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J.C. Penney (JCP) sends an e-mail to shoppers advertising thousands of discounts for the holiday...

J.C. Penney (JCP) sends an e-mail to shoppers advertising thousands of discounts for the holiday week. Though the company hasn't officially moved off of its new pricing strategy, it's increasingly having relapses into offering promotions and discounts.
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  • bakmanone
    , contributor
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    JCP is at the point of change the strategy or continue losing it's client base. If the customer wants to play the coupon game then they hold the cards in the game. One thing you cannot do as a retailer is to tell them they are "dumb" and expect a positive result. Furniture, drapery and home have taken big hits since February. Once a player in the furniture business is no longer. Same is true for window covering. It is not to late to reverse course to a less dramatic marketing approach that was present in 2011. One thing is for sure something needs to change.
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    , contributor
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    I think the retail stores should have more knowledge sales personal on the floor to help customers to select prodicts with some instant discount coupons.
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  • Alibifarm
    , contributor
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    We dont help customers select products unless it's in sephora. Most customers know what they want but maybe not where it is. With the severe cutbacks in personnel we can't do your shopping for you. ...and we don't have any instant discount coupons anymore! Where we're you when all that changed?
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  • polygaby
    , contributor
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    Following questions popping up in the mind,
    1) Is customer not wise enough to see the difference between daily value pricing and coupon based pricing?
    2) If JCP is not getting sales without coupons, does it mean market does not work efficiently (even in long run)?
    3 Jul 2012, 01:40 PM Reply Like
  • idzrvit2
    , contributor
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    Unlike Ron Johnson, i could be wrong, but it seems as if every effort made thus far to shove the new JCP square (pun intended) peg into the old jcp round (black) hole has been ill timed.


    That’s not to say “you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole”, it’s just a question of when and how? Case in point, (figuratively) doing so saved the Apollo 13 astronauts while in space, brought them safely back to earth and saved the space program from disaster.


    Fast forward to 2012, the mega transformation of JCP is announced, the details are explained (everything except the big one to come, aka “town center” i.e., what is it and why should i care?), the lag time between the big vision and enough reality to matter is far too great, the new advertising is great to look at, really not that complicated to follow but the details of are sketchy at best, e.g., partial picture of a white sofa, everyday price $949, no details………….that’s supposed to be enough to make me want to buy it? And now, the most recent attempt to lure back shoppers and right the company appears to be the announcement of the “JCP Cares” program. Don’t get me wrong, i think it could be a wonderful thing but again, is the timing right? If you’ve lost and are continuing to lose customers in droves, is putting the ones left on the spot at check out by publically asking them to decide whether they are willing to round up their purchase amount to contribute to charities (of JCP’s choice) really going to keep them, bring the ones that already left back and entice new customers to come shop at JCP? Am i missing something, these are still really tough times, or is the idea that of “field of dreams”, i.e., if I give you all a chance to give away what too many of you don’t currently have you will come anyway.” I don’t own JCP stock but if i did I’d be scratching my head while asking the question, “Ron,as far as the general public is concerned JCP appears to be on life support and it also appears you’re not far behind, what are you thinking?”


    For what it’s worth, my suggestions are: Fair and Square can and should be a good thing……Mr. Penney had it right, just package it and offer it differently, advertise products and prices in a way that clarifies what exactly i’m getting, why it’s better than what i can get elsewhere and what makes it the right price and yes, by all means, bring the stores up to date!
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    , contributor
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    If you are a high profile CEO for a large company like Penney's you might not want to wear your political affiliations on your sleeve. Johnson has enough problems w/o making more trouble for himself, for example, he makes (gay) Ellen degenerate his spokesperson (2 % of the population) then, in the last catalog, it was 12 pages of blacks (12% of the population) before we saw a white person, even than they were scarce. By the time my sisters brought it to my attention they had already cut up their Penney's cards and sent them back. They believe, (as I do) that minorities are being exploited at the expense of the (85%) of whites in this country, and that is one reason why Penney's is going in the tank
    You may not agree, but there are millions of people that do, and that's because the media suppresses any speech that doesn't conform to their agenda ........ I still have my stock in Penney's because I believe a year from now Johnson will have adjusted to a more (generic) business plan .....
    4 Jul 2012, 02:11 AM Reply Like
  • barb11
    , contributor
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    I personally am not into coupons or sales but I would like to see better buying of their clothes. I am over 19 and would appreciate seeing some blouses that actually look good on older women and also some styling...How hard is that? All the clothes look like they are designed for teeny boppers...What happened to women needing clothes that are over 19? Is there no market for them?
    4 Jul 2012, 11:31 AM Reply Like
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