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Dennis Gartman's recommendation of gold stocks after a couple of years of urging investors to...

Dennis Gartman's recommendation of gold stocks after a couple of years of urging investors to buy bullion ahead of equities is the primary driver of their resurgence, Don Coxe says, adding that the shares will continue to climb: “Gold stocks are the cheapest they have been in the history of gold mining. That won’t last forever.”
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  • They are cheap because costs are sky high and I dont see an end to that very soon. I would be careful before diving into the sector without thinking that through.
    6 Jun 2012, 12:13 PM Reply Like
  • Would those be the same investors who followed Gartman's many reversals on buying/selling bullion? If so, they're accustomed to being whipsawed.
    6 Jun 2012, 12:14 PM Reply Like
  • When Dennis appears on CNBC; one has to ask: would you buy (gold in whatever currency denomination he suggests) from this man?...only asking, because that's what runs through my mind when he pops up and gives one of his urgings; and, it doesn't help that this is the market.
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  • while gartman is correct about gold stocks, overall denny is a total hack.
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  • I think everyone has been waiting to see if gold was going to drop. Even small juniors are producing gold at a net cost of about 1000.00 that leaves plenty of room for a nice margin.
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  • We bought a big tranche of (NUGT) @ $7.99 2 weeks ago
    hit $14.20 this AM so we will continue to accumulate miners
    on big pullbacks.
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  • Check my comments. A while back there was an article about "Exploding Jr. Miners", My comment then was, "The only way to make Jr. mines explode was to drop some dynamite down the main shaft.", or something to that effect. Now, to clear the air, I do own some GDXJ because at a time in the future, it will go up. (WILL) not may. I am making a statement. I will not buy much more GDXJ. But I do say to BUY SILVER EAGLES NOW. A little gold and don't pay too much premium.
    The gold mines (all of them) have more strings on them than a hungry spider.
    GO FOR THE GOLD (I also said, with the Ag/Au ratio so high, buy silver. So far so good.


    Happy Mining
    Capt. Brian
    The Lost Navigator
    6 Jun 2012, 04:19 PM Reply Like
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