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The gov't is trying to spin its new drilling ban as more accommodating of the oil industry, but...

The gov't is trying to spin its new drilling ban as more accommodating of the oil industry, but Diamond Offshore (DO) is suspending a Gulf of Mexico contract and other drillers are expected to follow suit, raising concerns the economic fallout from the drilling ban will far exceed the economic damage from the spill.
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  • sladd
    , contributor
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    once again Obama has demonstrated that he does not either understand how an economy works, or how leadership works.


    If you want a commutity organizer that can get state grants for your community, or increase the voter rolls, then Obama is the man, otherwise complete and total failure.


    I am just waiting for him now to tackle immigration through a national amnesty program to reward the law breakers - illegals. Oh, by the way I must be a racist because I believe we should enforce the immigration laws of our country.
    13 Jul 2010, 07:56 AM Reply Like
  • dfbell
    , contributor
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    Two questions:


    1. Have we learned what went wrong and how it should be prevented from happening again?
    2. If we havent learned enough, who do you expect to respond if a second well blows?


    Perhaps of some interest to you, there are no other active deepwater wells being drilled currently. A few have plans to start in 6-12 months.


    And did you know that it is 3x more profitable for the oil companies to drill in the gulf? Seems we charge much less than the rest of the world for royalties. And gulf wells dont need tankers to cart the oil to market. I seriously doubt the oil companies will go elsewhere because we want to examine safety procs and disaster procs for between now and november.


    And can I ask, what technical background do you have on safety procs and disaster response?
    13 Jul 2010, 08:25 AM Reply Like
  • kmi
    , contributor
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    I find it interesting that most of the static generated over the gulf spill is framed in economic terms considering this may be the most significant environmental catastrophe in the US's history. Aren't they saying it's several times the size of the exxon-valdez spill?


    Yet all I ever seem to hear is that we need to continue to prop up the oil industry, the jobs it creates, and the revenues it generates.


    I wonder how much of that is personal politics (money over environment or vice versa), how much is factual (gulf will fix itself but jobs won't seems to be the prevalent opinion), and how much is just Obama-haters prepping for elections as opposed to honest estimations of what is going on.
    13 Jul 2010, 08:05 AM Reply Like
  • enigmaman
    , contributor
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    Its naive for anybody to believe the admin didnt consider the long term negative affects to our oil industry and our economy the moratorium would bring, that being the case ones has to ask " Why, what was there motivation" when you start to put the pieces together you will realize just how insidious this Admin has and continues to be. This is not conspiracy this is reality, for anyone to believe they did not know what so many others knew is nothing less then "Pollyanna"
    13 Jul 2010, 08:07 AM Reply Like
  • sladd
    , contributor
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    accidents happen, planes and cars crash, but do we stop flying? Two space shuttles failed, did we stop flying them? BP certainly did not want this to happen. Obviously, drilling or extracting the oil was not the problem - the well head failed to seal. The spill was extremely unfortunate, but do we stop operating on people because they may die? I suggest a common sense approach, which Obama has not displayed. Are we planning on using less oil in the future?
    13 Jul 2010, 08:15 AM Reply Like
  • dfbell
    , contributor
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    Ummmm yes ... we did stop flying.


    •When that DC10 crashed at O'Hare in 1979, all DC10s were grounded.
    • When the space shuttle blew apart on re-entry, all futures flights were grounded.


    Both were followed by careful reviews and changes in safety procs before they flew again.


    The deepwater moratorium has minimal impact on oil supply now or in the near future.


    Lets take a little time and get it as right as we can.
    13 Jul 2010, 08:57 AM Reply Like
  • youngman442002
    , contributor
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    Obama hates oil and coal....and he is using this "crisis" for his end game....he would love to make oil so expensive that we would have to change to motorcycles and bikes.....he has no idea of the costs of this to the "people" will never affect him or the elites......he just wants the green end what if 50% of the people are unemployed.....we are now a third world country....that is how he thinks...
    13 Jul 2010, 08:43 AM Reply Like
  • dfbell
    , contributor
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    so when are you moving out of the country?
    where are you going to go?
    13 Jul 2010, 08:58 AM Reply Like
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