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The iPhone 5 (AAPL -0.1%) is announced. It's 7.6mm thick and weighs just 112 grams - that makes...

The iPhone 5 (AAPL -0.1%) is announced. It's 7.6mm thick and weighs just 112 grams - that makes it 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. As expected, it has a 4" retina display (still much smaller than many Android phones), A6 processor (said to be 2x faster than the A5), and 4G LTE support. Apple also boasts the new display delivers better image quality thanks to its use of in-cell touch panels. (live blog) (more)
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  • The 4" screen is going to turn out to be a much larger impediment than they anticipate.
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  • Tack,


    Interesting that all of the AAPL fans who always said the screen size was perfect as it is are notably silent.


    Where are the "if you want a larger screen buy an IPAD Mini crowd"?


    However, the bigger screen size is an important improvement and they acknowledge that consumers really like the extra real estate.


    Personally I would be annoyed that the connectors aren't backward compatible, just means that anyone keeping their old devices will have twice as many cords now but it is probably a highly profitable part of their business.


    Does the "cool" factor begin to diminish when everyone has one?
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  • Galt:


    I have had a Galaxy Nexus (4.65" screen) for many months, and it's tremendous. But, what's not been as well appreciated, as yet, even though the Galaxy Note (5.3") has sold more than 10 million units, is what a huge amount of screen real estate that diagonal dimension change provides and how it changes the whole ballgame. The mid-5" models still fit in most male pockets and ladies' purses, offer much greater visibility, and they offer tablet-like capability.


    This is huge because it's wonderfully convenient to be able to have a single, genuinely portable device, which can eliminate the need to carry a phone and a tablet, separately. Not to mention, it is vastly more affordable than having to purcahse two devices.


    Samsung seems to understand this, and their Galaxy Note II (5.5"), just about to hit the shelves (all carriers) in October, is likely to be an even larger runaway success.
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  • Tack,


    My wife has the S3 and man that phone is a beaut. I have been drooling over it :)


    I am intrigued by the Note II and I am holding off on my upgrade until I see it. I might take the leap and use it as my unified device.


    Still amazed that AAPL fans have patiently waited for 4G for so long.
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  • I replaced my iPhone with Galaxy Note several months ago and since then I almost stopped using my iPad. I can easily read powerpoint presentations on my Note.
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  • I am admittedly a Blackberry Bold 9900 user and would not switch to iPhone regardless, but one of the features I actually *liked* about the iPhone was its footprint.


    The iPhone 4/4s fit my hand perfectly, it was easy to navigate using one hand and even some basic message replies were easy with one hand.


    I can see some use for larger screens, but at some point large becomes to useful for daily needs (mass email, text or voice) from a business perspective. Also, when you have to drop what you are doing to use your other hand to respond to texts or company emails the phone has lost its usefulness.


    Blackberry = business tool
    iPhone and Android = toys*


    *iPhone 5 even moreso now that it has abandoned the smaller screen.
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  • The sim cards also aren't compatible.


    iPhone 5 has a "nano sim" card.
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  • So how easy is it to one-hand your device? I have large hands but I find that when I am on the go it is much easier to whip our your phone and navigate, check news, email, respond to texts, etc. on a smaller phone (4" or less) and the larger phones don't help in this arena.


    With that being said I have really enjoyed tinkering with the Galaxy Note phone, but it just seems to big to be of use to me in my daily routine.
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  • iPhone 5 Adaptor: $29 plus $39 = $69 extra.
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  • I would assume there will be cheap knockoffs coming out soon that you can buy off ebay for like $5.
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  • You wont be able to get analog video/audio through car and speaker docks even with the adapter.



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  • according to this article analog will be supported , it wont matter to me lols, i am getting a 920
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  • Not Video or Ipod out. Should have been more specific:


    "However, the adapters don’t support video-out or iPod mode, the latter a special mode that lets particular accessories, such as car stereos and some whole-home-audio systems, display your iPod’s menus on the accessory’s own screen. More cryptically, the online Apple Store’s product pages note that “some 30-pin accessories are not supported.”
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  • "Astute readers may have noticed that the Lightning connector does not support analog audio-out, but the 30-pin adapters do."
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  • Now that would be a major bummer.
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  • "We created the ultimate racing experience on iOS, today I'm going to show you the next level. Real Racing 3."


    "For the first time, rear view mirrors!"


    Are these guys running out of ideas, already?


    Real Racing 3? Rear View Mirrors? Who cares?
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  • Nothing about the iPhone 5 makes me want to trade in my 4S. A few nice marginal improvements but nothing more.


    Is AAPL out of innovations?
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  • At least we can expect a price decrease on the 4S in the near future . . .I see that the Apple Store has the iPhone 4 for free!
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  • Yup. Steve Jobs is dead. All that's left are suits.
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  • Yaaaaaaaaaawn............ is innovation?


    Hey Tim Cook, this phone is already out - it's called the HTC One X!
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  • Yes, I think we have just witnessed the peak for Apple innovation. And a new iPod---really? Looks like the Jobs pipeline is nearly empty. Even the iOS is looking tired. Sure, Apple will sell 100's of millions of the new iPhone to a captive audience that has already paid into their ecosystem and is looking to upgrade. That will be good for investors over the next few quarters, but what then...
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  • AAPL stock pretty much shows how much of a non-event this. Yawn. S3 kills it.
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  • Actually, every time Apple presented a new product, the stock fell a bit... and then moved higher, in the following days/weeks. Will we see the reverse, this time?


    AAPL is moving up... but this IPhone doesn't look as innovating as previous products. Could this be a pump & dump?


    NOK Lumias seem to be a lot more interesting than this thing, that's for sure.
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  • Spoke to soon. I am sure you are aware of closing price and after market price.


    Long aapl
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  • "Spoke to soon. I am sure you are aware of closing price and after market price."


    It confirmed what I was saying, so far. Unlike previous Apple presentations... this time AAPL went up. Unusual...
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  • Presentation isn't even done yet and already you're panning the thing? Seriously... you should be buying at 658, not panning it!
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  • What's there to be excited about?
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  • The fact that even last year when the "disappointment" with only an "evolutionary" product was all over the critic and blogosphere, they still sold a record number of millions of them. Same (and more) happens here. This is a trading and investment forum, not a tech or spec critic forum. Will it sell millions and make money for us on the stock when numbers come in? I think yes.
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  • Lumia and S3 beat across the board..
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  • Then you should be short Apple and buy Nokia. Please tell us at what price you plan to put on that spread and come back 6 month later to tell us how you are doing with that position.


    As Internal Sources says, this is not a tech blog where fandroid comes and brag about the spec. of their devices. Tell us how the stock will perform because of the supposed deficiency.
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  • Long NOK.
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  • Yeah, that NOK investment is working out good. Wrong thread, though.
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  • "As Internal Sources says, this is not a tech blog where fandroid comes and brag about the spec. of their devices."


    SA is a discussion forum open to anyone. Since the iphone 5 presentation today was about introducing the new features and technological advances, we compare it against other smart phone features.


    I do not see whats wrong with that.
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  • Internal Source - the specs of a product can give an investor insight into a companies strategy and capability. APPL must be respected for its ability to generate cash, but it will be hard for APPL to grow its market presence AND maintain it especially as its competitors offer a different experience.
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  • True. But while you were spending time writing that a day ago, I was busy making $30 per share on my AAPL position. I guess the competition is really affecting the way the street views AAPL's prospects isn't it.


    I just used a Samsung phone of my friend's in a restaurant we were dining in. Seriously, if that's the great "user experience" - light plasticky toy-like feeling dull yellowish screen tint with poor resolution - then I feel a lot better.


    Hyundai versus BMW, really.
    14 Sep 2012, 03:45 PM Reply Like
  • Yeah. Hyundai is the better bang for the buck. BMW breaks down more often and lets you show off to your friends
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  • The iPhone 5 could cure cancer and it still wouldn't "impress" anyone. Sheesh.
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  • Lumnia is better in every aspect.
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  • "Lumnia is better in every aspect."


    Except its pesky name. It seems very hard for people to get right. I read a title and first line of an article that called it the Lumina before using its correct name (Lumia) for the rest of the piece. To see so many people get the name wrong suggests to me it is a bad name. Looks like a heck of a phone, but lots of casual consumers still think it is called "Lumina" (or in this case Lumnia).
    13 Sep 2012, 03:07 AM Reply Like
  • Nokia uses deceptive advertising, the Mainstream Media attacks Nokia like sharks. When Apple did the same, nobody cared.


    Is Apple lobbying the press against Nokia?
    Could it be that Apple... is... scared!?


    Why the duality of criteria?

    12 Sep 2012, 02:04 PM Reply Like
  • There is only so much you can do with a phone. Little here and there, people have been buying Apple products for good and not so good reasons. But the main thrust is over. If you have a iphone 4S and it works great, unless you are a big spender you have no reason to upgrade just for a bigger screen. Because that's all I see worth upgrading. Whereas if you own a Nokia Lumia 900, like I do and the new Nokia Lumia 920 comes out with bigger screen, much better camera, wireless charging, NFC and better video. And the final argument is Apps. 100K + is enough for me.
    12 Sep 2012, 02:12 PM Reply Like
  • Apple doesn't even provide NFC yet. . .
    12 Sep 2012, 05:44 PM Reply Like
  • No NFC as you say, but it's worse, much worse.


    Dated (no) design.
    Mediocre camera.
    No offline maps/navigation. No location platform; only Google and Nokia understand how important this is and Nokia do it much better on the phone.
    No wireless charging.
    And they changed the accessory port. Doh.


    Every Apple fan boy will die a little inside when they have to upgrade knowing they're buying a second rate corporate knockoff. It's the end of the iPhone story.


    (Long Nokia. In case you hadn't noticed.)
    12 Sep 2012, 06:24 PM Reply Like
    Shriek! Squeal!
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  • The new apple "meme" I am afraid. Be sure to see it invoked millions of time by haters, and android fanbois alike as sure as it will haunt Cook's dreams for the next few quarters.
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  • a non-event... Is this going to move our GDP by 0.33%? Unlikely. If it happened, it would be a terrible waste of people's capital that could be put to better productive uses...
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  • New Lumia runs W8, which has reportedly been delayed (not a surprise given MSFT's track record). iOS 6 available in a week. Android JB out and thriving.
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  • Apple defenders where art thou? I am seriously troubled to not see some of the posts here being torn apart by the AAPL army. Stock price thus far is a non event.
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  • Do you seriously think someone can defend Apple after this what happened today ?
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  • What's their to defend? It's the most valuable company in history and the next quarter will likely be the most profitable in history on top of it. Here's my defense: AAPL last Black Friday: $363. AAPL as I write this: $665.


    The defense rests....
    12 Sep 2012, 05:03 PM Reply Like
  • I'm here and lmao as u were in such a rush to insult u couldn't wait. Patience, patience....... Best way to make money.
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  • "Windows Phone 8 was expected to launch in early October. This would have put it ahead of the launch of Windows 8 and would have given Microsoft enough breathing room to effectively market both. That launch date is now gone and replaced with a tentative October 29 launch, only three days after the launch of Windows 8.


    The main culprit behind the delay is testing on the part of handset manufacturers and carriers. The Verge says that HTC seems to be the manufacturer having the most trouble with Windows 8, but carrier testing may push the launch back even further as they wait for HTC to get it together." -
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  • Also disappointed that the latest iPhone cannot produce potable water. What a letdown!
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  • If it would just allow for expandable storage and a removable battery, that would be enough LOL Apple is still working on that, I guess.
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  • Microsoft to Patch Windows 8 Flash Bug Before OS Released:
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  • Nokia Corporation (NOK) Launches Free Music App for Lumia 900:


    Jeez... this starts to feel like a game of Chess.
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  • wait till its in your hand fellow critics.
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  • As much as we (investors) complain and realize that it's nothing special, they will absolutely sell a whole crap load of them and make more money than God. Look around everyone.. people put off big purchases, or put themselves in debt to buy these damn things. This time is no different... long AAPL.
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  • I've been using iPhone for 5 years now & i'm not going to buy the new iPhone 5 is an iPhone 4 with a bigger screen and a bit faster, no big changes.
    If you look at the lumnia 920, it has features iPhone hasnt.
    Next phone will be lumnia 920.
    12 Sep 2012, 04:51 PM Reply Like
  • People are completely missing the point w/ the iPhone 5 or any new Apple product. The game is already over and Apple has won. They've locked customers into their eco-system (their churn rate is extremely low) for the long run. Any current iPhone user (w/ a few exceptions) looking to upgrade is going to be buying the 5.


    Apple did about what I expected to do. They provided a lighter phone w/ a larger screen, longer battery, faster processor, etc etc. How much more can you do w/ a phone? It's not going to cook dinner for you or do your laundry. The key is the eco-system at this point. All Apple has to do now is keep reasonably close to the competition from a hardware perspective and their customers are going nowhere. Apple has an incredible moat and the vast majority of its customers are going nowhere else.
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  • I've never understood the issue about lighter phones anyway!


    Can anyone provide a real-world example where their phone was just too heavy to be of any real day-to-day use?
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  • "They've locked customers into their eco-system (their churn rate is extremely low) for the long run. Any current iPhone user (w/ a few exceptions) looking to upgrade is going to be buying the 5. "
    Maybe you are right for now, but there will be a time when customers don't want to be locked anymore...
    I think there is a great amount of people who bought the iphone only because it was 'cool'. What happens when everybody has one? Is it still cool? I doubt it.


    "All Apple has to do now is keep reasonably close to the competition from a hardware perspective and their customers are going nowhere. "
    The customers will get bored soon...
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  • The iPod Touch line is out of touch in terms of features vs. price and what is available elsewhere. At $299 for the 32GB 4" device it implies that any iPad mini will be priced well above that and may not be (as) competitive with similar devices that will have already been on the market. I am a long-time OSX.x user, but have been driven to using Android mobile devices given this mispricing and slow availability of cutting edge devices. Many others have come to the same conclusion.


    The iPhone5 is loaded, but it will get plenty of competition from Android phones.
    12 Sep 2012, 05:02 PM Reply Like
  • Every patent troll in America is now waiting for the phones to come out to sue Apple. Just imagine the effect of getting a pretrial injunction against Apple.


    Apple just painted the biggest target on itself by getting that $1 billion jury award. Apple has just two horses in its stable. The latest iPad and the latest iPhone. And a boatload of money in the bank.


    I bet the patent trolls will be in line to lay their hands on the phone and prepare exhibits for the filings...can't happen to a more deserving company.
    12 Sep 2012, 05:31 PM Reply Like
  • Apple has definitely set a target for itself with the Samsung win. Watch for Samsung to fire the LTE shot and then for AAPL to gripe on the "standards essential" part.
    12 Sep 2012, 05:44 PM Reply Like
  • Make no mistake folks this stock is going to $700 within the next 4 weeks.
    12 Sep 2012, 05:47 PM Reply Like
  • I felt like this clip on Youtube when seeing iPhone 5:



    The innovation is DEAD! It is like RIM 2008.
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  • could all you negative people go back underground? While you are there, write all of your success stories for the last year, are there any?
    12 Sep 2012, 06:11 PM Reply Like
  • Smartphones are a tool, a level, compass, gps, flashlight, tv remote a book holder, magazine rack, a look busy tool.. . Don't call it just a phone... That is insulting. The fastest growing entertainment tool in the world is not just a phone...
    12 Sep 2012, 08:08 PM Reply Like
  • I like to point out that legacy apps will run just as good as the new iphone 5 wide screen apps. It will run inside a letterbox though aka black borders.
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  • shortcut to innovation = better display with better battery life. that is not APPL now.
    12 Sep 2012, 08:59 PM Reply Like
  • Even Asus is innovating more than Apple nowadays! :-P
    12 Sep 2012, 09:13 PM Reply Like
  • What did you all expect? It is, after all, the 6th Iphone that came out. AAPL needs to really have something new soon like a TV with everything integrated. The release today really bored me but I did not expect anything else.


    AAPL will, however, still be one of the most successful companies. I will be holding my stock but probably not buy more for now. It is like 17% of my holdings - and that is enough.


    I am looking for inovative companies in Biotech mostly.
    12 Sep 2012, 10:19 PM Reply Like
  • PEG and P/E are ridiculously low... obvious a buy in point
    PEG=.2 and PE= 16
    12 Sep 2012, 11:49 PM Reply Like
  • LOL bunch of Apple haters here


    Y'all forgot Samsung stole Apple's phone technology and now owes Apple over 1 BILLION dollars?


    The stock shot up at the end of the session- that's all that matters. This iteration will continue to SMASH previous records. Give it a few months and compare YOUR NOK stock price to APPL
    13 Sep 2012, 12:06 AM Reply Like
  • you forget that they are appealing the judgement, especially after the jury rushed through the whole process in 3 days and screwed up some of the judgement calculations to the point where the judge had to call them out on it and fix it
    13 Sep 2012, 08:04 AM Reply Like
  • they lost
    15 Sep 2012, 04:48 PM Reply Like
  • lols, let us have our fun ATG. And yes Apple will be the big winner ( stock wise ). That is a given.
    13 Sep 2012, 12:18 AM Reply Like
  • are you ironic?
    Is there a reason someone should upgrade to iphone 5, because I fail to find one. I think the consumers are getting bored...
    13 Sep 2012, 03:50 AM Reply Like
  • "Is there a reason someone should upgrade to iphone 5, because I fail to find one. I think the consumers are getting bored..."


    Yes, there is. They are smaller & lighter!
    And let's not forget: IOS6 has an extra row of icons and Real Racing 3 features Rear View Mirrors for the first time! Whooooaaaa!
    13 Sep 2012, 04:36 AM Reply Like
  • I also want to add some thoughts about this event.


    Apple will have a brilliant quater, in the last days of september new iphone sales will help it...
    But the next one? I'm not so shure about it... A lot of talks regarding new Lumia phone. Nokia did a great job (personally I think it will be the best phone money can buy) now it's all about MSFT. IF it will be able to make a decent Win8 ecosystem and not screw things up (which apperantly it's "trying" to do :/ ) then we will have a new player that can eat a big part of iOS and Android "pie".


    I'm long MSFT.
    13 Sep 2012, 05:41 AM Reply Like
  • "we will have a new player that can eat a big part of iOS and Android "pie"."


    And don't forget RIM.
    NOK appears to be targeting RIM's previous market. :-)
    Oh... and if you get a Lumia, you can discard your old GPS device once and for all! (Bad for Garmin, TomTom, NDrive...)
    13 Sep 2012, 06:01 AM Reply Like
  • A question for iPhone owners: How much do you care that $AAPL changed the connector on the new iPhone? Would it put you off buying it?
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  • AAPL owners don't care. They will buy whatever is necessary to maintain their IProducts. That's why AAPL is a great stock to own.
    13 Sep 2012, 08:05 AM Reply Like
  • Put me off from buying it? No. Does it make me happy? Definitely not since I have a lot of the old connectors, and now, I have to start from scratch.
    13 Sep 2012, 10:31 AM Reply Like
  • It would bother me if Apple had a history of changing the the connectors constantly. Instead, my current iPhone charger also works with all three versions of iPad I own (one through work). So I never need to look around for a charger.


    My suspicion is that this connector will be used going forward, at least for a while, so it does not bother me that they made the change. Things can't continue to get smaller and lighter if everything stays the same.
    13 Sep 2012, 11:20 AM Reply Like
  • Brainwashed people like iPhone:

    13 Sep 2012, 10:12 AM Reply Like
  • IPhone 5 is so revolutionary it won't even work in the majority of European carriers:


    What reason can you possibly present to make me choose an IPhone 5, knowing it won't work in Portugal?


    Nokia Lumia 920 vs IPhone 5... Game. Set. Match.
    14 Sep 2012, 04:04 AM Reply Like
  • "Nokia Lumia 920 vs IPhone 5... Game. Set. Match."


    Don't give up on the Lumia 920 already. It's release date and pricing haven't been announced yet.
    14 Sep 2012, 10:29 AM Reply Like
  • Nice twist, Dialectical Materiatwist! But I'm already used to be misunderstood. :-)
    14 Sep 2012, 10:37 AM Reply Like
  • For the record I am long NOK and way long AAPL. I think the Lumia 920 looks like a great phone and it should sell well. The market is maturing and (as with automobiles) there will likely be many great products to choose from in the coming years.
    14 Sep 2012, 11:08 AM Reply Like
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