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Apple (AAPL) is reportedly planning to roll out a smaller, cheaper iPad by the end of the year,...

Apple (AAPL) is reportedly planning to roll out a smaller, cheaper iPad by the end of the year, with a screen that's 7-8 inches diagonally vs. the current 9.7 inch version. Apparently Apple's at least a little bit worried about the Nexus 7 (GOOG) and Surface (MSFT).
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  • there is no need for that. apple needs to tout the fact that the latest ipod touch is everything that the ipad is and more bc it is more portable.


    i just bought my first ipod touch. how come nobody told me it was a frakin ipad? i luv it more than anything electronic i own including the ipad!


    i see why they are stomping the comp bc the ipod is a clone of the iphone and a mini of the ipad.. Who knew? i sure did not until i
    bought one. and for 199 you cannot beat it.


    note i was gonna buy the kindle perish the thought
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  • apple is number one, always will be, great products.!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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  • For $199, yes you can beat it. It's called the Nexus 7.
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  • Does the Nexus have hundreds of thousands of vermin-free apps? Nope.
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  • Valid point. Then again, a great proportion (> 99.5%!) of those apps are junk. Funny to see Apple, and Apple fanboys, shifting to arguments of quantity over quality.


    Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad, but I wouldn't compare a Touch to the Nexus.
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  • Betting the new device will be marketed as part of the iPod line, not as an iPad.
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  • good thought and i just had another. Apple should just make them in ten different sizes and colors and be done with it. and call it a size for every electronic whim.
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  • They'll call it an iPad, because it will run the 225,000 iPad apps in native format.


    It's so logical a development, I would have been astounded if they didn't make the smaller model. It's perfect for children, the perfect size for carrying in a purse or the glove compartment of a car. It's lighter, so works better as a reader. It's a great size for using as a navigation system - the iPhone screen is a bit too small. And, most important, it closes the only opening that was left for Android tablets to make inroads in market share. It's game, set, match in the tablet wars, IMO.
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  • You're vastly underestimating Google's potential. At least a 5-setter with some tie-breaks that anyone can win.
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  • I bought an ipod touch - microphone and speaker quality was terrible, as was battery life. I returned it and have the samsung galaxy 5.0 on order - same price.
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  • i just read a reviewcomparing the two and galaxy comes out ahead. the sound and screen are bigger. i am not using for music so the quality is just fine forvoice and video. i did not think ipad or pod had a sound rival.


    the good news is that it took me a nanosecond to become fluent with the touch and it has features like a timer if you want to hear an audiobook to fall asleep too. pure ingenius. it has too many other features to mention and too cool to copy. go ipod,
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  • This would be a great move by apple specially if they resolution of the smaller iPad would be same as the iPad1 or iPad2 (1024x768). This would allow apps to run without rewriting them for a different screen resolution.
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  • Bingo!
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  • The author of the blurb above obviously doesn't know anything about Apple. They aren't reactive, they're proactive. They don't create a product until it's ready. Figure at least two years from concept to first sale. They started designing this back when Steve Jobs was still alive, and he may even have signed off on it.


    What changed? The retina display. With the retina display, they can run all non-retina display iPad apps at 1x and all retina display iPhone/iPod Touch apps at 2x. That gives them literally 100's of thousands of apps right out of the box!


    Bottom line; the smarmy comment about Apple being "worried" is just blather.
    4 Jul 2012, 12:29 PM Reply Like
  • @Sacto


    >> "They started designing this back when Steve Jobs was still alive, and he may even have signed off on it."


    Hmm, I don't think so.


    "It's meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size,"


    -Steve Jobs
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  • Finally, an objective statement. Thanks Luke!
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  • daniel,


    it's actually more important than the Apple fans care to acknowledge as it signals in a very clear way the departure from the course Steve had charted.


    All I can say is bon voyage to Steve's Apple.
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  • This is exactly what I want in this space. Competition. As a Apple user it will only push the envelope for Apples developers. I am disappointed though in the roll out of improvements for Apple TV though and hope they get more cutting edge in that space. Its seems logical that this will be the next big leap for the tablet space to improve.


    IO 6 this fall should bring tighter integration to the entire Apple platform.
    4 Jul 2012, 01:44 PM Reply Like
  • I have extensively used both, android and iOS. iOS beats hands down Android on the tablets. On the phone, its just matter of taste. I have an iPad, iPod touch and an android phone. The phone is very unstable with constant crashes and freezes. Apps for iOS are far much better than Android. So you guess, I don't buy android apps, but willingly buy iOS apps. The same goes for music, songs I like, I buy them on iTunes. For the android I downloaded for free.


    A survey states that 80% of the iOS users buy apps vs 20% on the Android side. With a 7" device will translate to a bigger user base if priced right. Also google gives Android away, yes they live on ads, and that is the only thing that matters to them.


    In the end, you buy an Android device, so they can harvest your info and usage, yes even what u type on the phone is harvested and sent too google, so they can sell you ads. Now we can call that invasion of privacy. And you can do nothing once TOS is accepted.


    The only thing I use the phone is for that, make calls. Eveything else I do on the Ipad and Ipod.


    Why I dont have and iPhone if wondering? Cause they were not available until now on Virgin Mobile prepaid, and with prepaid I give more usage to the phone and pay 1/5 of what I used to spend when on contracts.
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  • They already have an iPad mini everyone, it's called an iPod Touch. Runs off the same iOS. All they need to do is put a bigger screen on it.


    The issue is how to price it because it ca can the iPad sales to some extent rather than displace the others. That's the hard part not the device.


    Let's see who goes to court 1st for dumping, sound like Samsung, been there done that many times certainly in the DRAM sector.
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  • did you read my comment above? i said the same thing. it's done they need only make in multi sizes and promote.
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  • I don't think that this new, smaller, iPad is in competition with the Microsoft Surface.
    My understanding is that the Surface is intended for more serious work, tasks, to be done with it, not as a mostly recreational device.
    So..... Don't worry too much about this Microsoft .
    4 Jul 2012, 02:51 PM Reply Like
  • The microsoft surface pro model is also going to be priced around $999.
    5 Jul 2012, 10:26 AM Reply Like
  • That's too pricey - I would rather buy a macbook for similar money.
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  • "Realizing that Windows is not a hegemony will unleash market forces that nobody can predict."
    5 Jul 2012, 04:31 AM Reply Like
  • "Look, the multiple of PC solds vs. Macs is only 18x!!! This is the end of PCs!!!"


    Yea, great analysis. Call again when that number reaches 1x or below.
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  • I agree, it will be exciting to watch.....bring it on.
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  • Apple didn't previously think a smaller I Pad had much merit. But as soon as a competitor elects to try to compete with a smaller unit, Apple jumps in. Why? to destroy your competitor even if you lose money doing it. Apple makes a great product, but we would all be better off if they had some competition to keep their prices in line.


    Apple has a good reputation on product. But they are bullies on the competitive playing field. There are countless examples of Apple using their economic muscle to litigate competitors until they are bled white from the expense. Most of their lawsuits are without merit. We need a loser-pays legal system to put an end to this.
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  • This is ridiculous. There are rumors of this mini iPad from 6 months.
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  • This is a war of platforms - Android, Windows and iOS. Windows has lost its innovation but has tons of cash and is looking to buy its way into the battle. Android is the stolen (copied) iOS clone Google is trying to flood the market with to maintain their search near-monopoly. IOS is threatening to become the dominate platform in mobile computing, hence the dominate platform in all computing, because that's where all computing is going - mobile.


    The battle has been nearly lost to iOS in the 10" tablet space, but Google sees an opening in the 7" space, demonstrated by Amazon's success with the deeply flawed but dirt cheap Kindle Fire. Google is hoping to knock Amazon out of the game by taking a page from their play book and selling the 7" Nexus at break even or a slight loss, thereby regaining some ground for the Android platform in the tablet space.


    Apple needs to kill the Google strategy by offering a far superior 7" tablet for a price just slightly more than the Nexus, say $249, thereby preserving their dominance in the space.


    At stake is a 500 million unit per year market in 5 years time. Also, it's life or death for Google and Microsoft, because the winning platform in mobile computing will dominate all computing by 2020, or sooner. That platform will also define what search is in 2020, not exactly something Google wants to have happen, unless it's their platform.
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  • I believe the new 7" iPad is going to be $299. I have a Kindle Fire too, I'd pay another $100 to get a mini iPad.
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  • @apple


    >> " hence the dominate platform in all computing, because that's where all computing is going - mobile."


    I think the death of the PC has been greatly exaggerated.
    Microsoft owns home computing.
    Microsoft owns much home gaming.
    Microsoft owns enterprise computing.


    Apple has found their niche in mobile computing to be sure, and they will grow in that space and in that space alone to finally be replaced by a Samsung, Microsoft, or other mobile handset manufacturer.


    PS. An observation: The Apple of old cared little of what the competition was doing since they were too busy innovating. Apple always strode well ahead of the pack and as such set the pace.


    Today, it looks more and more like Apple is not only in the pack, but getting elbowed by Samsung and ugly stares from Microsoft.


    A 7" tablet is a total reversal of Steve Job's vision and signals a transition from the old visionary Apple to the new reactionary Apple.


    6 Jul 2012, 12:00 PM Reply Like
  • There is another aspect of this platform war that makes it different from past open vs closed platform wars. Apple's cost advantage. In the past Apple was selling $2,000 desk tops vs Windows machines with comparable specs for $800. This time it's different.


    Apple is the low cost producer of tablets. Last year's CES launched over 100 iPad competitors, except for Samsung, they're all gone. Only Samsung has the same cost advantages that Apple has, because Apple uses them to make many of the key components in the iPad and iPhone giving them Apple's advantage of scale.


    Without this manufacturing prowess, others are reduced to selling their tablets at a loss - witness Amazon Fire and Google Nexus. Amazon at least has a game plan, as misguided as it might be, Google is just plain desperate as it sees the tablet market slipping away from them, basically, because nobody (except Samsung), can compete with Apple on price and make a buck.


    Which brings us to the 7" iPad and why it's important that Apple produce one. By giving Android (Google) this opportunity to build up a critical mass of tablets in consumer's hands, the low end of the market, admittedly, but they count when it comes to developers, they are throwing Google a lifeline. This would be a horrible mistake, IMO.


    Apple has the opportunity to become the Windows of tablets - it's there for the taking. Google and Microsoft know it and the Surface and Nexus tablets must be viewed as the extraordinary acts of desperation they are. They both decided their only hope is to destroy dozens of hardware partner relationships to go head-to-head with Apple.


    One important battle of this war is the low end, 7" tablet part of the market, which Amazon has demonstrated to be a viable market. A 7.85" iPad at under $300 will win the low end of the market for Apple and will be profitable as well. This is something they must do.
    8 Jul 2012, 11:27 AM Reply Like
  • Apple is not the 'low cost' provider of tablets by any metric.


    Google's recently announced 7" is $200 and there are numerous sub $200 and even sub $100 android tablets, albeit not very good ones.


    That's not to say you're wrong, or right, but don't go believing that Apple can compete on cost, because the hardware and experience it specs for can - and is - already being undercut.
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  • PC's are not going away anytime soon. But, PC unit sales per year are going to be surpassed by tablets within a few years. As more and more people own multiple computing devices, mobile and PC's, they are going to want them all to share the same settings, data, apps, docs, etc. This will lead them to owning devices that share the same ecosystem, or platform, if you prefer.


    Microsoft recognizes this and developed Windows 8 and the Surface devices for that exact reason. Google also sees this and is trying desperately to get into the game with their new Nexus tablet and Chrome OS. Only Apple has all the pieces already working in harmony - everyone else just figured out where this is going and are trying to play catch-up.


    It's so obvious - this is the future of computing, and Apple has it now - and everyone else is scared s**tless.
    7 Jul 2012, 11:50 AM Reply Like
  • @apple_investor


    You are absolutely right, this is the future.
    The one bit Apple is missing is an adequate desktop presents and a home media / game console.


    Apple's cloud is superior, but cloud tech is not rocket science, so it will be a race to win the consumers heart with a 'complete package'.
    7 Jul 2012, 05:19 PM Reply Like
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