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Initial Jobless Claims: 386K vs. 385K consensus (prior week revised to 392K from 387K)....

Initial Jobless Claims: 386K vs. 385K consensus (prior week revised to 392K from 387K). Continuing claims -15K at 3.31M.
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  • New York and Pennsylvania still showing weakness...
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  • 52 week moving average of non seasonally adjusted jobless claims
    has dropped 766,472,608 and 639 over the last 4 weeks....
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  • All is well with +300,000 NEW weekly filings for several years now.
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  • So where is the hyperinflation? Where is the collapse? LMAO at doomers that buy arms and gold and hide in basements....LMAO!!!!


    Jobless claims new lows coming, the US getting too strong.
    28 Jun 2012, 09:04 AM Reply Like
  • Here is that improvement for you...notice weaker trend this year than last.


    Yes my gold and silver mine investments are doing well thanks. Equities require QE and Twists to keep afloat. Bailouts, forced low interest rates...yep definite sign of a healthy economy....just keep telling yourself that.
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  • Your bias is showing....look at the chart YOU provided in that link....


    Last year the claims started to rise, just like this year and started to top in June just like this year....


    Look at what happened after July in the chart YOU collapsed. Same thing is gonna happen this year, by Dec the claims would be below 320,000 and you would be here making excuses and talking about your obsession with arms and gold.
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  • you have any other message to deliver other than this broken record?
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  • Hey, now at least you provided your opinion on what will be in December....oh...yea, you pick the month where seasonal hiring is at it's peak. And what happened last January and February when all those seasonal retail workers were let go.


    Perhaps you could articulate what makes you think the economy is improving?
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  • More importantly the Postponable Purchases to GDP ratio is going up...
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  • bbro - What exactly u want to point out. Do you mean to say - unemployment is dropping and economy has recovered ?
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  • I am just providing the data you decide if its worthwhile to you....
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  • Look at the claims y/y, they keep dropping. US jobs growth picking up.


    Look at the poor territories Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.....their numbers are also improving. Bodes well for all the Nation.
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  • Yea but last weeks #'s were revised up to 392K..the highest in a very long time.. The last 4 weeks , jobless claims have been moving this is the new trend.


    You talk about moving averages alot... But just look at the trend...its moving higher. In fact unemployment claims are the highest since Jan 2012.... There also millions of people that are going to drop off the backend of unemployment, so they wont be counted... At the same time, the unemployment rate is actually going higher because of all these new claims. LOL Will have a 5% unemployment rate, but negative GDP growth by end of year! LOL..


    Its obvious the way the #'s are calculated are total B.S.
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  • You can't say that the numbers are real when they're increasing, and "total B.S." when they're not.
    28 Jun 2012, 10:26 AM Reply Like
  • Was at the mall yesterday, packed!!!! Traffic too heavy!!!! Where is the recession?


    More BMW, Audis, MB than ever!!! Where is the recession?


    Restaurants packed, like never before, Disney Park in Florida...oh boy....


    Americans are rejoicing again as the foundations of our economy boom again. The only people with depression are the losers doomers....
    28 Jun 2012, 09:06 AM Reply Like
  • Are you 12 years old or are you just 'using' this early in the morning?
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  • Hit a nerve? Why? Because your dreams of collapse are not happening?


    Because retail sales are hitting new all time highs? Because retail stocks are I the strongest bull market in history?
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  • No..I hate childlike behavior.
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  • The last 3 recessions the 52 week moving average turned up first..
    10 months,4 months and 8 months respectively....
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  • forget y/y...look at now! almost 400K in jobless claims..not much has changed this year actually..other than more and more filing unemployment. As for restaurants packed and disney full, well...the govt. printed trillions of had to go somewhere, right?


    just think about what would happen to the economy if the govt didnt pay out unemployment insurance..your talking a trillion dollars less spending in this economy....
    There is no recession...its the beginnings of a very very long depression in the making after the US debt bubble bursts.
    28 Jun 2012, 09:20 AM Reply Like
  • I always find it funny how people say oh millions are gonna drop off the unemployment list. Ok then eventually the entire country will be living on the streets or dead. People are working jobs and not reporting the income or not reporting the job. I don't see an uptick in homeless folks and I'm in CA, so unless there's been some mass deaths then where are all the people going? Are they just vanishing into the woods?


    US will be fine. It's a simple business cycle. We had our recession and now time to expand. Europe on the other hand is a different story.
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  • You dispute the declining labor force participation rate numbers? I've seen plenty on here claim that numbers are fudged to the upside, but never the opposite.
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  • Well said, Spencer.
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