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Pres. Obama finds himself increasingly boxed in on the Keystone (TRP) pipeline fight, as more...

Pres. Obama finds himself increasingly boxed in on the Keystone (TRP) pipeline fight, as more congressional Democrats join Republicans in backing the project, which has strong labor support and could generate lots of jobs in hard-hit states. An increasing possibility is a highway bill - also stuck - with a Keystone provision, which would put Obama in an awkward position.
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  • Why doesn't he just say yes?


    So irritating. This is the most bipartisan (I hate that word mind you, so DC) effort we have had in years. And it's popular as well. I am amazed that he just doesn't take credit for a good decision.


    This is a strikingly odd example of behavior from our President but it is certainly just one of many.
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  • Don't expect this arrogant prig to have the gumption to do what is best for all. Leadership? What's that?


    The junior senator from Illinois has little interest in leading.


    Obama is pandering for the few and his interest and focus is laser like on one thing and one thing only saving his own job.


    Obama must be defeated.


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  • CW, if he reverses himself now he will be blasted for flip-flopping. If he reverses himself now he will lose the environmental vote. If he reverses himself now he will lose all credibility in the eyes of his Democrat caucus. Now, take your pick.
    He's backed himself into a corner then doubled down and no matter how he gets out of it he's a weakened president.
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  • Hoe,


    It's called leadership.

    "On Wednesday, the House passed a short-term transportation bill that included a provision that would pave the way for the construction of the next stage of the oil pipeline, a measure that Mr. Obama has said he would veto. The bill passed 293 to 127, with 69 Democrats supporting it."
    "With the House vote, Mr. Obama finds himself, for the first time in his presidency, threatening a veto on a significant piece of legislation that enjoys the support of an increasing number of Democrats, as well as the vast majority of Republicans in Congress."
    But Democrats like Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania say they would support a highway bill with a Keystone pipeline provision. “I would vote for it, yes,” Mr. Casey said.


    "Democrats beyond Washington — including those who run unions, build pipeline parts and run cities or states — have also been big supporters of the project. “Cool down, cowgirl,” said Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Democrat of Montana, when told about the current situation in Congress. “I am a very large advocate of Keystone, and it disgusts me that instead of solving the issue, the people in Washington just fight.”
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  • President Obama stated he wants the pipeline, and wanted the best environmental route for it!


    He is not going to jump into it like Bush arrogantly did to Iraq!
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  • Day,


    Gee that's a great comparison "like Bush arrogantly did to Iraq!"


    Drop the hopium pipe and stop drinking the koolaid.


    It it screws up he will blame Bush anyway.
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  • Con,


    I did not think I made it too tuff to understand, perhaps I was wrong. Allow me to go slower for you.


    President (like it or not) Obama is not going to screw up our environment for an Oil Pipe!
    Nor is he going to waste taxpayer dollars on a useless venture, “Like Bush did in Iraq”, where’s the WMD?


    I hope that helps.
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  • Right on the money! Leadership is his key.
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  • Day-T, You are a real a-hole, but I am going to go very slowly for you so you can read each sentence slowly so it sinks in.


    Obama will only waste money on other useless ventures like Solyndra, the "Stimulus" of 2009, the Texas housing agency weatherization/green construction funds that still hasn’t spent $91.6 million in allocated money. In Alaska, Wyoming and the District of Columbia, the program has yet to produce a single job or retrofit one home. And in California, a state with nearly 37 million residents, that program at last count had created 84 jobs. Another Obama pet project, Illinois-based FutureGen, a near-zero-emissions coal power plant which received a $1 billion stimulus earmark despite having been previously defunded over doubts about the feasibility and efficiency of the project.
    CBS News counted 12 clean energy companies that are having trouble after being approved for more than $6.5 billion in federal assistance. Five have filed for bankruptcy: The junk bond-rated Beacon, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy and Solyndra.
    Did I mention Ener1, whose subsidiary EnerDel received a $118 million federal grant, lost $165 million in fiscal 2010 and has no chance to survive.
    Now that's record that a President can really crow about on the re-election trail. Oh, I forgot to mention Obamacare. He spent two years on the law that is going to get ruled unconstitutional.
    I hope I didn't go too quickly for you.
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  • Get a tissue! "Boo-Hoo"
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  • Odd examples only if you look at the individual acts but not if you read his mentor Saul Alinsky ...when you join the dots the picture is clear
    ...Incremental acts seemingly as you say "odd examples " that create in there final moment (if he gets re elected) a fundamentally Socialist state by 2016...
    ...and in plain sight...but many good meaning people just don't see it !
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  • This is significant in a massive way!
    Lets see how far they push back on Obama, especially during this time frame, his non stop re election campaign!
    Everything else be damned, except scouting out some serious vac'y spots!


    Saul Alinsky is still the media which has been, up till right now, in Obamas camp.
    If the real Media are still relevant out there and actually present the facts, just the facts to the people. Maybe we can make an informed decision.
    But this is a fundamental ,
    "Cloward & Piven",
    Collapse the System from within point in time!
    This and Alinsky,(who did all his research for his classic"Rules for Radicals") among the Killers and Rapitsts and all the dreck of the orginized crime syndicate of the day,is playing out right in front of our eyes all the time the lame street media propagates it and you are just an unthinking pawn.


    We need to get back to the law's of God, the kind of spiritual guidance our founders used to "Forge" this republic to stand the test's of time!


    The law's of man / Social Justice and Fairness,
    Collective Salvation?


    These are abominations, they are not normal, they just don't leave you feeling "RIGHT", somehow wrong!


    America is great because Americans are good.
    Held together under the strains of tyranny,
    never abandon your history!
    It will set you free,
    keep you morally grounded!


    But,For the grace of God go I...


    May the good lord watch over this fragile little experiment in freedom we call America
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  • Include in the pipeline bill that the oil flow would be propelled by wind mills every 500 yds. That's an Obama doer!
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  • How about TransCanada figure out a route that doesn't overlay the Ogallala aquifer, or at least the areas where the aquifer is close to the surface? In the Sand Hills, the aquifer is 20 feet below the surface and the surface is very porous. The Ogallala is pretty important to the country, particularly for agriculture. SA readers might want to read up on the aquifer. The pros and cons of this pipeline, as presently designed, aren't as simplistic as those who comment seem to think. Avoiding the aquifer would make the project more expensive but contaminating the aquifer would be even more expensive, for TransCanada and the agricultural industry. 
    22 Apr 2012, 07:11 PM Reply Like
  • There are already approved and built about 23,000 miles of pipeline over the aquifer. The govenor of the state has approved it. Do you believe O'bummer has taken the time to even review the studies done over the past four years, that concluded it was acceptable to build it?


    I'm all in favor of tight construction and maintenance requirements. And you can be assured that Transcanada knows that there will a focus on them for any spills or defects.


    I got past the idea long ago that we could supply milk for children without having some cow manure to deal with. Whatever you ate for you last meal was produced by causing some environmental disturbance.


    Just wondering about the protection of the acquifer. Is anyone allowed to have a septic tank with leaching lines in that part of the country? How about pasturing cattle or any kind of confined feeding operation? Is that form of contamination acceptable?
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  • An oil spill is different than a septic tank or a cow pasture. If an extremely large cattle operation polluted the aquifer, sometyhing would have to be done about it anyway. Actually, I don't think "O'bummer" has the expertise to analyse the reports, nor should he. Neither do I, nor does most of Congress. Just lay out the risks and the methods of avoiding them. For both the aquifer and TransCanada's shareholders.
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  • Oh, The Department of State, the Energy department and a few other. Wikipedia has a pretty detailed discussion of all the issues, it's worth reading.
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  • Hendershott, please don't tell me you use Wiki as your go to source for accurate info? I used to update a Wiki for an internet marketing firm I worked for recently. I put in the Wiki what I was told and it wasn't always reliable information. It was what the company wanted people to know. Wikipedia is what it is.
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  • Like I said, it's a good discussion of the issues around the XL. Maybe TransCanada helped with the Wiki. Maybe the Sierra Club did. So what? It's more informative than Fox or the WSJ on the subject. At a minimum it covers more issues and doesn't advocate either way.
    24 Apr 2012, 04:05 PM Reply Like
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