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Should the tight regulation on foreign ownership of U.S. airlines be reconsidered? That's the...

Should the tight regulation on foreign ownership of U.S. airlines be reconsidered? That's the question posed by industry watcher George Hobica as he can't help but notice the bubbly profits and efficiencies the beer industry kicks up with foreign ownership the norm. Though national security has to be a consideration in the equation, so do endless years of unprofitability and bankruptcies.
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  • Just another great example of how the government helps business as BO preaches.:-(
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  • N American airlines are so bad (collectively), foreign ownership might make them competitive again
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  • Ever take a cruise on a cruise ship? How many Americans work on them? Not a single cruise line flagged in the US and the reason is obvious. If foreign ownership of the US airline industry is allowed, airfares will drop dramatically as well as the employment numbers for Americans in this industry. Kind of a back door outsourcing. Employees working for a foreign company don't enjoy anywhere near the benefits or pay that Americans are used to. No retirement, no work rules since they are not subject to US work rules, no EPA, no OSHA, no HR to enforce political correctness, no lawyers suing on behalf of employees who have an axe to grind. Imagine the cost differential from what exists now!!!!
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  • North American passengers are so rude to airline employees, it is no wonder they are cranky! Add to that the way management has treated their employees, ie, drastic pay cuts, dumping pensions onto the government PBGC, mergers with seniority lowered... I could go on but won't. Do we really need to have EVERYTHING outsourced in this country? All of this will be the fall of our country for sure.
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  • Mrbill and Cindy:


    I appreciate your responses which give me a better perspective, just Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are some of the best in the air. And the latter has profit sharing programs.


    The employees have pride of representing their states, while my experience is not so on USA carriers. If there is little dignity in working there, there is less incentive to fly with them.


    A few weeks before Sept 11, 2001, I took a RT to Toronto-- the ultra-late Northwest in its magazine the CEO said that he hoped that students would take business class after flying the low fare career. I thought: NO WAY


    But if Singapore SQ wanted to charge me 4x that would be OK-- because they were gracious (top notch service) and offered low fares.


    One of the big-3 USA full fare airline's stewardess similarly just mouthed-off her insecurities of flying to a particular major hub. ...


    What happened to American management leadership!
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  • Mr. Liu, I also wonder if it is cultural. When you see the flight attendants of Cathay, Singapore and Nippon go through the international airports everyone sits up and takes notice; they are sharp and impressive. Also the fact tht you are willing to pay for excellent service is more than what I hear people say. US passengers seem to want everything as cheap as possible not taking into account what it costs just to get a plane in the air. There is so much the public does not know about the airline business and the behind the scenes dance that goes on to get people where they want to go. I hope all US airlines will be able to give better service and the passengers will appreciate it.
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  • A big part of the ignorance factor is our public schools in the US. They no longer teach critical thinking. There is very little thought involved in much of anything these days which explains why someone like Obama whithe absolutely no skills or experience in the business world is President of the world's only super power. IT scares the bejesus out of me. Heck, I flipped hamburgers at Hardys, washed dishes, mowed lawns, worked at a grocery store and learned all about grocery shrink, was an Air Force officer and pilot, aircraft commander of a crew of 12, instructor pilot, flight commander of Academics in Air Training Command, a captain for a major airline flying 200 people all over the world, flipped houses during the housing boom, raised 2 kids and home schooled both of them. I won't just jump in any airplane because I know way too much. I'm informed which most people are not interested in. I research and study almost every issue. Something our president is clueless about and so is much of the public who when in school are taught to go along to get along. The Third Reich comes to mind.
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  • My husband followed your same career pah although he is retired Air Force. What I want to know is why your comment went straight to criticism of President Obama. Totally unnecessary in my opinion.
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