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An end to China's monopoly on rare earth minerals (REMX) is in sight, Paul Martyn writes. North...

An end to China's monopoly on rare earth minerals (REMX) is in sight, Paul Martyn writes. North America has quietly invested significant money and resources into the domestic mining of rare earths, he says, with 35 projects at various stages of development outside China; even a 10% shift in market share would have a positive ripple effect on U.S. manufacturing and technology.
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  • There was a recent article on mining REMs in undersea territory, i.e., international waters, where rights/royalties can be negotiated through the ISA. Couple this with increasing substitutes that come to market and the REM market looks to get even more competition.
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  • I am holding several rare earth stocks recommended by the guys at Anger publishing and all are down by a great deal. From MCP, REE, toRems,to avl ect. i can hold on b ut i amgetting frustrated with holdig loosers for such a long time. G ive me soemthing to be cheeruful about.
    Thanks, Dr. Abel Jacob, PhD
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  • Sorry to tell you but rare's are not " rare" , the buzz media has been doing around this generated a lot of unjustified expectations.


    1. Actual Demand is being supplied so no scarcity is around, has you hear about problems related to rare's in Apple or Sony or Nokia etc.


    2 in the past mines closed because costs not because scarcity.


    3. A glut is coming 30 new ventures will arrive soon


    4 prices depends on hard to boil buyers as Apple or Samsung etc, so don' t expect big prices


    Try to sale and diversify is a trap


    8 Jun 2012, 07:32 PM Reply Like
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