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The EPA issues a statement saying it's completed tests on drinking water in the Pennsylvania...

The EPA issues a statement saying it's completed tests on drinking water in the Pennsylvania village of Dimock showing the water is safe to drink. Residents and anti-drilling groups had claimed that Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) had polluted the local aquifer through its gas drilling using highly controversial fracking methods. COG issues a reply, saying it's pleased with the decision, which mirrors similar findings from tests of its own, as well as those conducted by Pennsylvania state agencies.
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  • This is welcome news, given the media hysteria out there on NG fracking and how impressionable that's been on the uninformed.
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  • Yes, good to get a scientifically based answer.
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  • Okay, so I'm a liberal/greenie/progre... (actually, I'm not a fan of that hot-off-the-press term)/enviro/etcetcetc... yourself). Why should we sweep under the rug the facts about fracking? I made money off Range Resources and I hope to make money off Ultra Petroleum. However, companies have spent years pumping incredibly toxic chemicals (including diesel fuel) into the ground without much oversight (thanks largely to Cheney and Bush). Those toxic chemicals eventually come to the surface and potentially foul drinking water. There is a chance that they ruin the wells of homeowners. The process also appears to play a role in causing temblors. These are facts. We can't point our fingers at greenies and make those facts go away (although we do have the option of voting for new Cheney/Bush proxies and pretending they don't exist). Do any of us really expect companies to make moral decisions regarding fracking processes? They are in the business of making money. In the absence of regulatory oversight, our rivers would be every bit as polluted as those of China. I want to make money as much as the next guy, but let's get real. My hunch is that fracking can be done safely, but how about if we prove if first.
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  • >>>My hunch is that fracking can be done safely, but how about if we prove if first.<<<


    Gee... if it ain't Rip Van Winkle. Did you just finally wake up to reality? Uhhh just a suggestion... but you might want to tell your handlers that we (yes I, as a past oil well driller) have been fracing hundreds of thousands of oil wells over the past 60 odd years with nary a problem or complaint... that is until just recently. Seems we have a few misguided individuals (who couldn't dump a boot full of piss if the instructions were written on the heel) thinking they now know what's best for operating an oil business.


    Truth is, you numbnuts are just looking for another scapegoat to further your social agenda, especially since your global warming scam is starting to wear thin and you're running out of patsies. Ever wonder why Gore took the money and ran? He knows the global warming scam is about up. He ain't no dummy.


    So what scam are you guys gonna dream up and try to perpetuate on the sheep for the next decade? Uhhh I got it... how about dust. We can't have that icky icky dust that gets stirred up when a car drives down a dirt road can we? Or how about when a giant Haboob blows through the SW deserts. Just think of all the massive disease dust carries. I think we should start paving all the dirt roads and the entire desert... wouldn't you agree?
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  • our government is bought and paid for perios
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  • Isn't it funny that liberals often claim that conservatives are ignorant and anti-science when conservatives question global warming.


    But when science doesn't tell liberals what they want to hear, they are quick to yell "Conspiracy!". The truly sad thing is that I still think liberals will eventually be successful in outlawing fracking or making it so expensive that it isn't worth it. And the irony is that fracking has caused US to be #1 in reducing CO2 emmissions among major industrial countries.


    While in Europe, because they have banned fracking and nuclear power, they are busy restarting old, dirty coal power plants to avoid blackouts.


    This would be hilarious, if it wasn't so tragic.
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  • I would also like to add GMO foods into the evidence pool of "Liberals are ignorant". Despite the fact that all science says there is no danger to genetically modified food, liberals still yell "Conspiracy!" whenever this subject is brought up.


    Again, the irony is that not only are GMO foods not harmful, they provide huge benefits. The recent drought has been bad, but genetically modified strains of wheat and corn that do not require as much water have kept this from becoming a true catastrophe (think no food at stores). And yet, no one cares and everyone continues to complain and be ignorant.
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  • I just find it refreshing that the EPA for once is not a hinderance to American buisness.
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  • Mach - there aren't any GMO wheat varieties. It has 5X more genetic data than we human's have. But I'm with you completely on the part of your statement about the GMO corn though.
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  • I'm a liberal and I'm not yelling "Conspiracy!" I think the purpose of federal regulatory agencies such as the EPA is to scientifically investigate activities such as fracking and objectively report on what they find. If they find that those activities are polluting drinking water, then they should regulate those activities. If they find that those activities are safe, they should report that as well. If they find that the burning of coal is massively contributing to global warming (anyone notice excessively warm summers and droughts recently?) and killing ample numbers of Americans, they should take appropriate regulatory actions. But then I'm apparently one of those envirowhackjobs, so why should anyone listen to me?
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  • hindrance
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  • (anyone notice excessively warm summers and droughts recently?)


    You claim to be a smart person yet you make a statement about a hot dry summer that you know, or should know, means nothing. Yes the summer has been hot and dry, however, Europe has been unusually cool and wet. Yes we had a mild winter, but Europe had a very cold winter


    Climate changes, it always has and always will. We have had hot dry summers and cool wet summers (remember all the moisture last year). I am sick and tired of people yelling global warming every time we get some extreme weather.


    After Hurricane Katrina we heard that due to global warming we should expect major hurricanes on a regular basis, hasn't happened. Weather is and always will be unpredictable.


    By the way, there is not one verified case of fracking polluting drinking water.
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  • We have been burning coal for hundreds of years and have even been reducing coal consumption why would a hot dry summer now suddenly be the effect of coal???
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  • Lawyers need money too!
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  • In a show of support the folks running COG should step up and be the first to drink the water that the EPA deemed safe for drinking. Show those who yelled "foul", that there is nothing to fear.


    I am all for NY State lifting the drilling moratorium that has kept NG from being drilled for. Miles from where I live, drilling in PA is taking place with very few, if any, negatives being reported.
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  • Over the years, many thousands upon thousands of oil and gas wells have been fraced with nary a problem or complaint. It just strikes funny, that now all of a sudden, it has become such a major problem among the liberals. Are they really that dense?
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  • Its amazing how all these people, with no knowledge of geology, aquifers, or oil drilling, suddenly became experts on the subject overnight, isn't it???
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  • Are you suggesting that you are one of those elect few that has complete knowledge of geology, aquifers, and drilling, and took many years to become an expert?
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  • Nope, I'm implying that because I do not study aquifers or rock formations or mineral extraction all day, I want for studies conducted by people who do to form an opinion. With no expert knowledge on the subject, I rely on facts. The facts are: the industry says it is safe, the EPA says it is safe, and in the decades this practice has been done I do not know of any contaminated water wells. The few wells that had been allegedly polluted saw the EPA do testing and drop its claims.
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  • Envirowhackjobs foiled again! We might get this economy going on the mend with all this fracking and production, after all.


    Wait a minute, Cabot Oil and Gas...YOU DIDN'T DO THAT!
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  • I bet the hysteria was being fanned be some environmentalist group. The greenies are scared of NG, because cheap NG makes wind and solar un-economical
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  • For the record, I'm a greenie and I'm not afraid of NG. In fact, I'm an investor in NG, specifically Ultra Petroleum. The only hysteria that I'm aware of that is being fanned is on forums such as this.
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  • As much as I'm an advocate for both wind and solar, they're going to be nothing but alternative "back up" plays for coal, oil, and NG. If the libbies insist on curtailing carbon based production through extensive regulation, all they'll be doing is cutting their own throats, and the throats of middle class americans. And then we'll start hearing all the whining and crying from the libbies, on how all the markets are being manipulated when prices go thru stratosphere because of their policies.
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  • "It is the mark of an educated mind to able to entertain a thought without accepting it" ...Aristotle
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