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Desperate to create some hype around the fall launch of a high-end Windows Phone 8 model, Nokia...

Desperate to create some hype around the fall launch of a high-end Windows Phone 8 model, Nokia (NOK) is reportedly negotiating with France Telecom (FTE) and other Euro carriers about conducting exclusive launches, and sharing revenues along the way. The talks represent a departure from Nokia's traditional strategy of reaching as many sales points as possible. AT&T's deal to exclusively carry the Lumia 900 in the U.S. hasn't lived up to expectations, in spite of heavy marketing spending.
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  • Hmm... I wonder why Nokia shares aren't down this morning.
    23 Jul 2012, 12:48 PM Reply Like
  • I don't think 'desperate' accurately describes the state that Nokia is in.
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  • "Lumia 900 in the U.S. hasn't lived up to expectatitons"


    That's right, it has exceeded expectations. Here's some figures for the first 3 quarters of the launch:


    Apple iPhone launch in 2007: 3.7 million units
    Samsung Android launch in 2009: 1.6 million units
    Nokia Lumia launch in 2011: 7 million units



    Looks like pretty damn good to me, especially when you add Verizon and Sprint to growing family of carriers delivering WP8 phones in fall
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  • Comparing smart phone sales in 2007 to those half a decade later....don't we feel that is an Apples to Oranges comparison?
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  • Well perhaps you should compare it differently...


    Nokia sold 77m Symbian units in 2007 versus Apple's 3.7m (4.8% of Nokia's total)


    In 2011, Apple sold 110m versus Nokia's 7 (6.3% of Apple's total)


    Because I sourced my numbers by google and didn't pay much attention to them, I am sure someone can come up with something more accurate... Just throwing my napkin out there.
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  • Profit margin!
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  • Nokia said it only shipped 600K Lumia models (900 or otherwise) to North America in Q2. Also, the smartphone market is much bigger now than it was in '09 or '07.


    That said, I'm looking forward to the launch of a PureView WP8 model. Hope Nokia knocks the cover off the ball, and gives the iPhone and Android some real competition.
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  • Phones shipped are phones sold. There is not a
    product that passes to the retailer that isn't bought by the retailer. Every retailer knows exactly what they need every hour on the hour by the hour. If it gets shipped it's getting paid for period.
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  • NOK is desperate. Authors of articles on NOK espousing the bull case are ever more desperate.. Buying on dips from these authors exhortations would have made you a pauper by now!


    DON'T LOOK for Reversals in Apple or HP: (Top Hedge Fund Managers) Cooperman & Chanos
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  • More speculation about NOK -- yawn
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  • NOK's willingness to alter its strategy in getting back its marketshare is less 'desperate', in my view, as it shows how 'aggressive' and nimble the company can be.


    The speed with which it delivered its first product on a new platform also shows that.


    I, for one, am building a position in NOK and hope it stays at this level a while yet.


    We are pretty damn close to having a full windows desktop product on phone sized devices, with all that implies (java, silverlight, flash, html5, games, productivity, ubiquitous device drivers...) - not that they don't already exist somewhat but certainly not optimized for touchscreens/ARM/UI the way Windows8 is...


    I believe that Nokia will monetize that better than msft can, and that's just one part of the picture.
    23 Jul 2012, 02:02 PM Reply Like
  • Maybe it will be time for a Forrest Gump 2 in 2014 in where we will se Forrest Gump getting a letter telling him that the old shoefactor didnĀ“t need any more money since they, again, hade become Number 1 in making flexible shoes.
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  • Finance don't give the shorts any ideas lol, there is enough fictions written on SA with regards to NOK lol :-)
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  • I bet, the Nokia high end Windows 8 will be a huge success. People are getting tired of the iPhone and the various Android clones.
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  • Really? I've never met a single person that got an Iphone and then went to another phone.
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  • I had all the iphones and recently gave my 4S to my wife and got me a Galaxy SIII. The puny iphone screen and tired 5 year old OS has become tired and lame. iPhone are good for females now for a status symbol like the Louis Vuitton purse, thats about it.
    23 Jul 2012, 09:06 PM Reply Like
  • Today's trading in US will be interesting. After yesterday's modest gains on quite high volume in a very down overall market, one should normally expect profit-taking and a lower price for NOK today. (NOA3.DE so far is holding steady in Europe but although Nokia is a European company, the US trading is more significant.)


    If NOK holds yesterday's gains and the general market today is down, we could be seeing a recovery.
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  • its up again in premarket trading. I dont think the shorts are able to keep it down for the time being
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  • Well we better hope it keeps going Up on facts not fiction :-)
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  • Yeah, but its ok I hope for the best but I do expect worse lol. At least for now I am happy that its up a little, always seeing Nok going down is sad.
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  • Well it aint when its being shorted lol :-O, if you are on that bet at the time Leon and Long on the way up. :-), I feel like Fagin now lmao
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  • I have not seen any new article posted about Nokia lately, I wonder why?
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