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ASCO Oncology conference: Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS -7.3%) slides after it presented disappointing...

ASCO Oncology conference: Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS -7.3%) slides after it presented disappointing Phase 3 results for perifosine - one of its lead drug candidates - yesterday. Data from the tests showed no benefit in overall survival when adding perifosine to capecitabine in refractory colorectal cancer.
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  • Important to express your interest if you lost money on this. Class action lawsuit currently underway by 2 law firms.
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  • I'm guessing you're one of their law clerks trying to drum up participants.
    4 Jun 2012, 05:03 PM Reply Like
  • You guess wrong. I'm one of the investors that believed Perifosine was working due to the on-going trial length. I and many others were wrong on this and lost significant money as a result. Now I know that AEZ withheld crucial information on the trial failure. To this day, they will still not disclose when the 360th death occurred, ending the trial. Investors have a RIGHT to be given important information in a timely manner. Add to this the fact that AEZ was selling shares into the market through their at-the-market issuance program. The whole thing smells bad and AEZ needs to pay for this deception.
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  • Johnny, point being, Keryx had the rights to Perifosine, and was running the trial. AEterna was waiting for results from Keryx. They did not have this information until Keryx provided it in April. Full test result information was provided this past weekend at ASCO. AEterna management is not my favorite people right now, but there was no wrong doing on their part on the clinical trial. I took Adam Feurstein's advice and sold most of my shares in the $2's. I have now been buying a large amount of shares in the $.40's, as we have tilted the other way and become undervalued. When everyone is selling, and you know the company through Due Dilligence, that's the time to be buying. Good luck going forward.
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  • No, full trial data was not disclosed. They still did not say when the trial actually reached the end-point. The reason for this I would assume is because they know they screwed a lot of investors out of a lot of money. Think about how frantic the action was in the last week of March. In all likelyhood, everyone buying then were doing so because it was assumed the trial was still on-going. Aeterna had a requirement to let investors know promptly when the trial reached the end-point. You cannot let them off on this saying they knew nothing and their partner Keryx was at fault. Both should be sued in my opinion and that might yet happen from what I have been told.
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  • Anyone that lost money on AEZS should take action.
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