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Republican House Speaker John Boehner says he’s not sure Congress and President Obama can...

Republican House Speaker John Boehner says he’s not sure Congress and President Obama can reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. “I’m not confident at all,” Boehner quips. It may just be electioneering by the Republicans to keep the heat on the President going into October, but it's risky banter with a resolution already priced into the markets - like we have right now.
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  • Boehner one mission is to "protect the top 1%".
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  • Obama's one mission is protect himself
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  • Yup, by giving away $$$$ to voters.
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  • The problem here is that neither side is willing to compromise. When the poop really hits the fan, and it will, it may be too late to save an already fragile economy. The morons on Capital Hill lack the nads necessary to tell the American people the sad truth, "nothing is free, someone has to pay for the free lunch."
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  • Neither side is working for the american people, it's unfortunate and we can only blame ourselves for re-voting these dumb**** in.
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  • so you want the republicans to compromise and join in the mindless orgy of reckless spending and waste?
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  • you are wrong. republicans have passed numerous bills and have tried to address the deficit. most of the media is too busy drooling over obama playing golf or basketball or making worthless teleprompter bs presentations, to report on what the "other side" is doing
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  • keep drinking that cool aid, while the average american suffers our politicians enjoy some of the best pay and benefits the world has to offer. But hey if i could vote to raise my own pay despite being the most ineffective body in history I'd try to keep my job too.
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  • We want the Republicans to get off their high horse and sit down for negotiations. Why did they walk out on the Simpson-Bowles negotiations for example? They are not serious.
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  • I second this post.
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  • Actually, they passed bills that they knew would never gain any Democratic support, in the very hope that they could then use this as campaign material. Pathetic. This is the same tactic they accuse the Dems of using to pass ACA.
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  • I feel the need to post facts that have been proven to be true in every national election of the last 30 years:


    (1) People always say that hate Congress and then continuously re-elect their own Congressmen and Senators. I live in a congressional district where my congressman has the 8th worst attendance record in the House. You know what? He's been in office almost 40 years. Ridiculous.


    (2) People always say that they want cuts in government spending and then when offered a list of items to cut to balance the national budget, they refuse to cut anything that effects them personally. Except Foreign Aid which is less then 1% of the total national budget.


    (3) People want the two parties to cooperate but continually fall victim to partisan bickering. Dictating a resolution or saying "no" for political gain is NOT cooperation, you know?


    In my mind the only single true thing you can say about politics is that PEOPLE GET THE LEADERSHIP THEY DESERVE. And that is how we got to where we are today.
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  • The mindless orgy or reckless spending and waste started with Reagan, the grandfather of the deficits.
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  • And the start of exporting of American jobs... steel, textile industries for a start. oh, NAFTA?
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  • When the poop hits the fan, elections would have already been over. That is the reason neither party gives a damn as fiscal cliff is right after elections
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  • Don't worry... Uncle Ben will finance EVERYTHING.


    Our 'compromise' again will involve: (1) more spending and (2) less taxes.
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  • ya know the funny thing is that the conservatives have been banging on Boehner for giving in to Obama, and trying to negotiate, yet the conventional wisdom is that no one is willing to compromise.


    The thing about compromise is that both sides have to do it, and face neither one is going to happy about it.... but that's what separates the adults from the children.
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  • so now SA is parroting the talking point of the obama business channel; the media has no problem or questions about obama destroying the economy or cranking up 16 trillion in debt; no questions or inquiry on why there is no budget from the dems or why the weak proposal by obama was not even supported by his own party; no discussion of all the bills passed by the republican congress that are promptly brought to a halt by the dem senate; no problem with 100 mil americans receiving welfare, etc; but if the republican suggests the obvious that so-called progress is not likely the obama drooling media goes into a frenzy of partisanship. there really is nothing more vile and disgusting than the left wing media
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  • you must be so happy to live in such a "democracy" and to have so simple free choice to vote for one of two presidential candidates, that are paid by the same bankster cartel...
    USA is default and I´m getting worried of romney war against Iran:(
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  • Sounds like you are the one drooling with partisanship.
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  • Don't worry. Romney has a snowball's chance in hell of being elected.
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  • Vote them all out.


    That they don't solve this problem -before the election- is completely irresponsible. The very persons with the most responsibility in America are the least responsible.


    In fact, they should all be voted out if they cannot pass a budget prior to the budget year beginning every year. It is pathetic to continue operating on the prior year's budget. The damage this does is underestimated and ignored. It's time to start holding Congress accountable for doing their job.
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  • so you want to vote out the ones that are trying to fix the problem and cut or at least pullback mindless spending? slogans are worthless
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  • What is the "problem" in your view, unstoppable and irresponsble debt creation and spiraling deficits, and the required cuts leading to austerity, or the expiration of tax cuts?


    Just curious.


    Personally I believe virtually everyone in the country will agree that the Bush tax cuts need to be extended in some form or other, so the question there is can Repubs and Dems drop their partisanship and propose something to one another both can agree on, for the good of the country and the people who elected them? Considering the intransigent nature of this Congress and its belligerent attitude towards the President I doubt it.


    As for the spending cuts? I say, who cares.
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  • Agreed. No incumbent In congress gets my vote. Especially house republicans. Those clowns have wasted $ millions voting down Obamacare over and over for nothing except to build a scorecard and campaign talking points. What a waste.
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  • These congressmen are terrible bickering children. George Washington would throw them in the Atlantic ocean.
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  • which congressman?????????? do you know any of them or their positions?
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  • I know all the congressmen - both parties- their positions are self interest, corruption, power and greed.
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  • so you cant discuss ANY of them LOL
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  • How about when a congressman, leader of his party in one of the bodies, states that his number one objective is making the newly elected president from the other party a one-termer?


    Not "do great things for America" or "solve problems". Just "score points on the opposition".


    There you go. (no I don't think Dems are much better, mine is not a partisan comment, just answering your question)
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  • It wasn't a congressman that called the negotiators on the other side "children".
    It wasn't a congressman that turned his back on Simpson-Bowles because they recommended cuts to social programs as well as defense.


    If Mr. Obama is re-elected, there is virtually no chance of compromise.
    If Romney is elected, there is at least a small chance of compromise.
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  • Are we going to have an intellectually honest discussion, or just throw around partisan bumper stickers? BOTH sides ran like scared children away from Simpson-Bowles. Obama tried to compromise early in his term, but the Reps were 100% focused on making sure he failed, so he has stopped trying. You have Reps on record saying they won't make trades like 9x cuts per 1x tax hikes, please explain the "compromising" in that position.


    One thing I will agree on -- if Romney is elected there is a chance of compromise. Because he is currently lying his butt off, saying whatever he thinks will get him elected. But I think, once in office, he is highly intelligent and will try to make the horse trades that result in a "grand bargain", which is the only practical way to make progress on all this.
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  • Mr. Obama offered 3x spending cuts for 1x in revenue cuts, so Obama was totally willing to compromise, and his spending cuts would have been to social programs, too.


    The Republicans were children, and had a tantrum about raising taxes on their precious billionaires, and walked away. They are
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  • Obama offers all kind of things but never delivers....


    We all know that.... ie spend $800B and unemployment won't exceed 8%. "Heal the world" and terrorism is at an all time high. The Afgan war is now more deadly than the Iraq war.... yeah "trust me ?"
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  • LOL, US politicians ever deal with anything of substance that would actually provide sound fiscal policies. Hasn't happened for many decades and not gonna happen this time around either.
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  • OK put yourself in his shoes. If he manned up and told his caucus of TPartitions,"this is exactly what I think we can and should do about the fiscal cliff", how do you think they would respond? "No friggin' way do we compromise" is how. Boehner is in a tight spot and there's no obvious way out. So he's being entirely honest when he says he's not confident. Neither am I.
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  • SA editors are completely fine with obama - he is perfect and does no wrong but the speaker merely suggests progress is difficult and the editors go on a rant about "electioneering" and a "risky gambit"
    SA really is no different than chris matthews and MSNBC; like obama they could care less about 9-11 or radical jidahists tearing up our flag and storming our embassy in egypt


    this is the kind of crap that is ruining our country
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  • Who killed Bin Laden my friend? What a bogus stuff you write. 911 happened under Republican watch.
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  • Seals
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  • The commander in chief who gave the order was Obama. And yes, I thank the Navy Seals who sent that guy to hell. Thank you for a job well done and thank you for sinking his body deep in the ocean!
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  • Seal team 6. Not president Obama, even though he takes credit.


    Who blew their cover, putting them and their families at risk -VP Biden.


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  • Great logic, you continue to blow their cover with that post.
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  • If this was a basketball game, the answer to your question would be important. But it's not a basketball game, is it?
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  • He does not take credit, he very pointedly makes the point that it was the sailors that get the credit, they took the risks. He states that his, while not easy, was indeed the easy part, ordering the mission to go ahead.


    That is not taking credit, that is giving credit where credit is due. Might also be a mark of a good leader too, if you think about it.
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  • "Who blew their cover, putting them and their families at risk"


    idiot that wrote a descriptive book about it, and is now in hiding...
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  • I hope the Republicans continue on their path to self destruction. If they continue like this they might even lose the house. The approval rating is at an all time low. I am not against the Republican party, but definitely against the joke the Tea Party made out of them. You can not bend that much to the right without creating a giant hole in the center. Exactly this hole Clinton is grabbing right now.


    Once the Republican party wakes up and starts working on agreements that invite compromise, they might actually get somewhere.


    I know I will earn a lot of love for this post. ;P
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  • you are cheering your own destruction
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  • “Good Post Truffle”!!


    I never had a job that you could “just say no” and stay employed!


    Why are voters giving these people a free ride? I say fire them and put people in their seat that want to work!
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  • What is sad about this whole mess is that it all could have been resolved long ago. Obama stated during his '08 campaign that we would work cooperatively with both parties to resolve issues. Yet in the first meeting with a congressional leaders on healthcare reform he declared that tort reform was "off the table".


    It is no wonder that the Republicans did not and will not put up with this kind of crap.


    Had he decided to compromise and show some leadership I believe we would have a real healthcare reform that would reduce costs by 30 to 40%, would start to remedy the demand/supply imbalance and would have created full employment by now.
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  • False. The offer of tort reform was included in his first state of the union speech. It was always on the table as an item of negotiation. Problem is, the other side was never a serious partner in these negotiations. The Republicans still did not accept that they lost the election.
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  • Obama never (really) supported Tort reform. Sorry if you thought that......nobody else did.
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  • The Reps had no intention of trying to do anything constructive on healthcare reform, that was patently obvious. All they wanted to do was to ensure that "Obama failed". There were no truly serious proposals. Obama badly wanted some Rep buy-in, but it became obvious there was never going to be any.


    And that really sucks because I would have LOVED to see the Reps pitch in on healthcare reform and contribute some sensible ideas to shape it... we would have come out with a much, much better bill.
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  • What health care negotiations?


    As I recall the only Republican they negotiated with was the senator from Maine.


    And where is tort reform in Obamacare? Are the Republicans the only ones capable of it?


    I don't care whether you support or not support Obamacare, the financial regulations, etc - nor do I care whether you think we should fix the financial disaster by raising taxes or cutting spending. The simple fact is that the President has NOT led. Now we are talking that in 2013 maybe, maybe we can start to fix the fiscal problem...... How many years down the drain? How many more trillions must our children and grandchilren pay?


    Obama is the President. If the negotiations fell apart - HE should have gotten them back on track. If the Republicans changed their offer (I don't know who did what), then HE should have publicly shamed them. If Obama changed his offer - then he should have publicly explained his position and then get back to negotiating.


    Why do we need an election to enable Congress to add and subtract and reach zero????


    We see article after article about food stamps, people dropping out of the workforce, lower middle class earnings, and its all just part of the slow steady decline in living standards we will experience as long as our fiscal policies are self-destructive.


    I'm a fairly conservative person. I support common sense regulations that protect our water, air, ground, medicine, food. I believe government should do what its not reasonable to expect the individual to do..... and I nearly threw up listening to that woman speak at the democratic convention speaking as if our country would be in the stone age should women be expected to pay for their own contraception??? Really? I should buy my neighbors condoms?


    Is that really the pressing issue facing our country?


    Or is it just a way to distract people from the total lack of leadership in this administration?


    I'd throw bums like McConnell and Reid out just as quickly as I'd throw out Obama - all these lifetime politicians - enriching themselves and their families - while doing things like voting "present" - are a disgrace.


    Leadership would have been Obama forcing Reid to pass a budget in the Senate and then forcing both Senate Democrats and House Republicans to go through the reconciliation process with the President right at the table. Get it done.


    Instead he voted "present". Time to allow him to go back to his law school classroom and he can take rollcall.
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  • Hi david, you won't get any argument from me that Obama was a poor leader during the healthcare debates. My own view, as a centrist, is that they all pretty much suck. I vote for 3rd parties, or if one isn't available, for whomever is not the incumbent.


    I'm just calling bullshit on the posters who say it's ALL the Dem's fault.


    They ALL suck.
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  • I pity Boehner. Working with too many radicals in his party that are looking for political advantage instead of looking for the US.


    Obama too is weak.


    What a mess this is turning out.
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  • A leader has to deal with that. Obviously Boehner is not a leader. Boehner is weak.


    Obama isn't that weak - he got his health reform through. Not even Clinton got that done in the first term.
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  • Pig: He got a bill passed that will create even more problems than what we had before. Most of the Congress, had not even read the bill. Obama and his bunch of thug followers have truly screwed up.
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  • So Boehner is responsible for health care ? Boehner is the leader of 1/3 of the government (not including the Judaical branch). Exactly what are you thinking he should do here ?


    Boehner has been the most uncorruptable in congress as far as I can remember.


    Obama needs to show some leadership here.... but that won't happen - it didn't happen last time and we got this fiscal cliff to try to force him..... but he don't care.
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  • "They" have you all just where they want you, so preoccupied and divided and unable to accomplish anything of substance. Republican or Democrat, the only answer is to cut expenses (no auto/bank/GSE bail-outs), reduce govt, balance budget, change SS and medi-care, nationalize energy, and raise taxes on every person and corporation. Its the only way....
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  • Boehner will cave... just like he did last time.


    Dems will get their entitlement spending.


    Repubs will get tax cuts for the rich and defense spending.


    Just move along....
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  • Wouldn't have to worry about entitlements and tax cuts for the rich if we supported, and grew the middle class. Instead of the middle class the country has been catering to the two ends of the spectrum.


    And the parties have accommodated this.
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  • Wow! We have 50+ more days of this extreme bickering. I'm not sure if we have paid bloggers on this site or what. The American people will watch the debates and will chose who will lead this country. If it is not "your chosen" one I hope you don't live in extreme bitterness for 4 more years because the country as a whole will not put up with your selfishness. You can live you life in happiness but you must be willing.
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  • I'd say the country is simply run by groups exhibiting their own "selfishness" regardless of political affiliation.


    Government is far too big and there are far too many pigs at the trough.


    Last year between all taxes and fees (state, federal, local) I believe I paid somewhere around 34 or 35% of my income to the government. Exactly how much more should I pay? Exactly how much more should be handed out to those living less responsibly? Because I have no debts and won't structure my life to "take advantage"of things like mortgage deductions or tax free munis I should work four days a week for my family and two days a week for the "governement"? While those receiving the benefits play their Xbox and buy beer and junk food and demand I provide contraception for their sex? And while I'm working just about every day the "public servants" work their 9-5, or flextime, or just whenever the spirit moves them? And the teachers in Chicago go on strike when they "earn" $74K in salary and over 100K including benefits.... and the results they produce include 15% of 4th graders being proficient in reading - and 50% of total students ever - EVER - graduating from HIGH SCHOOL????


    And I should just be happy and keep on paying? While watching my children's and grandchildren's future steadily erode day by day, Week by week?


    No thanks - if you want to call folks like me bitter thats fine. But you need to realize that eventually I'm just going to stop working - see I actually own businesses. I live a pretty good life whether or not those businesses grow - or whether I start or invest in new businesses. Eventually I'm just going to say the heck with it.... and if you think some bureaucrat is going to pick up the slack from me then your living in la la land. And I'll be sitting by my pool drinking my lemonade and you'll be wondering why there are fewer tax dollars coming in for your free stuff!
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  • David...


    Appreciate your position and in reading your comments it seems that I am much like you (although I am not certain on your specifics as I do not know). I too am working for my children and grandchildren as I know, at this time, they have not had the opportunity that I had. The point I wanted to make and perhaps didn't sufficiently is I once, when I was younger, was very politically stringent and I lost friends and alienated family. I now want to be remembered as a provider that provided for my family and not one that was always grumbling about something I could not control other than my single vote. I sincerely hope the best for you as you appear to be a hard working family man.
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  • My concern is that irregardless of how hard I work... that we are heading in a direction where my children and their children not only will have reduced opportunities (unless they work in government), but the government will actively restrict my ability to help them.


    After Obama enacts his taxes on the 1% earners, then will come the tax on the top 1% wealth. I'm not in that 1% currently - but I'm probably in the 3 or 5%. And since a 2 or 3% wealth tax on the top 1% won't be able to fund a socialist nirvana, then it will become the top 5%, top 10% and the tax rate will keep growing until its enough to take what I've earned throughout my life within a decade. At the same time, of course, the bureaucrats will become the new upper middle class.


    It reminds me of the old USSR. Those in the party had the best jobs - almost all in government - they lived the best lives. They had the best flats, had access to things like appliances that the general population didn't have access to - they got to the front of the line for cars (even though they were pretty poor Ladas), etc, etc.


    We are heading in that direction. Use Chicago teachers. They earn 74K average salary plus their health care and pension benefits. I've read this brings total compensation to over 100K. That is the AVERAGE. The population they serve have an average HOUSEHOLD income of 47K. They are being paid twice the average of the people they SERVE. Now, for the best teachers - I have no issue with that - but we are talking about the AVERAGE teacher - teachers that basically can't be fired irregardless of what they do.


    And what results have these teachers produced? 15% of fourth graders last year tested as proficient or above in reading - same results in math. 15%???????????????? Are you kidding me! I think we'd have 15% if there were NO public schools!!!!!!


    And 50% of the students EVER (not in 12 years, EVER) graduate high school. If I failed 1 out of 2 of my customers every single business I own would be out of business within a year.


    And they are getting 16% raises???? And they don't want to be evaluated????


    Is that what you think about when you think about what made America great? I don't. And I think I owe it to my children and grandchildren to do whatever I can to ensure that somehow this gets changed. And if some people say I'm just yelling into the wind that is ok - because perhaps there are others that will stop and say - hey that actually makes some sense.


    I watched parts of both conventions. I almost threw up listening to the woman that was basically saying the USA would be back in the stone age if the government wouldn't provide free contraception!! Now I give fairly freely to local charities. I've organized booksales for the local food pantry. I give free use of parking lots and water,etc for just about any worthy cause doing car washes, sales, banners, flyers, etc, etc. Are we saying that local groups can't provide free condoms to a woman that somehow can't afford to purchase them??? And really, should that woman be running around having sex and potentially getting pregnant? How far have we sunk as a society when we are basically saying that no one should be responsible for providing virtually any part of their lives???


    Free health care, Free college loans (its coming), free disability if you can't find a job, free retirement, free food stamps, free rent controls, free unemployment, free mortgages, free, free, free, free, free - our society believes they are entitled to everything. And don't worry, we'll just tax the top 1% and its all paid for... and hey you deserve it!


    IMO its total nonsense.
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  • Well the GOP just lost my undecided vote. I admire the party but I want leaders who will convince me that they can get a deal done.
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  • So, is anyone going to make a economic or finance driven comment or has this just become another version of the WSJ commentary that forced me to cancel my subscription?


    Looks like I have to find yet another source for true business discussions devoid of partisan politics. Seriously, any of you that think any of these guys is in your corner have not lived long enough to know that they are all in it for themselves. A bunch of liars that spend more time raising money for reelection than negotiating our future.


    I am not confident that they will resolve the cliff and if they don't it will cost us all dearly. Boehner is at the mercy of Cantor and Obama is locked into place. The markets will tank when it happens, the dollar will devalue, but we will stave off another credit downgrade. Very ugly all around.
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  • Unfortunately, SA "commentary" does suck. A lot of rightwing nuts exchanging bumper sticker slogans with a few leftwing nuts. Little in the way of useful discussion.
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  • Unfortunately our government runs far too much of this country and they are actively picking winners and losers..... so I don't see how you can write about economic or financial things without getting into the whole political and fiscal mess our country is in. Just IMO of course
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  • Because this is a business forum and we want to know what the effect will be on investing not what anyone's personal thoughts are on politics. Really, they are separate things. Calling commenters names is juvenile and provides zero insight.


    Muddying the water is what nut jobs do to Tricky's point.


    Here is an example.......if we go off the fiscal cliff and suffer a downgrade, does this debase our currency further, risk our ability to borrow money around the world, and will it sink equities in total or just some selected issues that have greater exposure to the risk?


    Nothing personal, nothing directly political, yet the questions are valid and immediately related to the press release. I pick my own winners and losers not the government. Make sense?
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  • President Obama could have achieved more, if the GOP had not obstructed everything.


    The best course of political action is to stop the obstruction.
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  • Achieved more of what, higher deficits, more lies, more regulations, more stimulus, killing job creation? Do you even know what you are talking about?
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  • What does this even mean: "I am not sure we can reach a deal", when so much is at stake? How about: " we are not going to let our partisan emotions cause this country to slip into a new recession"? How about: "we know we are useless bums and we won't do a thing to help this country recover from the greatest recession in 80 years but at least we are not going to stand in the way of the American people as they try to rebuild the country and their lives"?
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  • "Get to work, Mr. Chairman".


    -- Chuckles the Clown
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  • The only reason we have this fiscal cliff thing at all is because Boehner's t-frosh in the House took the U.S credit hostage under the pretense that the only thing that mattered was to hack away at the deficit. Well guess what..what you get from doing that is the fiscal cliff. Boehner and his house party have only themselves to thank for this one.
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  • All this political bickering leaves me chuckling.


    It is obvious that none of you has ever been close to politics, and politicians.


    These guys have an EXTRAORDINARY need for self aggrandizement. It is not measurable to any of us mere mortals. Nothing they think, say, nor especially do, has anything to do with anything other than feathering their own sense of importance.


    Democrats, Republicans, or any other party.....they only exist for one reason: to, in simple terms, but it goes a WHOLE lot deeper, feather their own nests. It is not something which is comprehensible to anyone who is not involved in politics. These guys would literally stab their best friend in the back....even their own mother...if they thought it was going to bring them a few seconds of 'aren't i important'. Their ego's know nothing else.


    And by the way. You and me? We ONLY exist to pay for it all.


    You can dismiss all this other rubbish about social programs, or the country going to hell if one or the other of these clowns is elected. They are ALL very dangerous to our nations health.
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  • "If the decent are not willing to rule, they are punished by being ruled by worse men."


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  • Here is an example of typical Democratic politics, while at a town hall meeting yesterday, Gov. Christie reminded us that he has put forth an ethics bill 736 days ago that would eliminate dual jobs for government employees and also take away sick pay to retiring workers. Do you thinks the Dems even looked at the bill? What a joke liberals are. If you hate America so badly, GTFO! You are ruining the greatest nation in the world. You are the party of no self responsibility and just cry and bitch, grow up.
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  • Amazing how many of us are so convinced we are the only ones who care about our country.
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  • There is a certain element of truth to your statement.


    I think the reason for such strong opinions is that many who truly love their country see growing numbers of people that are willing to place their own personal interests ahead of what is good for the country.


    Often during these financial debates, folks will post something along the lines of "ok davidbdc... you give up your social security", and my reply is that I'm perfectly fine with that as long as the money goes towards paying down the debt on my children and grandchildren as opposed to simply spending it on more handouts.


    And I do believe that we have passed the tipping point - where government is so big that a majority is concerned only with "getting theirs" out of government as opposed to whats best for the country.


    The Chicago teacher's strike makes me sick. 15% of 4th graders are proficient in reading within the school system there..... And the teachers object to performance measurements? I'd fire them all and start over - how much worse could it get? there is only 15% left to go down - 85% to go up!


    Public service does not exist within government anymore - pay and benefits is why people are there. MBA programs teach how to build empires within government agencies and non-profit groups. Government jobs aren't seen as an opportunity to serve - they are seen as the ticket to the gravy train.


    So I don't think I'm the only one that cares about the country, but I do think that I'm in a minority that cares about the country first - and is more than willing to "give up" elements of government that benefits me personally.
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