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Doug Kass sees opportunity in the current climate of fear, as many individual stocks approach...

Doug Kass sees opportunity in the current climate of fear, as many individual stocks approach attractive entry points. "The market, in the aggregate, is currently discounting a double-dip and is pricing in 2011 S&P earnings at about 25% less than consensus."
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  • Tom Au, CFA
    , contributor
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    Yeah, an opportunity to go short.


    Which is Doug's forte.
    30 Jun 2010, 06:01 PM Reply Like
  • 1980XLS
    , contributor
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    I remember some pundits saying the same thing in September of 2008
    30 Jun 2010, 06:05 PM Reply Like
  • stevepoddy
    , contributor
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    The real problem is that nobody trust on 2011 earnings forecast.
    Analyst are paid to be optimistic,always.
    And the double dip is around the corner.
    US saved banks,but has done nothing for creating jobs.
    Where are investments in infrastructures?
    Where are investmenst in new energy alternatives?
    30 Jun 2010, 06:12 PM Reply Like
  • Jackson999
    , contributor
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    "Doug Kass sees opportunity in the current climate of fear, as many individual stocks approach attractive entry points. "
    Wall Street denizens drag out the same old tired homilies on every market dip.
    30 Jun 2010, 06:22 PM Reply Like
  • enigmaman
    , contributor
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    J Maudlin not known as a raging bull has stated for 2010 that the markets would see 9800 again (it just has) then sideways in a tight range (9800-10700) for a few months before heading to mid 12K to end the yr, he has recently upped recession call to 60-40 but that is for 2011 1st 1/2 yr will look to see if he changes any other of his pragmatic views, while D Kass may be primarily a "short" player he called the market bottom in 09, made some bullish calls in 09 &10, so one shouldnt discount his call to bargain hunt, money is money
    30 Jun 2010, 06:23 PM Reply Like
  • vtorch
    , contributor
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    He called the March lows in the S&P the low of a generation. I think he also called the market top in 2007, so he has quite a decent short term track record.
    30 Jun 2010, 06:27 PM Reply Like
  • 1980XLS
    , contributor
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    What people keep forgetting is that fundamental values don't mean anything anymore, at least in the short and medium term.


    When the bulk of the trading is done by machines, it's about money flows, technicals and deleveraging, the latter even more important right now.


    People get caught up in historical pricing. Just because a stock has pulled back 30% does not mean it"s a good deal when others have to sell at any price.


    It could still go down another 30%


    If one wants to bottom fish, or try to catch a falling knife, at least don't by all your shares at once.


    If we have all learned anything from 2008, it should at least be that.
    30 Jun 2010, 06:47 PM Reply Like
  • Duude
    , contributor
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    Breaking 1040 on the s&p isn't good but it isn't uncommon to blow through it for a day or two so long as the high on the s&p over the next couple of days doesn't break below 1040 as well. Key will be Friday's unemployment before the 3 day weekend.
    30 Jun 2010, 06:44 PM Reply Like
  • mike mohr
    , contributor
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    The problem is that no one trust these crooks at Wall Street. They are there to steal your money. For example Goldman recommended POT at $120 and ever since it has been bleeding, same goes for X and many more recommendations like that.
    I cashed my 401K, paid the tax and penalty with the rest paid off my home and the rest is in TBILL. At least my money is safe.
    And no one has forgotten Goldman pumping OIL @150, Merry Micker or Henry Blodget.
    30 Jun 2010, 07:05 PM Reply Like
  • 1980XLS
    , contributor
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    Lloyd, is that that you, slamming with the negative replies?
    30 Jun 2010, 09:48 PM Reply Like
  • ebworthen
    , contributor
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    What if the pricing of the market is accurate?


    Considering the refaltion from the "stimulus" and productivity based on firing career employees, earnings cannot continue indefinitely.


    Your money, put your chips where you wish.
    30 Jun 2010, 11:10 PM Reply Like
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