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Seven DJIA components have hit all-time highs this year (vs. 8 in 2011), with JNJ and AXP...

Seven DJIA components have hit all-time highs this year (vs. 8 in 2011), with JNJ and AXP seemingly next in line. Many of the blue chips boast strong balance sheets, consistent cash flows, and yields matching or beating Treasurys - adaptive managements are thrown in for free. What's not to like?
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  • Track all 30 DJIA stocks. Compare how they have done weekly, YTD, and yearly. You'll see a rotation amongst them as each takes the lead. Sorta like a flock of birds with a new one taking the lead each week.


    They represent the 10 sectors and I think you'll see the same rotations in sectors.
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  • Sounds like a great time to take profits... Second quarter earnings should be weak, and market tend to move with earnings performance. Europe is in recession and even China is slowing.
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  • Investors desperate for yield, with the FED manipulating and starving the saving class, will continue to bid up these type securities even though the economy, regionally and worldwide, is in a shambles.


    I don't castigate investors. I do resent government entities screwing the savers who strive to live a prudent lifestyle.
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  • INTC, WMT, HD...I will add to my holdings on any 5% (or more) pull back!
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  • anyone buying platinum at these levels??
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  • From disgust over recalls to euphoria? One suspects manipulation. Go short and negative, negative, negative, drive the price down, then close out the short, go long and run the price back up with good reports. Hedge fund managers with millions to invest are the drivers of the market. Still kicking myself for missing that bottom!
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  • Why anyone sees the need for "professional management" of a domestic large-cap fund is beyond me. DIA always does the job. A true testament to buy and hold vs. constantly reshuffling the deck.
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  • Look at a chart for the major indexes for 2008 and think about your buy and hold strategy.
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  • When companies like P&G, FedEx, and Federated are warning of slower growth with global PMI's below 50 you should be defensive not aggressive.
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  • Yes, would expect Q2-Q4/12 to show decreasing earnings for a large majority of companies.
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  • The bad news is that analysts have lowered estimates on 17 of the 30 DJIA in the past week versus only 1 (JNJ) estimate increase.


    The good news is that will allow some of them to beat the estimates.


    I ain't changing nuttin'.
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  • This prompted me to review my JNJ performance. I view this as a buy and hold investment.


    So far so good. I started buying back in December and now have an average buy date of January 24. The advance in the stock price is providing me an annual increase rate of 10%.


    Being primarily an income oriented investor with most equities in preferred stocks, Mortgage REITs and high yield bond funds for my IRA account it compares to a portfolio average annual increase of only 8%. JNJ is helping to boost total portfolio performance.


    As bonds and preferred stocks continue to be called - I am reinvesting the cash in stocks that are not callable and to have a growing dividend such as JNJ.
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  • This is the GOLDEN ERA of Large Cap, Safe, Steady, Household Name, DIVIDEND growers.


    They should make up at least 85% of your equities portfolio.


    This goes for EVERYBODY!
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  • Here's what not to like:



    Now that is scary. He IS Dr. Doom, but Roubini is also brilliant.
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  • Gotta sign up. Yet another ID and password to remember. :(
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  • Cannot earn more than a few basis points in bonds. So- everyone piles into dividend paying stocks. next year the tax rate on dividends goes sky high. Then - of course the monetary experiments of the past few years bears fruit - inflation - persistent and increasing.
    So - a couple of years from now - you will have seriously negative real rates of return on bonds, confiscatory taxes on dividends and inflation. No where to hide. Oh - and your medical costs and property taxes will of course escalate at , say, 10% per year. That my friends is da plan. Everybody crushed into third world status - unwashed and hopeless, nowhere to run , nowhere to hide.. Of course the sleek well capitalized ex-bankers (who wants to be a banker anymore) - will load up on all the assets that we have all sold cheaper and cheaper as the noose tightens. They will build moats to hold off the angry population. Or maybe they all plan to move themselves and their children to some Asian paradise ( good luck wid dat).
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  • The pathetic and desperate population will increasingly look to their masters in washington for handouts. Once in a while a snickering govt official may throw a few crumbs our way - just for fun ya know - to keep a few of the zoo animals alive for entertinment.
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  • The thing we have to try to figure out is this. These sleek , rich, ex-bankers - they win. OK. But in what form are they planning to preserve their loot?
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  • What do we know? We know that banks and washington are in cahoots. The party does not matter - Clinton, Bush, Obama etc etc - just a parade of pretty faces - they all work for wall street.
    We know that the biggest banks in the world ( with winks and nods from their govts and regulators) have manipulated the most important interest rate in the world ( Libor) - to their benefit - presumably.
    I think it would be logical to assume that stock prices have been similarly manipulated.
    Folks who think they can escape by hiding in a cave with canned food and ammo - are really really stupid. The bacteria will get ya!
    Nope - people just have to flush the whole corrupt edifice and start over. It is a great territory that we happen to be on. Worth keeping - no?
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  • My Traditional IRA CD will mature in a few days. I am having a 1.98% APR. Upon checking around, the market rate is 0.3 - 0.5%. If I cash out HD, PG and GE what do I do with that money? There are many like me who are holding onto dividend stocks to supplement their minimal SS income. There's no other way out?
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  • Disenchanted...there is always Belize...
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