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Apple's (AAPL) upcoming Mac refresh will be a big one, if an Australian pricing matrix obtained...

Apple's (AAPL) upcoming Mac refresh will be a big one, if an Australian pricing matrix obtained by 9to5 Mac is accurate. New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Pro models are listed. The prices appear steep, but that could be an Australia-specific issue.
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  • Steep is good but it may be too steep in this market....


    Good trading
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  • Interesting Muoio that everything is bad news to you, or the harbinger thereof.
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  • I am long T as I really believe the carrier in the end is the business that cannot be cracked with out massive capital outlays.


    AAPL is at risk of the next great idea and they have had one hell of a streak.


    But to suggest this level of innovation can continue forever may be a stretch.


    I made a lot of money on AAPL and I left when Steve Jobs left and immediately put cash to work at T.


    I sense that many AAPL investors/traders love APPL.


    All I would suggest on that condition is, "love no stock...Trade them".


    My house is full of AAPL and I am lined up to buy the upgrades on every product they sell. But I would suggest the going will be tougher in the future.


    And we must remember when we consider the 65 million iphones they expect to sell in China....Well 71% of Windows operating systems in China are counterfeit.
    Good trading.
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  • The prices are probably an OZ phenomenon. Generally they hold offshore sales in offshore currency so that they are not taxed on it right? Guess they believe in some incredible USD rally to come...wonder why?
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  • Currently, the Australian Dollar is near parity with the American Dollar.
    Differences in price, if any, would be based on other things.
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  • Apple is right at the top of most respected companies in the world, and it retains its number one brand identification as we;;. They can "afford" to continue pricing at a premium level because of this inherent appeal and demand for its products. That doesn't disappear on the basis of elasticity concerns. Marketing is an art, and Apple is the quintessential master of the facile, creative and ingenious. Other things being equal, which is the minimum expectation product wise, this company can continue to dominate on reputation alone.
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  • aapl is always steep you get what you pay for vista and successors best thing ever happened to mac laptops/ desktops lines. pcs on cnbc talk show sets used to say XP, say aapl now. had apple done way back when what bill gates did license away/marketing vs hogging their technology like mac did mac would have been it I think . i have an android phone i like no complaints watched a football on espn last fall another person had an iphone I was always 1 play behind, same game, called Verizon was told by verizon my chip was 2 ghz iphone only had 1 ghz but iphone dedicates most of it's chip to one task (all I need) droid does not, allocates 20% of chip for multitasking, either way slower Point set match for apple for this consumer. yeah their pricing is an issue why I went PC yrs ago but they come down. if you want quality PC you have to spend $1000 and up these days
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  • I'm conservative, 70 and a computer novice. I have a formula for purchasing just about everything. Is a product the best on the market, does the company stand behind the product and is the customer service superb? Apple is the premier company, products far exceed any other and their customer service exceeds all expectations and is a pure joy ro experience. Plus all products are beautiful and delightful to use, in other words my buying the product means I'm buying a piece of the company and what they stand for. You might say I'm a very satisfied customer.
    2 iPads
    I iPad 2
    2 iPhones
    1 iMac desk top
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  • 1 iPad2
    1 New iPad
    1 iMac
    1 Nano
    1 iPod Classic
    1 iPod Touch


    1500 shares of AAPL
    7 Jun 2012, 07:54 AM Reply Like
  • the itv1080 seemlessly integrates with all your other devices a kinda must have ...the 99 dollar price is well worth it ....the remote looks like it is worth that much...
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  • once intoduced .......because of how all apple products seemlessly interact with each other you will eventually own all of them .....that is a given....
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  • Once you have MAC you'll never go back
    7 Jun 2012, 09:57 AM Reply Like
  • Owning a Mac is like owning a Bentley. It's beautiful, it's a delight to use, and it makes me feel happy when I am on my MacAir rather than on my PC which is in my office.
    It's the difference between caviar and cabbage. Who wouldn't prefer caviar?
    7 Jun 2012, 02:06 PM Reply Like
  • I do not like caviar, have tried my daughters Apple desktop after using my PC's Apple machines may be alright but prefer my PC.
    Have 6 Iphones in the family, 5 ipads. Believe Apple think we are a little slow---the way they have the Iphone & Ipad mail programmed. Do not understand why they can't have their email set up those on a PC.
    9 Jun 2012, 11:09 AM Reply Like
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