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Extrapolating AT&T's report of 4.3M Q1 iPhone sales could suggest Apple (AAPL) will...

Extrapolating AT&T's report of 4.3M Q1 iPhone sales could suggest Apple (AAPL) will move just 21M units in Q1 - far less than consensus of 30.5M. Of course, this assumes AT&T maintains its ratio of 20.5% of iPhone sales, a level that surely dropped given the entry of Sprint into the equation.
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  • Apple moved more than 21M units in Q2. Next subject.
    24 Apr 2012, 08:08 AM Reply Like
  • VZ dropped only 25% QoQ while T dropped 43%. It's clear that VZ and S is finally equalizing the advantage that T once had.


    And with the massive global rollout during CQ1, there's no concern that iPhone is less than 28M. Now, whether 30.5M number can be beaten is up in the air.


    The fun number to watch should be iPad not iPhone. AAPL clearly wants iPad to reach at least 1/3 of corporate-wide revenue, if not more.
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  • iPhones were 78% of all the smartphones sold by AT&T. So that means that investors were expecting iPhones to be at least 82% of all smartphones sold by AT&T.
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  • How Ironic. Freedom of the press doesn't apply to us?
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  • China is the one to watch!
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  • AT&T is not and will never be 20% of the Iphone's sales anymore. Regional carriers in the U.S. now offer the Iphone (5 carriers to be exact) as well as Sprint. China is also going to be a major contributor as well. AT&T's days of being the primary "go-to" carrier for Iphone sales numbers are gone.
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  • we will all know the Iphone sales by late tue
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