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Dell (DELL -2.3%) is making new multi-year lows in response to HP's FQ3 report, adding to the...

Dell (DELL -2.3%) is making new multi-year lows in response to HP's FQ3 report, adding to the bludgeoning the company saw yesterday due to its own earnings report. Other PC-related names are also lower: INTC -1.7%. MSFT -1.3%. AMD -2.2%.  The consumer and enterprise receptions to Windows 8, which has received very mixed (I, II) initial reviews, are now more important than ever.
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  • Windows 8??? Heck man I won't even THINK of switching to "8" for a few years. Everything operating system MSFT releases has two years of patches, add ons, and updates. Blech!
    23 Aug 2012, 01:54 PM Reply Like
  • This just in? Haha it's been like 5 years since anyone bought a PC..
    23 Aug 2012, 02:20 PM Reply Like
  • An incredibly ill-informed comment. Windows PCs still make up 90% of PCs sold.
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  • We have all types. Macs are great machines and Apple is a fantastic company. Matter of fact they have broken records for profits this year. One of the things that one must be concerned about, in companies today is do the profits come at the customers expense. Apple is addressing the problems at this time but they have been late in informing their customers of problems. The more exposure in the real world the more attacks and they are finding it out. they are being bombarded by rootkits and time sensitive viruses that they have been unable to detect.
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  • I think the biggest concern with Windows 8 right now is whether people can accept the change to a start screen. Microsoft is trying to make the best of both worlds by having a touch friendly OS with a traditional background.


    For the OEMs there is definitely some pain right now. I think pretty soon we won't even consider Dell an OEM because of their refocus on services. HP is also a joke and I don't think anyone takes their product line seriously anymore.


    The title for this "Top News" is a little misleading. Innovative OEM's like Lenovo are still making a killing. Look for the Thinkpad Tablet 2 crushing the enterprise space:


    Acer also has a great windows 8 launch lineup coming although it appears more consumer focused.


    And price points on some of these Win8 ARM tablets will be coming in at 300 dollars!
    23 Aug 2012, 02:37 PM Reply Like
  • I will likely add to my Apple hardware collection, iPhone 5 & maybe a miniPad but next year I will be in the market for a new computer and I am kind of excited about the Microsoft surface tablet with the full OS.
    Microsoft may just nudge Apple into a making a tablet that is also a full blown laptop computer.


    And lastly I agree with you the work place may soon be thick with Windows 8 tablets.
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  • it is already out in trial tests.
    25 Aug 2012, 10:20 AM Reply Like
  • Theodor:


    "For the OEMs there is definitely some pain right now."


    It's not just the OEMs. Enterprise users are also very leery of WIndows 8. A friend is a senior IT manager for the largest employer in this area, one that has thousands of PCs. They're using XP and don't plan to change anytime soon. Just training people to use Windows 8 would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Add in the extra support to answer the inevitable questions and it's just not worth it.
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  • Apple is running the game.
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  • Touché.
    24 Aug 2012, 02:00 AM Reply Like
  • Tablets and touch screen phones are fun toys but they will never usurp laptops.


    26 Aug 2012, 11:47 AM Reply Like
  • Agreed. iOS and Android have keyboard docks and typing applications but full-screen spreadsheet or word processing isn't that practical.


    Perhaps Windows 8 will bridge the gap for tablets through desktop mode and mini-display port access so you can link up a larger screen at home or in the office.
    26 Aug 2012, 07:37 PM Reply Like
  • Theodor:


    "Agreed. iOS and Android have keyboard docks and typing applications but full-screen spreadsheet or word processing isn't that practical."


    What? The iPad and iPad 2 have 1024 x 768 screens. That is the SAME SIZE as my 12" PowerBook G4. The SAME SIZE. I can surely do word processing and work with spreadsheets on that PowerBook.
    26 Aug 2012, 09:33 PM Reply Like
  • Hey GSlusher, I was typing up a response to X-Money when you replied. I clarified what I really mean with screen space in my response below.


    On another note, I used my iPad for taking notes all last year in class and it worked pretty well; however, I could tell I sacrificed a degree of productivity in exchange for simplicity.
    26 Aug 2012, 10:48 PM Reply Like
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