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With gasoline hovering around $4/gallon, the President this morning is expected to announce...

With gasoline hovering around $4/gallon, the President this morning is expected to announce proposals to crack down on higher oil prices, including increased penalties for market manipulation and allowing for an increase in margin requirements. Wouldn't phone calls to the FOMC, BoE, and the ECB be easier? WTI crude +0.8% to $104.22.
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  • Desperation..desperati...
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  • Partial comment published..
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  • Let's try it a different format..


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  • Pure politics, nothing will come of it. You can go back to the early 1900's to see the first time some politician said high gas/oil prices should be investigated, nothing ever comes of it.
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  • Mr. Monk..


    Mr. Monk..


    Mr. Monk..


    This is not yet desperation. This is just the first act. Another release from the strategic petroleum reserve would be the second act.


    The third act is for show trials to punish "wreckers."


    How many times do we have to repeat history?
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  • Moving from the Buffet Rule (I believe that is the rule regarding how many times you can get seconds at brunch) to attacking oil companies and us traders. We should talk about his Utopian Statist record that is producing his nirvana.
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  • Raising the margin requirement on oil trading is just the first step in stopping excessive oil speculation. Streamlining the drilling permit process would go along way too.
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  • What a load of crap. He's looking in the wrong place. Just look at the Fed.
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  • Right on brother!


    Bernanke is the one to blame for the increased "Speculation" Obummer like to talk ignorance on!


    The debasement of the U.S. dollar through constant QE and the monetizing of our debt (Something Bernanke swore in front of congress he would NEVER do), doesn't that make him guilty of perjury?


    I suppose when you have Eric Holder Perjure himself more than once, and Jon Corzine also LIE to congress, what the hell, I guess Bernanke and his single perjure gets a free pass?
    This is the problem we face today!
    No respect for the rule of law from the top on down!
    Lord have mercy on our country!
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  • I may be a little off here but it's very possible Issa is waiting until Obama is out of office before he charges them with perjury. Taking the possibility that Obama would pardon them as he leaves office off the table. There is a room at the Leavenworth Hilton waiting for Holder, Corzine, Napolitano and several political appointees at the Justice Department.
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  • Pablum for the masses in an election year. Just a new twist on the Obama Blame Game. Surely high gas prices has nothing to do with the deliberate shift in favor away from fossil fuels to so-called clean energy. Surely it has nothing to do with 'supply and demand' but I have an otherwise intelligent cousin who is always ready to blame it on the Evil Market Manipulators.
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