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Most recent earthquakes in North Texas happened close to injection wells used to dispose of...

Most recent earthquakes in North Texas happened close to injection wells used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas drilling in the region, and they're happening more frequently, according to new research. "You can't prove that any one earthquake was caused by an injection well," the top researcher says, "but it's obvious that wells are enhancing the probability that earthquakes will occur."
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  • No no no, you didn't get the memo!! Only bad stuff about coal can be published....
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  • In a related story, Reuters is reporting that "Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Gore Jr., noted today that 'the debate on this matter is over. There's a consensus among all the scientists that these injection wells are causing earthquakes that will be catastrophic for the environment.' In other developments, the Gore Global Warming Institute is closing down but the funding for the Institute is going to be used to launch the new Gore Global Earthquake Institute."


    "This madness has to stop. If we're not careful, these injection wells will start an earthquake big enough to cause us all to drop right down into China."
    -- Yogi Fonda
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  • The Big Lie people must defend their lies to the bitter end.
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  • Just another time the conservative media has been proven to give out false information on a daily basics. Texas has had many quakes,not reported on right wing news.
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  • T330, Does your mom know you're on the internet again?
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  • Terry330: Have you ever posted a comment that is unrelated to politics?
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  • Lets see, earthquakes are caused by the build up of pressure. Drilling and the release of gas/fluids reduces pressure. Hard to see the correlation.
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  • The Hulk smash has also been known to cause them.
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  • Hmm. A nuke is exploded underground and it can't cause an quake, but pin hole... Katy bar the door. Here in Ft. Worth(20 min. away from ground zero), only thing that feel like a quake is the big recyling truck that comes by every friday.
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  • Teeth are porous already, and I was above ground for both the nuke and the quake down the street.
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  • Quakes are caused by pressure increasing over time. The longer the time, the pressure will build until cracks. Fracking reduces pressure building up so its preventing larger quakes. If anything fracking MAY cause some cracking of rock, that if under pressure could result in a small quake. Still preferable to letting it build into a large one.
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  • Just to add, East, North, and West Texas has been drilling for over a hundred years. The billions of barrels removed and replaced by sand, water, and alike fluids by ten of thousands of wells have never cause any significant quake. If anything, people would think it would cause sink holes.
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