Yahoo +1% in postmarket as Q3 profits beat expectations

|By:, SA News Editor

Yahoo (YHOO -0.3%) is up 1% after hours in the aftermath of its Q3 earnings report, featuring profits that beat expectations and in-line revenues

GAAP revenue was $1.305B (up 6.5%). The previous change in revenue presentation tied to its Microsoft Search Agreement contributed $258M; excluding that, GAAP revenue would have been $1.048B (down 15% Y/Y).

"Mavens" revenue (mobile, video, native and social) was $524M (up 24.2%); non-Mavens revenues were $726M (up 4.8%). Total traffic-driven revenue grew 12% to $1.25B, while non-traffic-driven revenue fell to $55M from $111M.

Mobile revenue jumped 46.1% to $396M, while desktop revenue inched up to $854M from $844M.

The company had said it wouldn't hold a call to discuss the earnings due to its pending buyout deal with Verizon (NYSE:VZ).

"I am pleased with our Q3 results," says CEO Marissa Mayer. "This quarter, we launched several new products and showed solid financial performance across the board; both are a testimony to the tremendous teamwork, focus, and resilience of our employees," she added, noting the company is working hard to retain user trust after its data breach and ahead of the Verizon integration.

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