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The debate on Chick-fil-A's unofficial stance on same-sex marriage keeps getting ratcheted up by...

The debate on Chick-fil-A's unofficial stance on same-sex marriage keeps getting ratcheted up by politicians and activists from both sides pandering to crowds. While seemingly only a minor event a week ago, the large crowds gathering inside and outside of the chain's restaurants day after day has caught the eyes of at least a few restaurant analysts wondering if the flareup could affect U.S. sales at rivals MCD, WEN, and BKW.
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  • Chick-fil-A has less than 1700 restaurants in 40 states so their capacity to impact the sales of the rest of the industry is limited. And these extreme leftist groups have a very short attention span so this will pass.
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  • Richard, I would ask you to clarify who are you referring to as "extreme leftist groups"?
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  • Richard, just to be clear, the left hand makes the "L" and the right hand doesn't. :)


    I assure you, the extreme leftist groups are not the ones lining up around the block to get some fried chicken.
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  • In my view an "extreme leftist" is anyone who would attempt to punish or destroy a business or any part of the free enterprise system.
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  • So the right doesn't boycott? Sarah Palin never asked anyone to boycott a business? Or Bill O'Reilly? Or Limbaugh?


    Richard, I truly believe that it is because of people like you that we are where we are...
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  • So the right wing wackos that boycotted JCP because of Ellen Degeneres commercials are also extreme leftists?
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  • Corporate America has a new secret weapon: bigotry and religious zealotry SELLS!!! It really strikes a chord with most Americans, as those are without a doubt two very central American values.


    Soon more CEOs will "come out" denouncing gay marriage, discussing literal religious interpretations, and probably also insulting various races just to take things to the next logical level.


    Mark my words, this, my friends, is financial innovation in progress!!!
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  • "probably insulting various races"


    The homosexual lifestyle is a "race"?
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  • Not at all, my meaning (and I'm being hyperbolic of course) was that other CEOs would take bigotry-driven sales surges to a new level in the future. I have updated my hyperbole accordingly. :)
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  • I think the biggest part of the response supporting Chick-Fil-A is that many people are sick of the way the left (mayor of Boston, mayor of Chicago) say "If you don't agree with us we will try to drive you out of business even if we have to illegally deny you a permit to do business".
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  • From a free speech standpoint, all of those local leaders are on the FAR wrong side of this, certainly.


    But make no mistake, the hordes of people lining up to get their fast food are not making a political statement about wrongful behavior of the left, rather they are cheering the bigotry of the right. Bigotry, after all, is a traditional American value.
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  • You'll find that these politicians who want to dictate policies on how businesses will operate have absolutely no personal experience in business. They've been political operatives all their lives. Or, in the case of the Mayor of Chicago, a ballet dancer.
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  • There's something to be said for an individual who doesn't underestimate his abilities. For example, to ascribe the motivations of "hordes of people lining up to get their fast food. . ." of whom he knows hardly anyone, that's positively awesome.


    Or maybe that is just another example of D_Va. "being hyperbolic." No matter, liberals' need a cause and they are used to getting their way, and their way beomes the politicaly correct way and anyone pushing back can expect to be called names and abused.


    Maybe, just maybe, this time will be different.
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  • 1/2 year ago got a coupon in the mail to eat at Chik-fil-l-A;
    Went there for lunch to try the sandwich; it was like the McRib: composite meat, only disguised chicken in the Chick case; without the MdD sauce that was tasty. In either case I will not eat another so the trial worked out; I shall not eat them anymore and the coupon for Chick-fil-A served its purpose; won't eat another, again.
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  • I would never dine at a restaurant that cannot spell the menu items.


    If they can't spell "filet" correctly, how could they prepare one correctly?
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  • The owner of Chic-filet has every right to his free speech. Many people in this world feel the same way about what a real marrage is and has been since the beginning of time even the birds and bees know that. I think there is too much people of same gender flaunting their life style. I have never heard of straight pride. I have never heard of straight parades. Straight people have never walked around singing hey, hey I'm straight. I think who you are and what you are is your business and no one elses. Some times silence can speak volumes. Just sayin'
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  • Maybe they'd stop flaunting if they had all the same rights under the law and if they weren't looked down upon by bigots? Just sayin. :)
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  • D_, you like that B word don't you?
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  • It's astounding that people who don't agree with everything concerning the gay lifestyle are called "bigots". A bigot is one who hates, not one who merely disagrees.
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  • these people are not merely disagreeing. they are advocating discrimination based on their personal religious beliefs. which is something entirely different.
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  • Right, advocating the LEGAL discrimination based on religious and sexual preferences is indeed bigotry. The fact that you disagree says a lot about you.
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  • D_Virginia


    Flaunting only calls attention. Attention attracts all kinds pro and con. Cool is much better. Just sayin'
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  • This is absolutely accurate -- I don't like the flaunting either, but the reality is, when you get discrimination, you get equal and opposite reactions to it.


    If homosexuality was universally considered to be no big deal (and correspondingly treated equally under the law), you would have no pride parades or other flamboyant displays.


    However, as long as a large percent of the population loudly says "it's no OK", a nontrivial percent of the population will loudly say "yes it is". They will just be different kinds of loud.
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  • Excellent sandwiches, real chicken. I really don't mind if a company wants to say something on an issue and doesn't hide behind a PAC. I really do mind when a company funds a PAC and attempts to determine national policy. I really don't want corporations running the government.
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  • Virginia - just asks\ing...What rights do I have as a "straight" that the gays don't have. And don't say the right to marry - because they do have the right that I have - marrying one of the opposite sex.
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  • Nonsense.


    The accurate quip is that you have the right to marry the PERSON you want to, and gays don't. You presumably would want to marry a member of the opposite sex, and so would I, and that's fine.


    But if a man wants to marry another man, both of them are citizens, and marriage brings with it many legal and financial implications, yet they are not allowed to marry.


    It's illegal to discriminate based on gender for hiring and other transactions, so why is it legal for marriage?


    And sure, maybe the answer isn't gay "marriage", maybe it's ubiquitous civil unions or something else that guarantees the same legal and financial implications but doesn't freak out the medieval religious types so much.


    I don't really care what the churches do -- freedom of religion and all that. But laws needs to stop discriminating.


    Just like gays serving openly in the military, opponents are on the wrong side of history. In a few decades, we will laugh about how backwards the U.S. was and how long it took them to just get over it when it comes to homosexuality.


    But until enough time has passed that it's funny, it remains simply sad.
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  • D_Virginia et al
    The issue here is not homosexuality. It is whether a person has the right to express his honest opinion without becoming the object of a smear campaign and boycott. Free speech is a constitutional right! As for the idiot politicians who would keep CFA stores out of their areas, they are pandering jackasses. Even the ACLU believes in that.
    After all this I would be more likely to eat at a CFA, besides I think their billboard commercials are very clever.
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  • > It is whether a person has the right to express his honest opinion
    > without becoming the object of a smear campaign and boycott.
    > Free speech is a constitutional right!


    You are right about the smear campaign (and any other legal repercussions), but wrong about the boycott.


    Yes, just because a CEO is an intolerant religious extremist, no one has the right to discriminate against his business for the purpose of commercial permits or other legal affairs.


    However, EVERYONE has the right to personally boycott his business in protest. That is THEIR free speech.
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  • Chick-fil-A's should be ashamed of themselves.. I would not eat there if someone paid me a million dollars. Bigorty is bigotry. It is the same as saying: No equal rights for blacks or Jews or Catholics or handicapped or any other minority. Shame on them.
    4 Aug 2012, 09:23 AM Reply Like
  • So setting all the smoke aside,


    A company owner said he was for traditional marriage, and to be fair, implied he disapproved of non-traditional marriage i.e. gay marriage. He broke no laws, he does not discriminate in hiring nor does he discriminate among his customers.


    He just expressed an opinion.


    The Gay Movement, in contrast, launched personal attacks on him, his company and his staff (perhaps slanderous and libelous) launching a boycott of his business.


    They are attempting to harm.


    So who looks more Un-American? Some guy who expressed an opinion on a moral issue or a bunch of people who are demanding something be done to punish him for his speech?


    I don't go to Chick whatever, in fact I don't know where one is. But I'm going to find out and go eat a sandwich there and push my way past every boycotting gay that is metophorically reverse bashing.
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  • Got any evidence of slander, libel, or personal attacks that are "attempting to harm"?


    Denying rights is un-American, certainly, whether it's the right to free speech, or the right to marry the person you want to.


    I don't think the quote was "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free -- BUT DON'T LET THE GAYS MARRY!!! BECAUSE GOD SAID SO!!!" I could be wrong, but I don't think that's what it says.
    4 Aug 2012, 06:25 PM Reply Like
  • This is not a moral issue because evangelicals and their Manicheans think so. Where and when did Christ throw the gays out of the temple. As I recall it was the moneychangers, otherwise known as bankers today.


    Your moral ideology is based upon Leviticus. Since you and the CEO of Chick-fil-a appear to be caught up in biblical text from an outmoded and outdated era, why doesn't he stop serving pork on his breakfast sandwiches? And for you, if you borrow or lend money to your fellow citizens you too are in violation of Old Testament law.


    I don't expect either of you change the menu or usury so your morality is selective, therefore situational.
    4 Aug 2012, 08:20 PM Reply Like
  • Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman as God intended it. It is through God's marriage plan that society benefits because of the children the two produce. Both husbands and wives live longer when they stay together as a result of their marriage. The family unit, of a man and woman, produces more balanced children which in turn become an asset to society because children from a traditional family unit are more productive and less likely to become a financial drain on society. The vast majority of homosexuals (married and unmarried) live a life of self serving, self abuse, abuse of others, risky behaviors, poor health and cost the government about $700,000 by the time they die from the effects of their chosen lifestyle.


    A husband, his wife and their children, "the traditional family unit", are the brick and mortar that holds our society together. Traditional parents do society much good by sacrificing their time in this endeavor. Society should shower many more special rights upon those traditional parents that re-populate the earth and give up a good part of their life in the rearing/nurturing of children instead of living their lives just for the next anonymous sexual encounter, as most homosexuals do.


    The Cathy family knows that humans can't improve upon God's plan for the family. It's unfortunate the average homosexual, and many non Christians as well, can't grasp that humans can't improve on one's life by departing the many good principals the Bible (KJV) has to offer us here on earth and life after death. Life would be so much better for them and our nation.
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  • I am a businessman and dabble in stock buying/selling.
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  • Just curious where Raybee22 got his statistic that "the vast majority of homosexuals......cost the governement about $700,000 by the time they die from the effects of their chosen lifestyle."
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  • (Research about the practices of homosexuals and the adverse health issues for the participants and the negatives of homosexuality places upon society)

  (Statistics abound here on health issues related to the sexual behavior of homosexuals)

  (A resource for gay men and women who want to leave the homosexual behavior behind them and those who have)
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  • I looked up the Family Research Institute on Wikipedia. I learned a lot about the Family Research Institute.
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