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Einhorn goes Jim Chanos on China, saying the country views Western investors as marks. It's...

Einhorn goes Jim Chanos on China, saying the country views Western investors as marks. It's infrastructure is overbuilt, the roads are empty, the houses unsold. Other than owning U.S. companies that may sell there, he's staying out (h/t Josh Brown). More from Einhorn.
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  • Investing in companies abroad is risky. Foreign investors are treated like beef cows in places from Argentina to Iceland. China is just as bad and probably worse than most. Of course, the Chinese market will be huge and cannot be ignored but the ideal things is to sell things there and get paid rather than invest in Chinese companies.
    16 May 2012, 03:52 PM Reply Like
  • Marks.....its worse than that..they want you to the plant..bring the technology...then they will reverse engineer it and sell the same thing under a different name..Cheaper
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  • Didn't every capitalist want to do this?
    16 May 2012, 07:19 PM Reply Like
  • Little does china know they are the mark. They have been given the manufacturing but had to open thier banks to do it. And now they are screwed, they just don;t know it yet.
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  • Been hearing the same thing from several friends that have been to China lately.


    Counting hundreds of unoccupied buildings from the airport to downtown... and remember communists are always very concerned with marketing and showing off. What is then left to other less important roads!


    China growing at over 10% for too many years, a correction is inminent.
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  • Looking more and more like Chanos & Hendry were probably right in their short China bets.
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  • Broad generalizations is simply silly when it comes to investing. Works great at cocktail parties and presentations at conferences.
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