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Windows 8 and its dual interfaces represent a huge gamble, and some think it will backfire....

Windows 8 and its dual interfaces represent a huge gamble, and some think it will backfire. Bronte Capital, worried the Metro UI won't function well with a keyboard and mouse: "This will wind up with a lower corporate take up rate than Vista." Valve CEO Gabe Newell, worried about Microsoft's (MSFT) proprietary approach: "Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space." Matt Rosoff: "Windows 8 is for touch screens. Period." Developer Jeff Atwood is "cautiously optimistic." (also: I, II, III)
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  • Long MSFT, but worried about Windows Snowman.


    The first MSFT release of a major "car model change" usually goes poorly. However, perhaps it's a necessary, painful step toward a Kinect-centric Windows 9 in which the physical mouse is replaced by a "virtual mouse" of hand gestures.


    To this business developer,Metro doesn't make business sense, at least in the utility presently provided. But there could be some serious business value to a kinect-employing Windows 9, such as username/passwords being replaced by Kinect simply looking at you to see if it is you.


    Also, coding against a single model for multiple platforms has tremendous long term appeal. But in the short-run, I'm not feeling much attention paid to existing .NET assets. LOB programmers aren't just going to leap from their existing assets to a new model in a single bound. We'll be flipping burgers if we do.
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  • Enterprise users will rebel like they did with Vista. WEight will be Win7's life insurance.
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  • I think that's the beauty of Windows 8: it can run tablet-optimized apps, or it can run legacy UI apps.


    Finally, a tablet with a real, full operating system that can run all the same applications I run on my desktop (hardware limitations notwithstanding), and take advantage of touch-friendly apps that are developed as such.


    Developers don't have to change, that's the whole point. MS can leverage its existing 80+% market share while still finally getting into the tablet space in earnest.


    In particular, I'm very much looking forward to the MS Surface Pro. A real OS, real appLICATIONs, and real standard ports (USB 3.0 even!) -- in short, a real computer in a tablet form factor.


    It might not get Angry Birds right away, but if you're looking to get actual real work done, who cares?
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  • @D_Virginia "Developers don't have to change"


    Tell that to Silverlight developers.


    As always, Microsoft will introduce new technologies, and drop ones they no longer consider to be worth supporting.


    Revenues for .NET tooling (e.g. Visual Studio) are very small compared to Windows revenues. WHile I've never heard Microsoft come out and say this, I think the whole .NET tooling is driven by the revenues generated by more Windows copies in the enterprise. How many folks do you know that use Visual Studio in the enterprise? How many use Windows (and which comes with the .NET framework).


    IMO, Visual Studio and the .NET framework provide the best productivity experience in the enterprise. Microsoft makes very little off that directly, but profits greatly as .NET framework LOB apps get deployed for use by enterprise end-user.


    It's not what Microsoft has said, it's what they haven't said or emphasized/hyped.
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  • > Tell that to Silverlight developers.


    All five or six of them? :)
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  • And what evidence is there that people want to "get work done" on tablets? I think Microsoft is and has always believed that work and enterprise is where the money is. I think Apple has proven that consumers are where the real opportunity lies. If I want to get work down, I will use a computer, not a tablet.
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  • > I will use a computer, not a tablet.


    And Apple has unfortunately tried to convince people that you can't have both in one -- I think the Surface Pro will convince people otherwise.


    It comes out January, supposedly, so we'll see. :)
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  • My understanding is that the OS for tablets is is not the same as that for the Pro tablet, so in effect W8 on the Pro makes the Pro version an ultra book similar to the Air with a thinner keyboard
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  • Yeah, now just give me the 50" wall mounted touch screen tablet, with optional wireless keyboard and mouse/remote so I don't have to get off the couch to work, surf, stream or watch TV. Oh and it can talk to my printer, laptop, lumina and store all that stuff in the cloud.


    In addition, when I do get the old Wii out of it's box, I dont have to wear the silly strap anymore coz my 50" screen is Gorilla Glass.


    Long MSFT, Long NOK, LONG HIMX......
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  • Heinz,


    I think your comments sum up my feelings exactly. Microsoft is on the right path, I think Windows 8.5 or 9 will be a killer product. And the whole gesture thing (mouse to the corner etc.) certainly appears to have been created with the ultimate goal of replacing mouse movements with hand gestures.


    But Microsoft seem to have completely screwed up the current release of Windows by ignoring their bread and butter business users. Windows has always succeeded by making inroads first into the workplace, and then into the home. But unless a lot has changed for the final release, it will have almost no traction into the business world.
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  • Why did they radically change the OS?


    Who decided that this was a good idea?


    Consumers HATE learning curves.


    Ballmer sucks.
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  • You know that Metro can be turned off, right?
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  • Why would anyone upgrade to something they have to fix? Why would anyone buy something new that they have to fix? This is going to hurt just a little...
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  • Who says it's a fix? It's an option. It lets you unify your desktop, laptop, and tablet assets all under one OS. Windows 8 might not get it perfect out of the gate, but it's a great long-term strategy to look forward to.


    While Apple is steadily dumbing down Mac OS to be more like an iPad, Microsoft is letting users have it both ways if they want it.
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  • They don't. All the comments are from uninformed haters that have no actual experience with 8 or even computers in general. Too funny.
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  • Are you asking me or this guy?



    Windows 8 will be as successful as Microsoft Bob.
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  • I agree, however if you look at what needed to change, they addressed the issue as best as they could... This reminds me of something that i hear from a lot of people with BlackBerries; they say "I hate how my blackberry doesnt have any apps", i then say "you can get apps on it if you want, just click on AppWorld", they then say "eh, i dont really feel like it, i dont need apps anyway", next thing you know they run out to the store to buy an iPhone because "it has apps and I've always wanted them".... People annoy me sometimes...
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  • Microsoft succeeding operating systems have done little for users in terms of ease of use and seamless integration with hardware and legacy applications. Over the years they have launched disparate upgrades prematurely replete with bugs while maintaining the consistently outrageous attitude that users overpay for the privilege. There is no reason to believe that this condescending and poor product management DNA or user-unfriendly track record will change.
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  • Windows 8 upgrade cost is $40, and on launch day will work with more hardware and legacy applications than any Mac OS version to date.


    Just sayin. :)
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  • Yes, carrying the deadweight of backward compatibility is Microsoft's burden.
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  • It's a burden, certainly, but to most users it adds value.


    Personally, I'm tired of waiting for good versions of real applications to come out for iOS, I'd much rather have a tablet that can run them out of the box.


    And a Surface tablet lets me buy one device that serves as a tablet and a laptop, instead of, for example, having to buy both and iPad and a Macbook Air.


    Microsoft is adding value -- Apple is adding shiny designs. :)
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  • The last Mac OSX update that came out worked on Mac machines going back more than 10 years with no issues. Name a single PC Windows update that can do that.
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  • The last OSX update Snow Leopard was $29 and worked on every Mac hardware going back 15 years and worked with all the software that was on those machines as well. Name me one Windows version where that was possible. Now granted the issue is the ignorance of the hardware developers and the lousy equipment they used hence the crappy drivers which cause these issues.
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  • > worked on every Mac hardware going back 15 years


    Again, that's Mac hardware. Try plugging in your shiny new gadget that wasn't made by Apple -- doh! I guess you have to wait 6-12 months for the manufacturer to bother making drivers for 15% of the market...again.... :)


    I'm sorry guys, but it looks like history will repeat itself: open and flexible will win over closed and shiny, especially for productive users.


    And for the record: I love my iPhone and iPad, but I recognize that they have very serious limitations when it comes to productivity and flexibility. When devices come out that don't have those limitations, I will buy those. I will not reinvent my work style, my business, or my life just so they revolve entirely around Apple's toys.
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  • MSFT is simply lost in space, as all big, corporations become after they've become slow-witted behemoths. They've been reduced to a parody of attempting to copy what they think is an "improved" version of somebody else's innovation. Windows 8 is not a desktop software and will be ridiculous in that environment, and Android/Samsung has already eaten their lunch. Their "dating" relationship with Nokia is equally stillborn.


    P.S. Apple is now a slightly younger corporate Microsoft, absent Steve Jobs. He was the only perpetual entrepreneur in that entire outfit, and they, too, are now extremely vulnerable to all the delays and misjudgments engendered by "corporate-itis."
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  • Steve's no Jobs
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  • metro sucks. it will be every bit as popular as windows phone 7
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  • All I know is you can switch metro off if you dont have a touch screen and everything works fine, you can turn it on if you do have a touchscreen and everything works fine. if you are worried that people are going to get frustrated and bang their heads on their desks that is true for every new os ever introduced. The success or failure rides on how well it integrates all the business tools and how fast it runs your programs. Personally I think it will be a fantastic success and am chomping at the bit to integrate Tablets into my work environment.
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  • Brad, I think you hit it directly. My organization is planning on win tablets AND phones in qtr 1- 2013. I know more than a few that are moving in this direction as well.


    I believe NOK will benefit the most ( most upside) at current valuations.


    I am long NOK, and MSFT
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  • Nokia isn't advertising enough for Americans to care about its products, no matter the quality.


    Nokia is as well known in America as Five Guys is in Mozambique.


    Part of Apple and Samsung's overwhelming success is their ubiquitous advertising in the U.S.
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  • @jimdart


    I'm long Batman and Robin, too
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  • I've been using beta version of Windows 8 and its awesome. I don't know why people are getting nervous. I'm also using Nokia Lumia 900 and it's awesome! I don't need the upgrade to Windows 8 on my phone. Case closed.
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  • Where are all the people who used to line up for the latest Gates Motel release? over at the Apple store I guess ...
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  • I'm a big fan of many of the Microsoft products, however I'm avoiding Windows 8 like the plague. Looks horrible.
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  • A new release should be better than the previous one. Is this better? Is this worthwhile at all?
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  • I've been using Win8 now for 2 months on my business laptop without a glitch on a non-touch device. It works very well for both this laptop and on my personal touch based tablet. To me at this stage Microsoft have look to have it nailed and are onto something big here.
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  • Look out shorts the giant has awoken. Microsoft at $40.00 by the end of this year.


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