduce the price with 10% by the 89 day, then the seller should not be taxed but get a new 90 day extension.
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