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Goldman Sachs (GS) fails to win dismissal of a shareholder lawsuit claiming damages from...

Goldman Sachs (GS) fails to win dismissal of a shareholder lawsuit claiming damages from conflicts of interest related to CDO transactions. Goldman's shares dove 13% shortly after the firm was charged with fraud by the SEC in 2010 (since settled for $550M).
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  • After lawyers get done picking the bones,you will get a check for 99 cents.Sad but true.
    22 Jun 2012, 04:11 PM Reply Like
  • Anyone who subsribes to the WSJ should read the article. Goldman Sachs defended itself on the basis that claims of honesty and integrity in its financial statements were mere "puffery," so that investors had no right to rely on them.


    From the judge's decision:


    "Goldman's arguments in this respect are Orwellian. Words such as "honesty," "integrity," and "fair dealing" apparently do not mean what they say; they do not set standards; they are mere shibboleths. If Goldman's claim of "honesty" and "integrity" are simple puffery, the world of finance may be in more trouble than we recognize."


    This is a new milestone in Wall St. ethics and morality.
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  • TA,
    Yes, that is pretty shocking. Is it any wonder that investors continue to desert equities and Wall Street more and more?
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  • It goes way beyond fool me once, fool me twice here.


    I'm still sticking around, on the grounds it's the only game in town.


    I don't think it will end until integrity issues actually take a major financial institution down.
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  • Tom, could you post the WSJ link?
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  • idk,


    Here's a link to Reuters, there is no paywall, and the article cites the case:



    A search on Crotty Goldman Sachs puffery will bring it up from multiple sources.
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  • Once standards have been replaced with sliding scales all bets are off. We've placed a high value on pragmatism and it has come full circle when the parsing of words is reduced to the fact that words themselves only have value in their ability to decieve.


    Pathetic development imho.
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  • It all comes down to, what is the meaning of the word "is?"
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  • Could be the first time GS shorts their own stock.
    23 Jun 2012, 03:47 PM Reply Like
  • I heard they shorted their own stock when they got hit the SEC lawsuit a couple years ago and paid $500M+ in fines.
    25 Jun 2012, 12:40 AM Reply Like
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