Apple (AAPL) is knocked to 4th from 2nd in China's smartphone market in Q2 after its market...

Apple (AAPL) is knocked to 4th from 2nd in China's smartphone market in Q2 after its market share halves to 10% as consumers wait for the next iPhone or buy a different brand, IDC figures show. Samsung (SSNLF.PK) remains the leader with 16% and Lenovo moves to number two with 11%. Smartphone shipments were 44M out of a total of 87M.
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  • banjoman
    , contributor
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    It really really does amaze me how people try to bring out negative miniscule news about Apple in order to knock down, if not the best, one of the best US companies in the world... In my opinion, this is the BEST company in world generating fantastic revenues quarter after quarter under the current economic climate on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the ONLY technology company ever that posted highest quarterly earning.. yet you get these so called experts, who thinks they know it all, bashing Apple!! Why?!! I am an average Joe and even I can see Apple's fantastic financial position. Do they think this company is going to break overnight IF in the unlikely event that they have a glitch with over $400 BILLION in the bank?!!
    24 Aug 2012, 07:27 AM Reply Like
  • docproc
    , contributor
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    Banjoman you are smarter than many overpaid analysts. They can't explain Apples low valuation so they make stuff up. They use a totally different ruler to measure this company. They have been doing it for at least 2 years now. I even read a piece on here yesterday from some self proclaimed valuation expert that claimed Apples current PE was ok because it was the average over the last 4 years. He even showed a bogus chart and claimed Apple's low PE last year was 8 something.
    Bottom line you better know what you own and better be able to do your own math or these guys will try and baffle you with BS.
    24 Aug 2012, 10:22 AM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Re docproc Comment 32
    I think these so called analysts have an anti Apple agenda.
    It is good that some are making logical arguments against their ridiculous position. The down side is time is waste reading their propaganda.
    25 Aug 2012, 07:55 PM Reply Like
  • dab3z
    , contributor
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    There is absolutely no reason to trust the IDC's numbers anymore after the Apple v. Samsung court documents were released.



    Samsung 2Q12 worldwide tablet sales (IDC estimates): 2.39 million
    Samsung 2Q12 US tablet sales (Samsung documents): 37,000


    Or maybe the IDC actually did a good job and Samsung sold 98.5% of their tablets outside of the US. Probably not.
    24 Aug 2012, 07:58 AM Reply Like
  • jon connery
    , contributor
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    Deny and Ignore at your own PERIL ! Apple is a big SELL !
    24 Aug 2012, 08:16 AM Reply Like
  • Kistyk
    , contributor
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    How many shares are you short?
    24 Aug 2012, 09:31 AM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Re Jon connery comment


    Thanks for your pearls of wisdom Jon, I'll sell every share right now - NOT!!
    25 Aug 2012, 08:00 PM Reply Like
  • hcpmark
    , contributor
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    In my opinion, and after watching this stock closely for many years, there is almost always a concerted effort to drive AAPL stock price down just before an expected positive event. I expect there are institutions out there who may have missed the boat seeking to buy this stock at a lower price before the upcoming announcement. Also, remember that traders in Asia are not subject to the same rules against market manipulation that US and European traders (in theory) are. Attempted market manipulation of this stock in Asia is rife.
    24 Aug 2012, 09:48 AM Reply Like
  • Applocrat
    , contributor
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    Everyone bear in mind, the news from a couple days ago:
    China Telecom added 8.35 million subscribers during its second quarter, something attributed to launching the iPhone 4S in March, Bloomberg reports


    Read more:


    Yes, the old iphone is doing very poorly. And the link above reveals the truth too Lenovo gained the most market share? Lenovo? Please tell me what their smartphone product is? I don't know :+)


    And if Samsung is the Iphone killer why didn't their market share increase that much?


    The numbers lead to one conclusion: people waiting for the iphone! Don't be frightened.
    24 Aug 2012, 10:40 AM Reply Like
  • Applocrat
    , contributor
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    the link in the tech currents blob is what i refer to in "the link above" comment.
    24 Aug 2012, 10:41 AM Reply Like
  • kmi
    , contributor
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    The problem here is that if iPhone5 is anything less than revolutionary, groundbreaking and jaw-droppingly awesome....


    Well, the hype folks are building and the expectations of grandeur are definitely worrisome.


    And unfortunately, there just aren't any new technologies out there that Apple can imbue into its platform to make it as revolutionary and phenomenal as people seem to expect.


    Someone help me out here, what can it possibly be, a better screen? or a bigger one? A faster processor? Better bluetooth? NFC? Anything that isn't already on the competition's devices?


    I'm not seeing it. And on the heels of a rather unimpressive quarter, iphone5 as a driver to $700, $800, and beyond seems like a lot of hope and change....
    24 Aug 2012, 12:14 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Re Kmi comments 3042


    I agree with your comments about hype and expectations.
    This always seems to be the way before a new Apple launch.
    People like to gossip and of course manipulate.
    Apple have got some very exciting patents in the pipe line but I doubt whether we will see them materialise in this coming iPhone - you've got to leave something for later !?
    I have every confidence that it will be pretty damn good and what people really want from a smart phone and the world will want it - that's after the usual crowd have slagged it off for not being revolutionary of course. These types usually have their narrow vested interests: usually greed or envy.
    25 Aug 2012, 08:13 PM Reply Like
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