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Gold falls 1.3% to $1,588, the entirety of the decline coming in the minutes following the jobs...

Gold falls 1.3% to $1,588, the entirety of the decline coming in the minutes following the jobs report. In a little more than a day since a gold bull's dream - 3 major central banks loosening monetary policy and weak U.S. data giving at least a bit more impetus towards further Fed ease - the metal is off 2.1%. Silver is down 4.6% during the same time frame.
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  • How crazy is that? The world is fine and dandy, why should PMs go upwards?
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  • World is not fine and dandy, but it's not Armageddon either.
    PM went ballistic until September last year expecting Armageddon, so they slowly correct. Nothing crazy.
    We'll definitely get QE3, and my bet is PM will keep correcting thereafter.
    I may be wrong and we'll see whether that comes to pass, but today is interesting as indeed one would have expected PM to pop after that number, and it happened for about a minute at most.
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  • What is PM????
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  • Precious Metal...
    Capt. Brian
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  • Gee, I thought PM = Philip Morris.
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  • The economic news is deflationary; most gold investors buy gold when the news is inflationary and have yet to think about how gold acts in a deflationary environment. A hint of QE III would be all that would be needed to send gold up as would a couple of big debt defaults.
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  • Economic news may be deflationary, but every other fundamental seems to be there in order for PMs to try higher grounds. The waiting is excruciating though...
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  • gold tends to react to the perception of the actions taken in inflationary or deflationary environments. If inflation does take off then we're likely to get interest rate rises which cools gold off. It's in deflationary environments, in which the perception is that rates won't be risen for a long time, that gold does well. If we had 4% inflation do you think we'd even be talking about the potential of QE3? It's because we have sub 2% inflation (if you actually believe the numbers) that we even have the potential for another round.


    I've been buying gold and gold stocks. Been wading into Westhaven Ventures (small position) . A tiny exploration company with a couple greenfield projects in Canada. Why I like it? Management has several world class discoveries to their name. President is Canadian mining hall of fame and also has won the Prospector of the year award. Should be interesting!
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  • They should be thinking about where money goes when every other form of investment is going down. In my mind gold is a two way bet on it going up; inflation or deflation.
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  • Gold is going to react to headlines until a clear trend emerges. Right now there is nothing but confusion. We posted on the ECB actions and gold going higher at
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  • An eventual blockade of the Straight of Ormuz by Iran (there's been a major buildup of American Forces in the region lately) should be highly inflationary. Adding to the ongoing money printing (by BOE and ECB, but predictably more from Fed too) and it would soar PMs' prices. Hopefully it won't happen, but if it does it is a major event for PMs.
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  • we think currencies have lost all credibility


    thus, gold and silver remain as our plays,
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  • Nothing to worry about. Gold will eventually go up simply because people believe it should.
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  • dave is correct. - I really think as bad as everything looks right now, this could be a HUGE month for gold and silver, it is just a perfect mix of events/factors....


    does everyone remember looking at charts and saying wow what happen that month where this-or-that skyrocketed, well we think it will be that kind of month for the PM's
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  • Yes, but it's been "any minute now..." for 9 months now, and the PM markets aren't looking very pregnant.
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  • good point. gold and silver have been on the downtrend for the last 6 months, those are the facts - yet, at some point it hits bottom and the investing story changes...


    easy for you to talk a historical chart, - tell me where it goes in the future requires you to take a side...


    we think that gold selling off when equities do can be an opportunity, as the moment gold gets its safe-haven status back the script is flipped....
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  • I agree, the PM's are stagnant for now. But.... get ready... it won't be much longer, and I will issue the buy time for PM's. Watch Pt and Pd also, and copper is a sign of weak or good economics afoot. Listen to the copper price, it is omniscient. Just like Mycroft Holmes... Mycroft knows.


    Not taking another trip in my time machine for a while now, we know all what is gonna happen soon. Hold the ZSL and GLL, do NOT sell your PM positions and jump on the REIT bandwagon at any time. I will let you know when to sell the REITs


    Gonna repeat my numbers for Au and Ag... If Au holds above 1526, and Ag above 26.12, let it cook. If they fall below those numbers, look out below... If not, the rise will come soon enough. Be patient!
    If you have no PM's of any kind, get some anytime, don't load up, just begin purchasing. Reco silver eagles, or SLV or SIVR...


    Capt. Brian


    Time for a boat ride.
    6 Jul 2012, 03:39 PM Reply Like
  • 6 months? Gold has been diving since the day I bought into the hype last September 6th, when it reached its peak of $1900 and change. By my limited math skills, I have determined that Gold has been diving for 10 months now. You gold bugs can keep on holding on, as you await a financial armageddon that just may not happen. But while gold has done absolutely nothing for you for 10 straight months, other investments are performing well and you're missing out. Divest!
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  • First of all, gold is or at least should be a long-term investment, not a 6 month investment. If you sell off your gold now at a loss you will be kicking yourself a year from now (may take two or may only take months) when it rebounds. In more than one or two places I have read that gold will likely break $3000/oz in the next few years. If you bought it as a short-term investment, that was your mistake. if you bought it for the long-term then allow it to go long-term and you will make your profits. Same with silver. I suspect this time next year they will both be doing well. Patience is the key.
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  • You bought at the peak and I bought at $750-800. That makes me more comfortable as I have a profit and you have a loss, but those facts have no bearing on the prospects for gold going forward. Making decisions on a personal loss or gain is how you can lose money fast.
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  • Gold is not an investment. It is money.
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  • I own gold since 1973.
    I didn't buy at $1,900. In fact, I sold gold at $1,900.Maybe it was you who bought my gold at $1,900.
    I only buy dips.My latest purchases were in 12/2011 and 05/2012.
    I have quite a low cost base in gold and silver.
    Along with gold and silver I have equities and junk bonds,too, in my portfolio. Naturally, I collect their dividends and interest.
    I do not believe in or talk about armageddon. I do believe,though, that things will get much worse in the markets and with the economy.


    Do the above make me, using your words, "a gold bug who misses out as he waits for a financial armageddon"?
    7 Jul 2012, 05:49 PM Reply Like
  • If you are serious, I shutter to think what you invest in.
    9 Jul 2012, 08:01 PM Reply Like
  • So, does that mean you will use you gold american eagle dollars as one dollar each? If so, please allow me to double your money and give you $2 each for your American gold eagle coins. Right after that I have a bridge to sell you.
    9 Jul 2012, 08:03 PM Reply Like
  • Hey CB,


    Who are you to tell anyone when its time to buy into PMs????
    15 Jul 2012, 10:52 PM Reply Like
  • Wasn't there a few idiots who said Gold was gong to $2,000 this year. Where are they, I want to talk to them.
    6 Jul 2012, 01:14 PM Reply Like
  • here.... ( drooping head ) but it will make us happy soon. I hope it never goes that high, because if it does, the economics and American way of life will not be as good. Anyway, I will let you know when to buy.
    I cannot believe gold is still so low, but... there it is...
    Capt. Brian
    The Lost Navigator
    6 Jul 2012, 03:42 PM Reply Like
  • I'm right here and it will hit $2000 this year. Incase you have trouble figuring out the calendar, we are in July, the seventh month and there are twelve in a year. $2000? EASY. I'm thinking closer to $2500. In the meantime, silver gets back above $40 and within 2-3 years is over $60, maybe $70. Frankly, I think silver grows at a faster rate than gold and therefore is the better investment.
    9 Jul 2012, 08:10 PM Reply Like
  • You do realize that QE3 alone is not going to take Gold to $2000, let alone $2500. The ECB has already done their round of printing. US consumers are not buying physical gold (no one has money), Europeans certainly are not (even less money), China is easing and that has had little effect on the gold market as well. The Gold story is over for now, it has lost its status as a safe haven this year as we see the flood to treasuries. If we see $2000, come call me out, ill be here, but I wouldn't put my hard earned cash in to a speculative metal.
    9 Jul 2012, 11:23 PM Reply Like
  • I will be sure to give you a ring when it hits $2000. I am confident it does so sooner rather than later but there is absolutely no question in my mind that it does so in the forseeable future. "flooding to treasuries" ??? Those doing that will make close to nothing. If that is a safe haven, so be it but its not a money maker. Gold and my favorite, silver are both volatile but have solid futures. Yes, the idea of gold and silver being a safe haven has lost its strength over the past several months but why you think gold is going no where is a mystery to me. As soon as QE3 is put into effect and we continue to print money backed by nothing, precious metals will soar. $2000 gold and $45-50 silver by the end of the year is very possible. If not by the end of the year certainly within the next full year. Sometimes an election year will stifle PMs because of the false security all the shallow promises create but that, as always is shot term and then, when reality returns, PMs will become the place to be. I am glad, I am already there.
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  • PMs are in stall mode right now for various reasons but that will end soon enough. if not in 2012, it surely will in 2013. I prefer to be in it now and take no chances....

    12 Jul 2012, 03:04 AM Reply Like
  • "flooding to treasuries" ??? Those doing that will make close to nothing. If that is a safe haven, so be it but its not a money maker."


    Not a money maker? do you realize the capital gains people have been receiving on bonds? Interest is not the only way you get paid amigo.


    "but why you think gold is going no where is a mystery to me."


    Those were the reasons I listed above. No QE3, Europe has already printed, and people realize that it is not as safe as treasuries RIGHT NOW. That is obvious because of the price appreciation in treasuries and the fact that Gold is yet to provide a positive return for the year and treasuries have....


    Good luck kid. J
    12 Jul 2012, 06:56 PM Reply Like
  • Re: treasuries... if you say so Rum but I don't see much in the way of gains there. Certainly nothing compared to the potential of silver and gold if you believe in it as I do. Also, your assumption that QE has already happened in Europe is your opinion, not mine. I believe there is more to come and add to that QE3 here in the States and there's plenty of ammo to push precious metals back up where they belong. If you truly believe PMs are going no where in the next 12 months, you are going to be very surprised. I may be a little off in predicting $2000+ gold by the end of the year but I firmly believe that and more happens by next summer and very possibly more moving forward from there... and with that said, I still think it could happen before new year's.
    Our economy is still completely in shambles and simply because there are mild band-aids applied along the way does not change the underlying realities. Gold and silver are constants and with all their volatility will give investors a headache but when the smoke clears it will be a winning investment. To truly believe otherwise is foolish but we all have our opinions. I feel sorry for you because while you make pennies on your treasuries, those of us in gold and silver will be making dollars and lots of them. Good Luck.
    12 Jul 2012, 11:05 PM Reply Like
  • You don't see the gains in treasuries? Look at the charts, the numbers don't lie. Treasuries have beat Gold for the year.


    How can you say we need to push PM's to where they belong. Gold has only been off the standard for ~40 years, not sure if you know that. So there is no "where they belong" unless you want to look at the price of extracting the metal.


    Don't back out on your $2000 price target...


    My pennies in treasuries are out pacing your gold thus far. Capital gains....not interest... Hows the interest on gold?
    13 Jul 2012, 10:08 AM Reply Like
  • Can't tell you answer to that because frankly I don't give a s**t about gold. I invest in silver and if treasuries are outpacing silver it is short-term, not long. This exchange will be meaningless when silver breaks out and blows your treasuries pennies away (and gold will do the same). Just a matter of time.


    Also I am not backing out of $2000 prediction. All I said is the election and typical false hope around election time may stall gold's ascent to $2000 but it will get there for sure. However, since I invest in silver I am much more focused on that and its climb to $40+ which will also be upon us before too long.


    Thing is, it doesn't matter whether gold hits $2000 and silver hits $40 by the exact date of 01/01/13 because they are both long term winners and since I won't sell my silver on Jan 1st, it really doesn't matter where it is exactly. All that matters is where it is when I cash it in and I am more than confident that proceeds from silver will blow away those from treasuries in the same time period.... and in the end that's all that matters.
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  • Is there anyway to make money off you if it doesn't?
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  • If it doesn't I won't have money to take from.... but it will and I wouldn't think of taking money from you because it might be all of your treasury profits if we bet say $50. Silver WILL run. Its not a matter of "if" but rather "when." When silver moves through the 40s and hits that magic "50" think of me and how I just doubled my money. Then look at your treasuries statement and calculate your returns. I have a feeling you will be sick to your stomach when you realize what you could have made with silver.
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  • Dude, good lord. Facts, lets see some facts! Not this "when" crap.
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  • If there were facts that led to a definite rise in silver, or anything else for that matter, we'd all be millionaires. Logic rather than facts applies here and most other investing situations. We all know that QE3 is inevitable. The only question is when. The Fed is stalling it as long as they can and the election itself will likely help that with false promises but when the smoke clears whether it be Obama or Romney in office, the economy will still be in shambles, loads and loads of fiat money will be out there and reality will once again set in. At that time, QE3 is initiated and just like previous QEs, precious metals will make a run. That is the logic and some facts. The rest is my own judgement and that judgement is that silver has been manipulated so long that when it finally gets a chance to break out which will likely be alongside QE3, it will run fast and hard. $50 silver is not only realistic but probable by this time next year and beyond that anything is possible. I have read several articles where the author predicts triple digit silver prices in the next five years. I am a little skeptical about that level of success but I certainly hope they are correct. I'd be quite content with double what it is now. What other investments can you double your money within a year or two other than the ponies which rarely happens? Treasuries may bring in some consistent numbers over the long haul but rarely if ever offers the chance to hit big. Silver has that chance. I believe those able to buy physical silver are in the best position. I have some and add to it when I can but I also have silver ETFs within the retirement account. I fully expect both to pay handsomely within the next 2-4 years. Once again, whether gold hits $2k or silver hits $40 before New Years is irrelevant to any long term investor. What happens in time is all that counts. There really is no argument to be had here with "facts" because only time will tell who is correct. I am quite confident I will do much better with silver than you do with treasuries.
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  • I think you fail to realize the power of a diversified portfolio. Treasuries represent roughly 12% of my portfolio. There are facts that you can use to predict where the price of Gold and Silver will go, eg. monetary base, use for industrial, jewelry use and the cost to bring it all out of the ground. So there are facts to make you rich, you just have to be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I fear that there are traders like you who think their "logic" is sufficient to make trading decisions when there are factors that affect the move of an asset class. I am not sure who drilled these PM's into your head, but I really hope you have some diversification in your portfolio. And you did say 2k before the end of the year. I understand it doesnt make a lick of a difference if it does or not, but if you want to make the claim, stand by it.
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  • Rummel, I get the "diversified portfolio" idea and in these strange and unpredictable times that is a good plan for some but it is not a plan that makes money but rather one that protects the money you have while still giving you a chance for some conservative gains. if you buy silver as a hedge against some stocks you own then you are playing both sides of the net and therefore playing against yourself. Personally, I have great confidence in the future chapters of the book on silver. With that confidence its silly to buy a bunch of treasuries and/or stocks that will simply offset silver when it runs. Today in a Wall Street Cheat Sheet article came the following text....


    "Bernanke continues to keep more quantitative easing on the table, but fails to offer any specific plans. On Tuesday, the Fed Chairman repeated his pledge that the central bank “is prepared to take further action as appropriate”


    It's just a matter of time and if you believe as I do that when QE3 comes, silver will run then there is little reason to hedge my own investment in silver. Hedging is just a financial world term for playing both sides and when you do that you limit your gain potential. I am so sure silver will do well soon that I am indeed putting my eggs in one basket. Silver never goes worthless so its not like investing in a company that can simply fold. Silver will always be valuable as will gold and quite a few indications, people and pure logic dictate that if silver has any more room to fall, it is very limited. That makes NOW the best silver investment opportunity in 3-4 years and it may be at a price level we never see again. That's my firm belief and I'm willing to put my silver where my mouth is and that is exactly what I have been doing... accumulating both physical and ETF silver.


    This time next year, or likely before, I will be smiling big time when I cash in some silver to regain my original principle investment and ride the rest to pure profit.


    There's always those times we say coulda, woulda, shoulda. In this case I will not say that because I could and I did. This is a great silver buying opportunity...I'm in already. Those that aren't will be sorry. Good luck with your choices.
    19 Jul 2012, 12:32 AM Reply Like
  • Now, that's some carefully crafted investment philosophy! Markets will never cease to amaze me, really.
    19 Jul 2012, 06:16 AM Reply Like
  • Run,


    I fear for your financial future.


    19 Jul 2012, 09:10 AM Reply Like
  • Thanks for your concern but iIam quite confident I will be smiling with silver and relatively soon. Rum, I am not interested in an argument. I merely offer my opinion and would love to see others hop on and enjoy the ride. I have never been more convinced of the potential and inevitable success of an investment as I am of silver right now moving forward. I had silver at $17/oz and rode it to $42/oz before selling off principle and some profit. Granted, it has come down since but still not anywhere close to my original purchase price. Now I am adding more in the mid 20s and low 20s if it drops more. After I ride this particular wave into the 40s, grab my new principle and some profits, the rest will be pure gravy. If it goes to 50, 60 or beyond which I anticipate I make big profits. If it drops again, I am still far far above even. I was correct three years ago and I know I am again. "Fear for my financial future" ??? Why? It's bright and shiny....AGAIN.
    19 Jul 2012, 10:20 AM Reply Like
  • You know what Reindeer Games, Ill give you my parting word just because its impossible to instill facts into your head.


    There is no proven way to get better returns than having a balanced portfolio across all asset classes. You, everyone else and I are not going to be able to beat the market for any sustained period. The fact that you are letting you portfolio ride on a volatile commodity is foolish to most, but apparently it works for you. I do wish you the best with your endeavor, but history and the facts are against you. Sounds like you have made some gains in silver...that great, but I've put in my warning for further gains for probably the rest of the year.


    Since May 2011, when Uncle Obama raised the margin requirements on silver, it has fallen.....substantially. ~40%. To see the value of anything erode almost half of its value in a years time should be concerning to anyone.


    19 Jul 2012, 09:51 PM Reply Like
  • I hear you Rum and appreciate the advice. I do have a diverse portfolio for the distant future (10-15 years) but I also allocate about 30-40% to more active and regular trading, some of which is usually both short term and long term. However, in this horrendous market I simply haven't found stocks to buy with that 30-40% so I'm pretty much all in using that amount for silver and am thoroughly convinced it will pay off well. You may be correct in that silver won't run before the end of the year but that doesn't matter because I don't plan on selling my silver this year. Now, if silver is still stuck in the mid 20s a year from now I will be bummed. At the same time, I will not have lost a dime because I won't sell at those levels. With that said, I am very confident that mid 20s silver is pricing we will see for a bit longer but perhaps never again once it makes it's move. One final note, your statement...


    "There is no proven way to get better returns than having a balanced portfolio across all asset classes."


    That is a very "in" thing to say in today's market but those "proven" gains are and will always be limited and often miniscule. You cannot invest against yourself and have big gains which is exactly what "balancing" and "hedging" amounts to, but in the end you won't gain much. True, you minimize the downside but you do the same to the upside. While I would never dedicated 30-40% of my investment portfolio to any company in particular, silver is not a company. It is a commodity which unlike companies will always retain solid value and where the upside is not a matter of "if" but rather "when." The only question then is can you stand the heat of that volatile ride? I can and I have... in fact I enjoy it... and in the end that keeps the door wide open for major gains whereas your door to significant upside is nearly all the way closed.


    Good luck with your investment decisions.
    20 Jul 2012, 08:51 PM Reply Like
  • come'on rummel! gold was at 1900 last I can see where these call are coming from, but its pretty wimpy for you to whine about those call now...


    lets be realistic, nothing moves in a straight line, but some things can really move when the momentum gets behind it, look at natty now at $3 bucks, - so when people see the gold play again it will come back in full force....
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  • What are the Solverns doing? Are the PIGs dumping gold to pay debt?
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  • The PIIGS refuse to sell any of their gold and prefer to borrow more EUR's instead. QE3 will be a rocket fuel for gold and silver.
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  • Very true. Also, has anyone taken notice of how much precious metals the Chinese have been gobbling up over the past year or two? Why? Because they know it is going to fly soon and they are going to make a sh*tload of return on their investment.
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  • How many times do we look at a rally and wish we had gotten in at the low? Folks, PMs are reaching their lows and 2, 5, 10 years from now you will look back at the summer/fall of 2012 wishing you had gotten into PMs. My personal choice is silver. I can see silver at triple todays price in the not-too-distant future. it may still drop a little, maybe below $25 but it will rebound and move up. We are presently IN one of those moments of opportunity. Buy Silver now and smile later :-)
    6 Jul 2012, 06:09 PM Reply Like
  • The PM that I find most difficult to understand is platinum. It's MUCH more rare than gold (as a percent of the Earth's crust), and it has important industrial applications, e. g., as the "catalyst" in catalytic converters. Yet the price per ounce of Pt lags gold at every turn. Go figure.
    7 Jul 2012, 12:03 AM Reply Like
  • Whaddyamean, platinum is not as rare as you believe. In fact, it's several times more common than gold in the earth's crust. However, it is difficult to recognize and mine.


    The steady supply from South Africa has minimized exploration and production elsewhere.
    7 Jul 2012, 08:48 AM Reply Like
  • Platinum has never been used as a medium of exchange or as a monetary reserve. It's just an industrial metal. And the platinum in catalytic converters can be recycled.
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  • I am anything but a gold bug. However, there are numerous reasons for investing in PMs as a safe haven. The problem is whether it is a safe haven anymore.
    7 Jul 2012, 09:48 AM Reply Like
  • PM prices will always be volatile, so without patience and a strong tolerance for a bumpy ride, its not for you but if you have both and can ride out the storms you will reach the sunny promised land when the storms clear. Silver will at least double in the next year or two and may triple within the next five. I suspect gold will do well also but do not believe it will grow at the same rate as silver prices will. We are sitting on the best investment in recent history. What other investment will likely double in the next 12-24 months and triple in the next 48-60? Silver is it folks and the time to buy is this year. Don't be one of those sideliners who in 2015-16 will be kicking themselves for not having grabbed it when it was all the way down in the mid 20s.
    9 Jul 2012, 08:18 PM Reply Like
  • Jobs affect everything. There is no escaping the engine that will grow the economy or force America into becoming the next Europe. We need drastic measures.
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  • I'm new to PMs, really appreciate your perspectives. Thank you.
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  • With the old axiom (equation) of MV = PY, where M=money stock, V=velocity, P=prices and Y=output thanks to the Fed M has been rising but V, the velocity of money has been decelerating causing the price of output to fall (deflation). My concern is being able to see V increasing before most other investors realize it so I can jump back into GLD. Does anyone have any advice?
    9 Jul 2012, 12:10 AM Reply Like
  • Yes. Buy Silver.
    9 Jul 2012, 08:32 PM Reply Like
  • I am long Au but agree Ag has bigger swings and larger upside potential. I am looking for smaller operating Ag miners. The miners do well if prices rise and they also do well when their mines perform well.
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  • Silver....If inflation hits record levels, I can see Washington wanting to outlaw trade in PMs. Look at the evil "Big Oil" bogeyman and oil speculator BS.
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  • That will make those of with physical silver that much more wealthy.
    17 Jul 2012, 03:05 PM Reply Like
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