Mulling Gary Cohn's future after Trump meeting

|By:, SA News Editor

There's been talk in the Goldman (NYSE:GS) hallways for months that President and COO Gary Cohn - 2nd-in-command to Lloyd Blankfein for a decade - was considering leaving the bank.

His meeting yesterday with the president-elect has amped up that talk (Cohn is reportedly being considered to head OMB).

Should Cohn exit, it would be the end of Goldman's most obvious succession plan, and probably signal that Blankfein isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Another possible successor, Michael Sherwood last week announced his retirement, noting "Lloyd" of late has been talking about "five more years."

It would, however, elevate what surely is a waiting bench, and ease what some frustrated young execs call a "talent bottleneck."

Source: Liz Hoffman in the WSJ