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How alarming is DirecTV's (DTV -1.9%) first-ever decline in U.S. subscribers? The drop of 52K...

How alarming is DirecTV's (DTV -1.9%) first-ever decline in U.S. subscribers? The drop of 52K subscribers wasn't gigantic in the context of the 19.91M customers it still retained, but with streaming options continuing to draw interest it is of note that the company is increasingly relying on Latin America to hammer out results.
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  • I wrote an article discussing the risks of exposure to distribution platforms as sole sources of revenue:



    I think that any distribution company whether it be cable, satellite, fiber, streaming, etc. without rights to content is going to have a tough time growing long-term.
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  • As Internet and TV further merge, bandwidth becomes an increasing impediment to the efficiency and economy of satellite-delivered content.
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  • Right now I think that bandwidth is THE most important thing holding back streaming content. Compare the US with Korea, and you will see that by 2013 something like 95% of Korea will have access to 100 MBps internet speeds. and in Seoul it is expected that by 2013 over 80% will have access to 1 GBps - compared with something like 4% in the USA.


    Directv right now relies pretty much only on satellites, and I think it is missing the boat by not moving more into high speed broadband such as FIOS.


    And it does not help that to get HD content on Directv with the full package is around $175 per month. But to watch streaming HD you need at least 6 MBps, and 10+ is recommended. Right now only about 12% of the US has access to high speed.


    The fastest US city (Boston) is slower than the slowest Korean large city, and the US ranks around 15th overall for speed.
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  • How do you have bandwidth in air?
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  • stop:


    Capacity is determined by frequency bandwidth. When its transmitted through the air, the bandwidth is limited because otherwise it would collide with other uses of the frequency spectrum. When it's routed across cables that issue goes away.
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  • The more bandwidth, the wider the frequency range of that "channel".


    That is why 3D and HD satellite needs a double or even triple antenna, because the bandwidth limit would be exceeded on a single channel.
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  • $175? You are crazy. I have had HD on DTV since about 2003 and with 4 HD DVR's, whole home DVR and HBO and my bill is under $120. Also all the DVR's are connected to my high speed internet where on demand and You Tube and a such is available.


    I get the idea that streaming is coming but I had Netflix streaming and it sucked because of lack of content. I have zero desire to watch TV on my computer even with the 27 inch Apple monitor. Until streaming works on my 2 60 TVs and surround sound it is useless to me. Not gonna watch TV on my phone or iPad either.
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  • If you are like me you switch between Dish and Directv every 2 years or so to take advantage of the latest offers for "new" subscribers.


    These idiots have developed a business model whereby they reward switching behavior and discourage loyalty. The only way to get the latest technology, lowest pricing, and features is to switch providers.


    In my case, I got a "Hopper" for 4 rooms, HD programming, and more channels for $40/mth less than what I was paying to DirecTV. Assuming I matched the packages, I would have been paying an $80/mth by staying "loyal".


    I called Dish on a Thursday and had my service installed and working the following day by 3 PM. Phenomenal service.


    The event that made me switch was the stupid Viacom dispute. The message to subscribers was an insult to our intelligence.


    I am not surprised they lost customers this quarter.
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  • That's what my parents do. I also do the same between AT&T and Cox Communications for Internet services.
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