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Jim Cramer slammed Pep Boys (PBY) on last night's episode of Mad Money, calling its business...

Jim Cramer slammed Pep Boys (PBY) on last night's episode of Mad Money, calling its business model a relic of the 1920s. He doesn't make much sense out of the manner the company runs two distinct businesses under the same roof - noting that the type of consumer who buys their own auto parts is much different than the person who gets their car serviced. Shares -2.0% premarket.
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  • Who cares what Cramer says? Really!! The guy loved SODA, DECK,CROX,CRM,TPX,SMG,and every other MOMO name that eventually flames out!! Greater Fool Theory enthusiast. Remember in 2009 when he said if you needed any $ for the next 5 years to stay away from the market?? That was at the bottom!
    15 Jun 2012, 08:22 AM Reply Like
  • Cramer is a relic of the 90's.


    Some vehicles still have warranty.


    The one's that don't, owners buy their own parts.
    Pretty simple really.


    How about CNBS's model? Since we are talking about models.
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  • Actually, let's talk about Cramer fleecing investors with his IPO of The!! IS that still public or bankrupt?
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  • Cramer failed to mention the $50 million windfall cancellation fee it rec'd or its $700 million worth of owned real estate, What about its recent insider buying and the fact that Gabelli just upped his stake to 7.7%?
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  • This guy sad to buy FB at the IPO price if you could get in. LOL... MS had to buy back shares all day at the IPO to keep the price above 38.
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  • Bash and Buy? Is Cramer trashing the company so he can buy shares is the exact opposite of pump and dump!!!
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  • No way Cramer would buy a beaten down stock. Only Momo stocks that go up daily. Remember, he is a trader not an investor!
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  • I buy my own parts, and then have PBY install them for me. They are one of the only places that do it. Most places will not install a part unless you buy it from them. However this way, I can choose the part I want, and they offer a labor warranty, which is more than I can say for other garages as well. Each location is subject to the quality of the mechanics and customer service reps however, so I have found one particular location that is good, while the others really lack knowledge or friendly service skills.
    18 Jun 2012, 06:32 PM Reply Like
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