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Corn and wheat may be trading near ten-month highs, but farmers are hardly profiting. With...

Corn and wheat may be trading near ten-month highs, but farmers are hardly profiting. With razor-thin margins and food crops priced well-below the cost of production, many growers are quitting. From the U.S. to Australia, from beef to vegetables, farmers globally are facing the same crunch.
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  • I predict people won't stop eating, at least not by choice. Therefore the business of farming will survive. However, if survival means new product pricing, so be it. In other words, folks, if this story in CNBC is correct, watch for additional inflationary pressures.
    4 Jul 2012, 10:44 AM Reply Like
  • Someone should tell this to Jim Rogers, the billionaire hedge fund manager who is telling people if they want to get wealthy, become a farmer. That has to be the worst (and most delusional) advice ever.
    4 Jul 2012, 11:31 AM Reply Like
  • H.J. H, you should have his knowledge ! And, he lives in Singapore and is speaking to a world audience. The new world breadbasket is Brazil and he has grain investments there. RJA & even RJI were recent touts by my old firm and they will prove to be money makers.


    When you have his clout will see you on every major news outlet and people like George Sorros will approach you to form a partnership..


    Sad when a worm insults the bird !


    I've seen some of your posts and your no J Rogers !
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  • Jimmy Rogers suggested buying farmland and never told buyers to become producers as well....
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  • Rogers is a commodity perma-bull. He's done spectacular for years, because China has been driving a commodity super-bull cycle with extremely loose policies that have promoted rampant overdevelopment.


    I respect him as an investor, but he's downright wrong about the fundamental factors driving the commodity boom. It's not loose monetary policy in the US --- it's loose policy in China.


    Regardless, it's just bad advise for a billionaire hedge fund manager to tell people to enter farming to get rich. The guy has never farmed a day in his life; he merely invests in commodities. For all intents and purposes, he knows absolutely nothing about being a farmer. And he's delusional if he genuinely believes that's some great path to wealth.


    You get rich in farming, by operator a large factory farm or being a hedge fund investor who invests in agriculture commodities. You get rich in farming, by finding a way to make your farms more efficient and productive and require less labor. You do not get rich by driving a tractor. Let's just admit that Rogers is giving horrendous advice.
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  • Your making statements that are untrue ! Lies ? Why ? I listen to him all the time and have invested on many projects with him. He says invest in commodities and set up listed symbols to do it. He says buy land ! I've bought 4700 hectors in the last 60 days and will buy another 1200 this month. Go away ! Go make your pennies on YHOO.
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  • don't believe everything you read. idiot writer obviously has no idea how to research a subject. totally wrong conclusion. farmers who run good operations have never had it so good.
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  • "Farmers who run good operations have never had it so good". Farmers who till the black loam soil of the upper midwest who don't have irrigation systems can still be regarded as good operators, but they are looking at the U.S. Drought Monitor and seeing a "black swan". The year 2012 may be the year in which good farmers have never had it so bad.
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  • All those lucrative subsides......
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  • it should say - the small family farmer is hardly profiting. most farming is by corporations. the same is true of any small business in america that has been targeted by the admin.
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  • Farmers rarely reap profits over the total cost of production since that includes land costs. But grain farmers have done quite well in recent years relative to the variable costs of production, with crop prices exceeding those.


    Livestock producers, particularly cattle, have fared less well since grain prices have been so high and there has been a lengthy western drought which increased supplemental feeding. I can't speak to fruit and veggie farmers - I have no knowledge on that topic. I would imagine that, for the most part they are covering their variable costs - if not prices would be rising faster.
    4 Jul 2012, 02:13 PM Reply Like
  • Does anybody really know how wealthy/not wealthy Rogers is. Does he have a track record? What is the performance?
    He is damn sure good at self promotion. Just asking.
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  • He has a public track record and so do his symbols. As too his wealth... That is his business and not for me to say,but, he is comfortable an pays US taxes.


    He doesn't really self promote. He is in constant demand and next time you hear him on CNN CNBC Bloomberg or WS Week listen carefully and i'll bet he doesn't mention his symbols.
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  • And true he always touts least for last 25 years I've seen him on tv and in print.
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  • doth protest! Do you have a crush on mr Rogers?
    4 Jul 2012, 03:18 PM Reply Like
  • I almost joined them years back,but,couldn't stomach Sorros. Boy did I get him right. I made a 1/4 of what he did ,but, I am happy and I have my foundation.


    As far as a crush......No,but, to have little ones and a young wife at his age... Ooo ,don't have the strenght or want to pop little blue pills.
    I'll pop empanadas & boudins
    4 Jul 2012, 03:29 PM Reply Like
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