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Though analysts are impressed with Microsoft Surface (MSFT +3.7%), few see it as a huge threat...

Though analysts are impressed with Microsoft Surface (MSFT +3.7%), few see it as a huge threat to the iPad (AAPL +0.6%). Jefferies' Peter Misek thinks Microsoft will need to "significantly undercut" the iPad on pricing (something that's unlikely given its specs) to be competitive, and argues the iPad's 225K+ apps set it apart. However, Forrester's David Johnson believes Windows RT's management features, user interface, and Office support will appeal to enterprise users.  (more)
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  • Well, the analysts are wrong. If Surface is what Microsoft claims to be and the price level maches, iPad's growth will take a huge dent during the holidy season.
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  • Indeed, unless a ipad 4 pops up unexpectedly. Or even a well timed rumor.
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  • "if"
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  • You are right, it's not even a big "if".
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  • The pre-loaded Office is the best part.
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  • ARM is not the full office
    i5 is
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  • To me, a pad that can really run office is a killer. Until now, pads have been toys. Any trip where work needs to be done has required me to carry a laptop. This could change that.
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  • agreed.
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  • And what about the rumored MS Office for iPad? Think it will happen?
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  • yes, but 2013, after surface
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  • WiFi only? UltraBook (Mac Air laptop) pricing?
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  • I agree jb, "Surface" is going to compete with the Ipad that is less expensive and has availability of 3G or 4G LTE?
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  • ballmer said ultrabook pricing for the i5
    his speech seemed to suggest ARM => iPad pricing, i5 => Air pricing
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  • Anyone can sell anything when they undercut the competition. The comment is senseless. The feat will be to compete on an even playing field. "Surface" provides better services and benefits than the competition and its appeal will certainly contribute significantly to the company's bottom line.


    This development brings an even better outlook for the stock in the short to mid term timeline. Doomers and nay-sayers abound, which is why it's clear the competition's coming out forcefully using all means available to discredit the new product even before it's out to the public. Good luck with that strategy. It's an old and tired one, serving to underscore the fear in the heart of all with a vested interest in Microsoft's failure.


    The proof is always in the pudding.
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  • How is it that the number of apps available for a given OS is always seen as an indicator of how well it will be received? For example, saying that the OS with 225k apps will be more popular than the one with 70k (? - Windows Phone) apps? I know personally that at least half the iOS apps are pure crap, which I why I have to delete them after first use, so the increase in quantity really does nothing for the consumer if the quality isn't also there.
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  • "How is it that the number of apps available for a given OS is always seen as an indicator of how well it will be received?"


    A tablet is only as good as the software and applications running on it. Developers' support is the key since it means that the creative and innovative people are creating programs for the platform. The more money developers make = more programs = successful platform/hardware sales.


    Apple has done this right with iOS. For example, I can still install an app I bought in 2007 on any of my iOS devices I own today and it works perfectly. I haven't bought a ton of apps but I have enough that I am locked in. Fortunately, I enjoy Apple's product and see no reason to switch. I'm sure a lot of people are on a similar boat.
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  • Exactly, many of the iPad/iPhone apps are duplicates of other applications that do the same thing. With that said it is no doubt that mobile apps for Apple and Android are far ahead of Windows Mobile.
    You see mobile apps advertized by your local news station and such for Apple and Android but rarely for Windows. A mobile app for Windows phone has been a second thought UNTIL NOW. The surface is a game changer that will move windows mobile app development ahead of android and eventually catch up with Apple. Having more apps is just another marketing ploy for Apple. The real indicator is how many applications continue to be actively downloaded 6 months after they release, not the total available.
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  • I have worked in IT offices for all of my work life, and I do not see a rush to buy a tablet for the majority of modern day office workers.


    If a worker needs a full blown MS Office, they will likely need a keyboard. If they need a keyboard, why would they buy a tablet over a notebook? Notebooks have more powerful processors, larger screens, are likely more robust and more expandable (at least to a small degree).


    Where I see tablets being used in industry is where I already see the iPad being used, when you need a portable device with an app designed specifically for the purpose of the tablet, for example inventory control or accessing on-line documentation. These apps rarely need either a keyboard or MS Office.


    Bob Langelaan
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  • Wow, I am shocked that a Jefferies analyst doesn't see a threat to Apple (sarcasm), it's amazing that CNBC has been bashing the new Microsoft tablet with selective tweets (more sarcasm). I like the looks of the Surface and if it is what it seems I will be buying my first tablet. I can't say I didn't expect the media circus to put it down, but I think time will tell if retail customers want a tablet with flash, java, office, and a usb port, I know this is what I've been waiting for.
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  • Many of the tech-review websites have been pretty positive today.
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  • Some of those putting it down are so clueless (I saw someone mention the pro has an Internet CPU) that it doesn't really matter what they say.
    If you don't understand the gadget/tech world, invest somewhere else...
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  • To the defense of the "Internet CPU" (I saw that, too), I'm sure that was a case of auto-correct-failure to put in "Intel CPU".
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  • Devil is in the details, but assuming I pay the same price as Apple for the Surface and it comes with a fully integrated Office - then I will buy a Surface tablet for business use.


    This is a double edged sword for Microsoft. My Ultrabook plans are now dead - what does this do to MS licensing revenue? Each Ultrabook brings MS licensing for the OS ($40), Office ($250+), Exchange ($10-20). Assuming cost is 10% higher than Apple - a $499 Surface will net MS at best $275 while costing the lost Ultrabook sale. Looks like a zero sum game unless someone expects everyone to have two devices. At best this a short term boost for MS that has huge ramifications for Intel and the rest of the PC ecosystem. I'll bet Meg Whitman is re-thinking her about face on PC's.
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  • The office version you'll get on surface RT will probably be closer to the 80$ office and not the 250$. The exchange license will still be needed since it's usually a per user license and has nothing to do with which device you buy.
    Why are your ultrabook plans on hold? because you will buy a surface? how does MS lose if that's the case?


    also, you have to realize there are two models. the surface RT won't replace an ultrabook unless all you need on your laptop is word and exchange. the surface pro, which will have an Intel CPU, will cost the same as an ultrabook with similar specs
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  • This reduces MS licensing revenue. Instead of the full meal deal Office where I use 20% of the features, I get a good enough version that I use 80%+ of. Eventually this filters to corporate America who demands the "student lite" version for the bulk of their purchases.


    The Atom version of Surface is quite enough - and even RT handles the top 90% of applications requirements - I assume full Powerpoint viewing and spreadsheet as well as Word and Exchange. Under competition from Apple and Android I expect both RT and Atom to price compress - and both will reduce market demand for Ultrabook in general but laptops in particular. If I am in corporate purchsing - I will look at surface with an eye to delivering an adequate work platform to the bulk of my users for lower cost - due in the main to the licensing for Office.


    Industry concentration of demand will hurt the straggling players at the margin of the PC space - and the cycle begins.
    20 Jun 2012, 11:23 AM Reply Like
  • The app argument is irrelevant here for two reasons:


    1. there are two surface models and the pro version will run all existing windows software. This is the model the enterprise will go for. say goodbye to bringing an ipad device to the work place since it doesn't replace the laptop that user still needs. the surface pro can be used as a laptop and a tablet in one device.


    2. This isn't windows phone. this is windows. If you go to developer events you'll see the different interest levels. even now, two years into windows phone and before windows 8 is released, there are 4-5 times more devs at win8 events.
    These developers realize all new PCs released from late 2012 will come with windows 8. They hear the predictions of close to 400 million PCs sold in 2013, all running windows 8. They will not be left out of this party.


    What's missed in the ipad/surface comparisons I saw so far is the fact the ipad is a toy and not a tool. you're very limited in what you can actually do with it. the surface could be a different story (at least the pro version)
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  • There are industries that use the iPad for work: airlines, restaurant, entertainment, media, military, education, medical, etc. With the right apps and in an industry that doesn't require you to constantly type on the keyboard, the iPad is a very powerful tool.
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  • Took about 2 months for the lauded AMZN fire to "self-emulate"
    No young person I know would touch a Mr. Softy Windows product
    dinosaur technology no design synergy they will go with their
    matching cool hot (AAPL) gear.State of the art
    SIRI retina display iOS 6 integrated Twitter Facebook etc.
    A few clueless old farts withwindows 8 will buy but smells
    and feels just like the "Zune" intro to us their last abysmal failure .
    We will stay away to little too late.
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  • Way to keep the discourse constructive, remurray. #sarcasm
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  • you should get some new material
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  • i believe you mean 'self-immolate.' and i'll ask again, who is 'we' that you refer to? are you schizophrenic?
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  • @ carousel...your post made me laugh...
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  • The iPad is done. The Surface will kill it. If it's a choice between an awkward and clunky incomplete OS (iOS) vs. a super powerful, smooth, and complete OS (WP8), then I choose the Surface. To have a tablet that does everything my PC does is what everyone wants. It's about time MS did this. Looking forward to its debut, just like all the young people are.
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  • wait, i thought you said the playbook would kill it, because it was the best tablet ever made, just like the BB10 is going to kill iphone and android? make up your mind already!
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  • @Carousel: I don't believe I've ever posted a comment that states any of that. I have a Playbook, and I think it is great, but RIM blew it on the release. As for the BB10, I've only ever said it will compete with the iPhone. Sorry, but you are confusing things. I've never thought the Playbook would kill the iPad, though I do think it is a fantastic tablet. I do, however, think that the Surface will become the #1 tablet in the future.
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  • there are a myriad of applications. The thing about iPad is how well things work together. I have iPad and Dell laptop. I don't like to use iPad for any kind of work.


    But I hate to wait 6 minutes for my dell to boot up. Perhaps I'll get an apple laptop which boots up in 10 seconds.


    Will Surface boot up in 10 seconds?? Will things work smoothly together?? What is battery life (I heard that it is much less than iPad)


    I own both MSFT and Appl, but apple is 10x more.
    19 Jun 2012, 03:54 PM Reply Like
  • My new HP DV 7 Running on Windows 7 boots up from a complete turned off state to the desktop ready to use in 39 seconds. It is ready to use nearly instantaneously from sleep mode. That's faster than the MacBook Pro.
    20 Jun 2012, 12:01 AM Reply Like
  • Time for you to get a new Dell (or better yet, Asus) computer. Mine boots up in 1 minute, and that's the mode that tests everything. Less than 30 seconds in quick startup mode. Your Dell must be ancient.
    20 Jun 2012, 12:08 AM Reply Like
  • Use sleep mode
    20 Jun 2012, 03:46 AM Reply Like
  • Anything with solid-state memory will boot fast; and yes, Windows 8 (RT _and_ Pro) boots very fast. They also support a very efficient and stable sleep mode that basically brings them on or off instantaneously.
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  • I see this as the true test on the battlefield, what is a tablet in the eyes of a consumer? To me, a tablet is something that people read in bed, to surf the web, to facebook, basically a content delivery device. The iPad is priced at a premium, but it is a toy at the end of the day and Apple is happy to sell it to you as a toy. MSFT is joining the party throwing all their enterprise knowledge into it, but can anybody truly be happy with a 10" tablet with a keyboard? I doubt it. I think windows tablets will be successful, but I think people are in for a rude awakening. Nobody buys tablets thinking they'll get stuff done on it. Everything additional takes the cake.


    If anything, I see this as a repeat as Android. People creating apps for windows 8 will have to deal with an extremely fragmented architecture so if anything, Android's pie is the one that's being eaten.
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  • The problem Android, iOS Linux OSX etc all have is lack of drivers/driver support.


    Windows will run any device because all devices have drivers written for Windows, and the drivers install automagically right from Windows Update.


    Fragmentation, and the tremendous difficulty of updating the OS on Android and Apple products, is directly due to this fact and no other.


    MSFT has been dealing with this for decades and can update its OS easily, even though it has to run and operate on and with hundreds of thousands of different hardware.


    This means, Windows will never suffer from fragmentation. It means that rather than waiting for Google to update the 'platform' and then your device maker to update said platform to work with your device, updates are seamless like on your desktop. This means that while Apple folks wait for Apple to innovate, Windows users will have folks worldwide doing it for them.


    This is also why you can run Windows on your Apple product and cannot run Apple's OS on just any configuration of hardware. And you never will be cause Apple likes it that way.


    If you don't think MSFT coming out with Surface is a big deal, think again.
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  • I think a lot of people are missing the point of tablets. They are not meant for serious work. And if I really wanted to do work, I just remotely access my PC or work PC with the iPad via Logmein and use my blue tooth keyboard. If I need more than that I'll just go buy a Macbook Air or an Ultrabook. Why would I buy a tablet that pretends to be a notebook?
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  • Your comment makes the most sense of any I've seen about this new product.
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  • So let me understand, a tablet that can do everything the Ipad can do but also has the ability to do some occasional work, has the ability to run flash and java, has a usb port, has a keyboard and touchscreen, can't possibly compete with Apple because ?????? I guess now "options" are a bad thing? I say options in quotations because up until today Apple was king because it was the premium tablet for those who were willing to pay for the "options". I would love to see Apple come out with a new product, the latest and greatest, but release it under a different company name, why, because every Apple fan would bash it simply because it isn't Apple. I really do hope when this tablet is released it sells like crazy because I can't wait to hear the insane justifications that follow. Why would I buy a tablet that pretends to be a notebook, maybe I would buy one if it does everything the Ipad does and more.
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  • A lot of us have been using tablets since before the iPad to do real work.


    What we're excited about is some real improvements in the hardware.


    Why would I lug around a tablet that requires me to use logmein and struggle with an interface not designed to operate a desktop, which also has to be on 24/7, when I can simply carry a tablet that does everything my desktop can?
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  • Azreel, I hope the Surface is successful as well because competition is good. As of right now the Surface is vaporware: no price and no release date. iPad 2 starts at $399. Cheaper if you buy it used. By the time the Surface comes out, the New iPad will drop in price and also the iPad 2. If Microsoft wants to compete, the Surface has to be priced correctly otherwise it will fail very quickly. It looks like an enterprise market niche product to me. Not all of us are constantly typing and again, if this thing is not correctly priced then what is stopping people from buying a Macbook Air or something similar?
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  • Sorry I know people do real work on iPads. I should have said "work that requires a lot of typing." Logmein is incredibly intuitive and easy to work with on the iPad. It runs in the background so you don't notice it at all. A lot of people like myself need to specifically access their home and work stations when they are on the road. Even with a more powerful tablet I doubt people will want to lug around all their work stuff. Again, if I want a keyboard, I can choose from dozens of portable blue tooth keyboard. If I'm writing a book or creating a program, then I'll just get a laptop.
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  • The difference is that my windows based devices plug and play seamlessly with many of the devices I take with me or find myself plugging into - on the road: portable scanners, printers, projectors etc.


    You can use logmein just as easily on a windows based tablet as you can on an iPad (i've used many of the remote apps including stuff like hamachi and vnc) and you aren't limited by app compatibility.


    Basically my point is simply this:


    Folks, like me, aren't excited because there will be a MSFT branded tablet, or because there will be a Windows tablet, since we already have that - but we'll have modern tablet specific UI elements, battery life, product weight.


    My personal issue with the tablets on the market is Silverlight / Java / Flash so I end up on Windows. The pain this causes me is only in battery life and a clunky UI, which I look forward to MSFT remedying with this product.
    20 Jun 2012, 01:37 PM Reply Like
  • KMI, no tablet is perfect. I know a few people who don't like the iPad and have no use for it. But I find them to be in the minority as their expectations are very different. They want a fully functional PC that they can bring on the road (kind of like you). If that is the case then I recommend a Macbook Air or something similar. Unless the Surface is competitively priced with a good battery life, I can't imagine it doing well.
    20 Jun 2012, 04:53 PM Reply Like
  • I don't think the Surface will replace a laptop, but I do think it will replace the iPad as the #1 tablet in sales. It is simple more functional and powerful than the iPad. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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  • JJ I think that is wishful thinking. iPad has no equal right now and until the Surface's battery life, price, release date, etc are known, it is vaporware.
    20 Jun 2012, 05:10 PM Reply Like
  • That is true, but I'm basing my prediction on a comparable, well, everything, except for the OS and UI. I also think the Playbook is a better tablet than the iPad, but that is just my opinion. Most do not agree (though many do). RIM simply blew the release of the Playbook so it never stood a chance. But the Surface looks to be pretty good. I for one want a tablet that does everything my PC does. The iPad doesn't even come close. The Surface will do it all. Would I replace my PC with it? Not a chance, but I can use it for some work. But we will see once it comes out if it meets the expectations that everyone now has.
    20 Jun 2012, 05:34 PM Reply Like
  • esp....... exactly........ the accessory keyboard Balmer wouldn't let anyone touch prob a lexan dummy? until it's on a shelf pure conjecture.....
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  • Well, the PlayBook never got a "monkey dance" intro. Now with MSFT's dancer on stage, the sky is the limit!
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  • I agree Ronin, with the Surface, the sky IS the limit. I predict it will be the best selling tablet within a year of release.
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  • You can do the monkey dance for RIM's next release!
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  • Because a Surface Pro is a notebook too. But while I dont think it will seriously damage Aapl, it might eliminate android tho. Depends on how long it takes Goog to steal the IP for MOT.
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  • Once the Surface is out, the iPad is toast. A tablet with the power of a PC, with Office pre-loaded, and with a real OS, not a stripped down wannabe OS like iOS. It will therefore have a real UI, not a clunky and limited UI, will have true multi-tasking, something the iPad can only dream of. It will not limit your web browsing to non-Flash web sites. The reasons for tossing the iPad in favour of a Surface is unlimited. Bye bye iPad, hello Surface.
    19 Jun 2012, 10:45 PM Reply Like
  • yes, with a stellar presentation like this, microsoft will rule the world. your 'real os' had a nice crash at 50 seconds into the video.

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  • I have been saying for a quite some time that Microsoft needs to design their own tablet and not rely on third party vendors. My new HP laptop and my desktop at my home and my office run on Windows 7. It is a smooth and powerful OS. Office Professional suite is a tremendous productivity software tool. I much prefer the Microsoft OS over the Apple OS.
    That said, I think my third generation iPad and my IPhone 4s are incredible pieces of equipment. The ipad is far superior to any android tablet currently on the market as is the iPhone.
    While my iPad is a joy to use and I have it with me constantly, it just cannot replace my desktop and laptop for many of my computing needs. I need my iPad in addition to my other computers.
    The Microsoft Surface appears to be a beautiful device aesthetically built with a high level of quality like the iPad and has ports similar to a pc including a full size USB and an Sd. The thin keyboard hidden in the cover and the seemless stand are wonderful and functional ideas.
    It is extremely powerful in that it can run programs like Office Pro like a full blown computer yet it is as portable and thin as an iPad. However, unlike the iPad, it seems as if the Surface can truly replace my laptop, desktop AND my iPad. If it performs as well in real life as in the demo videos, one now has a very powerful, beautiful looking computer that is a mobile as a tablet that can eliminate the need for other computers. I only now need the one device.
    While the idiotic talking heads on CNBC are already putting this tablet down, I believe that if Microsoft can deliver this product to work as well as it looks, they have a remarkable, innovative device that is really more sophisticated and useable than the iPad with respect to serious computing.
    There are plenty of consumers who don't care for Apple and it's OS, nor do they care for the limited and fragmented Android OS and the hardware that is designed for it. Unlike Android, the Microsoft Surface will cater to the higher end buyer as does Apple. If the new Microsoft tablet is that good, I think it and Apple will be the two dominant platforms and rightly so as they are the two best systems out there. For Microsoft to be a winner with this new tablet, Apple does not have to lose. They can both co-exist and each will appeal to it's respective discerning buyer. I think Android vendors such as Amazon will be pushed further down the food chain appealing to the very low end consumer. I am looking forward to buying a Surface when available to try it out and excited to see the pending horse race developing between two thoroughbreds.
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  • I intend to buy a Surface tablet about 6 to 12 months after it becomes available to use side-by-side with my BlackBerry Playbook. I want to make sure all the kinks have been ironed out before buying. It looks pretty good especially with the keyboard cover, I hate the way other tablets use on-screen keyboards to input whatever you need to type in. It just feel very un-natural to me. I started out using Apple II's in the early 1980s but switch to IBM PC's when that became available. I have never looked back ever since and do not like Apple and all the hype that goes with it at all.
    20 Jun 2012, 12:45 AM Reply Like
  • I've always wanted a lightweight mobile device that can be my primary (possibly only) PC. The Surface Pro appears to be that machine. With it's HDMI port, screen size is not an issue at the office or home. When out of town or on a job site I have everything I need with me. The only thing I see lacking is a cellular connection which i really hope will be available in the released version. I predict MSFT makes a good dent in AAPL with the surface and puts a big hurt on Google and RIM with this v1 of surface. The future battle between Apple and Microsoft is a win win for consumers.
    20 Jun 2012, 04:06 PM Reply Like
  • Agreed. The Surface Pro appears to have mated the beauty and portability of an iPad with the strengths of a full fledged computer with all the necessary ports. cellular is needed. The surface could be an incredible tool to have.
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  • It certainly looks to be. I bet it becomes the #1 selling tablet within a year of release.
    20 Jun 2012, 07:16 PM Reply Like
  • i'll take that bet. how much?
    20 Jun 2012, 10:02 PM Reply Like
  • I want in for this bet too
    21 Jun 2012, 01:39 AM Reply Like
  • How could you put the money up and ensure payment?
    21 Jun 2012, 01:44 AM Reply Like
  • it's probably impossible since he's changing names all the time. there'd be no way to track him down.
    21 Jun 2012, 11:03 AM Reply Like
  • Funds would have to be given to a mutually trusted third party, and dispersed after the bet is decided.


    An Apple bear with integrity might be mutually trusted, like JT.
    21 Jun 2012, 11:15 AM Reply Like
  • How about we try to keep on the topic here. The Surface looks to be amazing and likely an iPad killer. I expect it to be the #1 tablet in a year after release. You guys bet amongst yourselves if it is that important to you, but keep on topic here, ok?
    21 Jun 2012, 12:25 PM Reply Like
  • pc recycler owner yard is full of dells hps etc...owner says no macs he keeps them and resells if he does get any....just saying interesting ....
    21 Jun 2012, 02:03 PM Reply Like
  • There are plenty of ways to make a case for the Ipad vs the surface without the nonsense. If you think the Ipad is a better quality product, that's a legitimate opinion, while it can't be based on any facts since the tablet your comparing it to hasn't been released yet. If you think the Ipad has a better operating system that is also another legitimate opinion, but it also can't be based on facts for the same above mentioned reason, although we could just use the imaginary facts that point to glitches, lockups, and catching on fire. I would prefer to wait until the product actually comes out and see what happens in the real world. All of that aside, calling someone you don't know a "jackoff" only tells me you don't really have anything to say that's worth paying attention to, and I don't read these articles for that nonsense, I read them to try to learn from other investors, and to give my opinions, right or wrong.
    21 Jun 2012, 02:15 PM Reply Like
  • After giving it some thought I realize I should hold my comments more often, at least until I get a better handle on the dynamics, and (politics?) of this community. I apologize for my reaction, I wasn't aware of the history between the involved members.
    21 Jun 2012, 03:49 PM Reply Like
  • it's not often that you see this, i think we'll keep you around :-P
    21 Jun 2012, 04:53 PM Reply Like
  • Well as I said, in hindsight, considering I am new to this blog, I should probably stick to making investing comments.
    21 Jun 2012, 09:58 PM Reply Like
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