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Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 900 is a "very decent seller" at Best Buy (BBY), claims mobile VP Scott...

Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 900 is a "very decent seller" at Best Buy (BBY), claims mobile VP Scott Anderson, but it isn't selling nearly as well as some Android (GOOG) models. He adds pre-orders for Samsung's (SSNLF.PK) Galaxy S III have exceeded expectations, and that HTC's EVO 4G LTE, which runs on Sprint's (S) network, has also seen strong pre-orders. Pac Crest recently claimed the Lumia 900 is doing good business.
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  • my big problem with bestbuy is this ... go to the front of the store where it says "smartphones" and what images do you see ? you would think an iphone and an android right given how the market's been carved out so far right ? well, not even the famous iphone is shown, instead you see two android handsets with the good ole flip clock and icons that is the standard look of android. so, any innocent customer going in and asking: can i get one of those "smartphones", what do they end up with ? they need to change that picture and slot all THREE competing systems there or at least give equal share since all of their advertising claims that they're hw and carrier neutral.
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  • Anyone not owning a Nokia Lumia 900 doesn't know what they're missing! Poor consumers, they are probably the same victims who bought AAPL at $650 expecting it to go to $1,000 or ten years ago bought YHOO at $600 because ML analysts called a $900 price target. Must they always run with the herd and get trampled? Will they ever learn?
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  • Just waiting for the Nokia tablet to come out.
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  • Per this - 900 2nd seller at att for may. What is Best Buy talking about?

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  • No one goes to best buy, so of course they don't know anything.
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  • The last place to go for a decent phone sales metrics. Best Buy's number one thing was T.V's, that's dead . I'm pretty sure Apple and Samsung aren't doing them any favors. Maybe they could work out something with Nokia and Microsoft to revive their business. As it stands now, their behind the curve. The entire windows 8 echo system (tablet,phone, Xbox and T.V.) sold in one place by a trained staff. Bra hahahaha.
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  • Bought an EVO shift at Best Buy once, and the girl insisted on signing me on to 4g service, but 3 months later found out my town doesn't have 4g. Never go there again.
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  • I have a Samsung Droid and not very happy with it. I also am running Windows 7 on my desktop which will upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as it comes out. I have another 6 months to go on my contract and at that time I will go with a Nokia Win 8 Phone. When I last checked the only place I could get a Windows 7 phone by Nokia was through AT&T which is not in my area, just Verizon Wireless. So when the numbers are crunched and they say that Nokia 900 is doing ok I think it's because I haven't seen them in Sams or WalMart or other stores. When that happens I'd like to see the numbers again when Verizon starts selling them and by that time I'll have my phone. I even heard that the Pureview 808 will be coming to North America running Windows 8 but didn't find out what it would be called.
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  • I have NL 800- It is a gem!
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  • I recently was at Best Buy to check out a Nokia vs Samsung. To my disappointment, the Nokia was a plastic brick with a fake screen. The Samsung was a full featured demo phone. It's hard for me think of a compelling reason Nokia would out sell the Samsung unless the majority of buyers have brand loyalty to Nokia. I'm hoping that Nokia will address this when Windows 8 phones are released.
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  • Well sir, that is whats called a demo shell. Was it the Lumia 710 on T-mobile or the Lumia 900 for ATT?


    The Lumia 900 is a full cased aluminum body. The 710 is a small rounded plastic entry phone. I encourage you to take a look at a real one next time, ask a sales rep, they usually have them since the company gives one to them for free.
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  • Since Best Buy sells the Lumia for $100 and you can buy it most anywhere else for $50 and as low as $30 this week at Target, It should be no surprise it's not a hot seller for them.
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  • Pro E solid .moddeling designer..artist
    Worst purchase an apple2plus for $4500.
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  • Pro E user..solid
    Worst purchase ever apple 2plus
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  • Live with a apple for everything woman who rolled her eyes when I wanted a lumia 900.
    Now she is pissed off she plunked down big bucks for an apple 4s and loves the 900way better
    We are both photographers and prefer the Nokia results.Its build like a Leica where the 4s is like a glitzy caddy from the 1980 's
    Everybodythat gets a hold of it loves the solid feel of it and has this I got ripped off look on their face when they look back at their apple or droid
    Go for a Nokia lumia 900. Way nicer
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  • Nokia announced today that Woodcraft Rangers, a Los Angeles-based non-profit
    providing education and enrichment to more than 16,500 youth from in-need neighborhoods through
    after school programs, has chosen the Lumia 900 to support its field operations and to increase
    operational efficiencies while providing a user experience that meets the needs of a wide age
    group of site coordinators.


    For over 90 years, Woodcraft Rangers has been providing participatory programs for students in
    kindergarten through high school operating primarily through, government grants, donations and
    bequests. Operational efficiency, ease of use and integration with existing IT infrastructure is
    of paramount importance. "We were looking to repurpose BlackBerry servers so right there we are
    saving money," said David Lara, IT Administrator, Woodcraft Rangers. "Additionally, our site
    coordinators like the big, bright Live Tiles, the Lumia's large screen and we like the seamless
    integration to our Office Suite," he added.


    While I believe that RIMM will survive, but this just goes to show that Windows 8 and Nokia are going to kick some royal butt later this year.
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  • I have an IPAD and an Android tablet, both collecting dust because all useful business applications don't run on them. I am anxiously waiting for a windows based tablet. Nokia will fill a gigantic gap in the Samsung-Apple tablet monopoly.
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  • How can anyone compare sales between Samsung, iPhone and Nokia unless the comparison made between the three that it also states the number of carriers for each and what is projected. I think Nokia is on the right track and will show exceptional sales figures in the fourth quarter. I want the Pureview 808 running Win 8 sold by Verizon, is that a pipe dream?
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