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Sharp has finally started shipping LCD screens for the iPhone 5 following weeks of delays, the...

Sharp has finally started shipping LCD screens for the iPhone 5 following weeks of delays, the WSJ reports. The deliveries should help ease fears about whether Apple (AAPL) will be able to meet demand for the device, which the company introduced yesterday and for which pre-orders will begin tomorrow. Sharp is one of three screen suppliers for the iPhone 5.
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  • yes
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  • Hopefully they got their act together, or maybe Apple is willing to take a substandard supplier after their recent spat with Samsung.
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  • Chop, now you want to attack Sharp and call them "substandard". The only thing "substandard" is the way Samsung does business. Sammy has bigger problems, my guess is that Apple is going to move completely away from Samsung within 2 years. My guess is that Intel will make the next chip for Apple (A7). Apple will buy the A6 from Sammy as long as it is incorporated into its products which will be a long time, but the next wave of design should go elsewhere.


    Chop, it would also do you good to know that Sammy's displays are being replaced by new technology. Sammy made this bed, I hope they have nightmares.
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  • Wonderfully written. If you don't already write for a living, perhaps you should.
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  • Um you ignore Samsung's contributions to Apple's tech



    What complicates those efforts is that Samsung has contributed technology to Appleā€™s chip designs, according to Jim McGregor, founder of Arizona-based Tirias Research. Shifting to another manufacturer would make Apple vulnerable to more litigation or force it to pay license fees, he said.
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  • And Sharp and LG's difficulty earlier this year

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  • The untold part of the story- a small Chinese electronics manufacturer called nam tai, symbol nte, makes the screens for sharp. They just finished a new plant to make the screens. It went on line in aug. The stock has been on a near parabolic rise the last month.
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  • yes to infinity and beyond.....
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  • Sharp has been shipping for at least the last 2 months, 10 million units don't appear in one week! Manufacturing started several weeks ago.
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