Following Apple's (AAPL -4.2%) latest selloff, Raymond James' Tavis McCourt is starting coverage...

Following Apple's (AAPL -4.2%) latest selloff, Raymond James' Tavis McCourt is starting coverage with a Strong Buy and $800 PT.  McCourt, previously with Morgan Keegan, calls iOS "the dominant computing ecosystem for the post-PC world" (some Android fans might disagree a bit), and notes Apple's dividend yield is comparable to that of other large-cap tech names, though its growth is much stronger. (earlier)

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  • rome123
    , contributor
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    800 how about 600 first than 700
    16 Apr 2012, 07:20 PM Reply Like
  • muoio
    , contributor
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    Be very careful here......
    16 Apr 2012, 07:59 PM Reply Like
  • Samson11
    , contributor
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    After 5th day of AAPL sell off I see a turn around over next 4 days breaking thru 640... starting a rebound tomorrow!
    16 Apr 2012, 08:20 PM Reply Like
  • mike8599
    , contributor
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    mmmm..... I see history reapeating itself.....


    Apple better go buy some inovation with that load of cash they got.
    16 Apr 2012, 09:53 PM Reply Like
  • richard McDonough
    , contributor
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    Buy yourself a second "n".
    16 Apr 2012, 10:11 PM Reply Like
  • ATG1977
    , contributor
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    hopefully it goes up
    16 Apr 2012, 10:28 PM Reply Like
  • johnofarizonaoregon
    , contributor
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    How about $10,000 first, then $100,000? (Disclosure: I'm long AAPL and was absolutely delighted to buy more shares today. And... I own an iPhone, 3 Mac computers and am about to buy an iPad.)
    16 Apr 2012, 10:50 PM Reply Like
  • old.frt
    , contributor
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    Some people drink the kool-aide,
    You, johnofarizonaoregon, gargle with it.
    16 Apr 2012, 10:59 PM Reply Like
  • johnofarizonaoregon
    , contributor
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    Seriously, old.frt: consider a mundane, boring stock like UNP: It has split 5 times in its history.


    If UNP had NEVER split, one share purchased before the first split in the 1950's would be worth around $17,000 today, not counting dividend gains over that same time. The average Joe doesn't need to buy 100 shares of a stock like that or 100 shares of Apple, to make a good gain.


    I hope Apple never splits.
    17 Apr 2012, 10:18 AM Reply Like
  • ATG1977
    , contributor
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    Old fart what the hell is that supposed to mean?
    16 Apr 2012, 11:46 PM Reply Like
  • jpintoctr
    , contributor
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    To much bad press have make people anxious. For what I see in Asia, iPhone and iPad still is predominant. We will be pleasantly surprised the 24 with healthy profits.
    17 Apr 2012, 01:13 AM Reply Like
  • Mike Wong
    , contributor
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    Predominant? True but understated. I read a mother daughter got into a fight and killed over an iPhone, scalpers smuggle iPhones into China black market to resell them at up to USD$1700, young people who want to be regarded as "with it" all clamour for the iPhone. I didn't see anybody there who was proud to be seen with an Android anyphone.
    20 Apr 2012, 02:09 PM Reply Like
  • alx.botelho
    , contributor
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    trading at USD 573 in Germany...
    17 Apr 2012, 04:54 AM Reply Like
  • Dr. V
    , contributor
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    You had better hope they don't pull a Google, and split. Cutting the little guy out of the picture is becoming a trend (FB, Google) most recently in the tech sector.


    $600 per share is to high to sustain when your target investors are "average joes".


    For the naysayers, who was crying about not getting their share of the "alleged" $100 Mil USD war chest?


    It certainly wasn't "institutional investors", who could care less about a dividend, and would rather see the money go into R&D, where it would be best spent, securing the company's success and help keep share price higher for the moment.


    They (AAPL) are indeed looking at the merit of a split, just like Google did. That cash will come in handy in the stock repurchase.
    17 Apr 2012, 05:09 AM Reply Like
  • bosco115
    , contributor
    Comments (250) | Send Message
    "It certainly wasn't "institutional investors", who could care less about a dividend, and would rather see the money go into R&D..."


    They already maximize their investments in the supply chain and strategic acquisitions. How do you plow $100B into R&D and have it be accretive to earnings?


    Answer: You don't. You give it back to your shareholders, because the excess cash that is being generated by the business is stuck earning less than 1%.
    17 Apr 2012, 09:08 AM Reply Like
  • Dr. V
    , contributor
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    As I stated "institutional investors" understand you don't buy stock for a dividend, that is what the small investors do to offset income shortages, common among "non-Market" day traders.


    You buy stock for share price equity, and voting rights, (control and navigation of the company).


    Part of the problem of allowing anyone to trade, is they come in at halftime, and think they can read the defense and win the game.


    If they (Apple) want to fail, like most others who do by changing the recipe at the height of sales, go ahead pay the dividend. Price is dropping steadily now anyway as most see what's coming.


    But many will agree with you, as they too need those dividends to pay rent, their SUV note, and vacation, as most live beyond their means, as I said the "non professional" day traders.


    If they (Apple) were smart: they would never have amassed that amount of cash in the first place. One needn't be a financial savant to understand that, n'est-ce pas?


    Just pointing out the intelligent move which has been echoed by most professionals over the last 90 days.


    Many negatives have surfaced since Job's death, they will slowly take their toll. Nothing lasts forever, ride is over, prepare for the split. The $100 BIL USD surfacing was the harbinger for disaster.
    18 Apr 2012, 04:31 AM Reply Like
  • Mike Wong
    , contributor
    Comments (45) | Send Message
    Dr Watson, is $600 is too high? If AAPL were to split 10:1, and priced at $60/share, will it be cheap then?


    Is Berkshire Hathaway overpriced at >$100,000/ share?
    20 Apr 2012, 02:13 PM Reply Like
  • Dr. V
    , contributor
    Comments (1168) | Send Message
    Who is Dr. Watson? (unless it's the old Victorian reference)


    Berkshire: If you go by price to book, it's fairly valued, but highly unethical and a moral dilemma for those who buy it.


    DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't touch Berkshire with a stick.


    AAPL needs growth, they will not attract new "average joe" investors (Apple's preferred demographic profile) @ $600, but as you say, if it were to split........AGAIN....... 10:1, $60 is a more likely entry for investors than $600. Most new investors don't have $600, that's why they are trying to start investing, and this is the problem that has been created by allowing amateurs to trade, we have seen "true value" of most stocks fly out the window.


    People who argued with me over this point last week are licking their wounds today, huh? Down 14% to $572, feel me now?


    Why is everyone so shocked by the idea of ANOTHER SPLIT, we have seen this three (3) times already since the IPO?


    ATTENTION: 95% of those who read this, will now have to "Google" the splits ( "what, Apple spilt before?") because they are not aware of this.


    That is exactly what I am talking about, people who know nothing about the markets are having a negative effect on them. Same investors who dismissed the idea that AAPL would start dropping off, some telling me it was on it's way to $1000.


    Never happen.
    21 Apr 2012, 07:09 AM Reply Like
  • barcaboyvn
    , contributor
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    I don't understand the market recently, GOOG did in fact beat the estimate dearly but they lost 6% since then, so I wonder if same thing would happen to AAPL in case they beat the estimates
    17 Apr 2012, 08:06 AM Reply Like
  • bailinnumberguy
    , contributor
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    Apple investors are assembling at bridges ready to do a swan dive. Consider that shares were trading at $366 at Thanksgiving. Unless you just bought Apple for the first time last Monday, what's the problem again?
    17 Apr 2012, 08:13 AM Reply Like
  • silence_twain
    , contributor
    Comments (338) | Send Message
    Way to be the 100th analyst on Apple with a Buy rating. That is a lot of value add right there!
    17 Apr 2012, 10:17 AM Reply Like
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