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Some of the iPhone 5's (AAPL) finer details are getting criticized. Among the issues: 1) The...

Some of the iPhone 5's (AAPL) finer details are getting criticized. Among the issues: 1) The iPhone 5 won't support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon and Sprint's 4G LTE networks, unlike many other LTE phones. 2) A $29 adapter meant to link the iPhone 5's new dock connector with older accessories won't work with some speakers. 3) Until they're rewritten, existing iPhone apps will display black borders on the iPhone 5, due to its larger display and new aspect ratio.
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  • This phone will flop. Sure, there will be some people upgrading from an old iPhone to this one, but there won't be a ton of people going from 4S to 5 and I don't imagine many switching over from android because of this phone. If anything, uncommitted waiting smartphone buyers have now been pushed to the GSIII or Nexus.
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  • It won't flop. Apple's stuff will continue to generate hype for another generation or two.
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  • Kind of foolish for anyone to say something that will be proven totally wrong in a matter of hours!
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  • Or 3 or 4 or 5 or ... We don't really know how many more.
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  • How many times have we seen predictions like this and how many times have they been right? Zero. None. Nada.


    I'm in Italy on vacation and one do the first things I'll do when I get back home is to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to a 5. I doubt I'll be the only one.
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  • I can't wait to order mine tomorrow.
    Intact, four of us in our family will be ordering them.
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  • well, la de da, we're all very impressed
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  • Boy, you sure are having a dream. Pushed to another phone, please.
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  • SAN FRANCISCO—Apple Inc. appeared to have sold out of its initial inventory of the iPhone 5 just an hour after it began accepting preorders Friday, suggesting strong consumer interest.


    The Cupertino, Calif., company's website began accepting preorders Friday shortly after midnight Pacific time. Within an hour, however, the company's website indicated that shipping times had slipped from an expected delivery on the device's launch day, Sept. 21. Preorderers were told their iPhone 5s would be available to ship in two weeks.

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  • ...because of supplier issues
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  • it's easy selling products when your customers are this stupid! (link is to youtube vid of jimmy kimmel showing people the "new" iphone)
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  • It's hard to believe you can be that stupid
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  • Do you have iphone 5 yet? How do you know those problems?
    Did you see them when you sleep?
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  • Can't wait to upgrade my 4 to the 5. Nothing comes close in build quality. I buy things that are well made, and the 5 is beautifully made.
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  • Any marketing mgr would like to create this shortage, real or not real.
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  • "Nothing comes close in build quality."


    Actually, Nokia have always beat the competition in that category.


    I know a lot of people with IPhones... and some of them look like they've gone through a war. When I asked them about it, the answer was: "Oh, I dropped it once or twice."
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  • Yesterday, September 14th at 1:52 am I said this:


    ''Kind of foolish for anyone to say something that will be proven totally wrong in a matter of hours!''


    One day after this comment, I ask New Century:


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  • BECAUSE millions of enthusiastic people BLEW it off the shelves, you NUT HEAD!
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  • Right! Every Apple product is beautifully made!
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  • we haven't the slightest clue. "selling out" in an hour means nothing when one does not know the number of units involved.
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  • Does anyone think it's possibly bad news?


    It seemed to be the world view that there was unprecedented demand for the iPhone. Presumably, Apple was aware of that and presumably so were the carriers.


    It's hard to imagine that Apple planned for less demand than they had for the 4s.


    Based on history, Apple is expected to announce some time today the preorder numbers. Though I'm not sure whether that will include carrier numbers.


    We can do this again next week. Apple releases in 8 more countries on Friday ....
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  • Then you should take a look at Nokia phones.
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  • Many case/covers stain the white iphones.


    Have you seen the video of the guy using a Nokia Lumia 900 to drive a nail into a board with minimal damage?
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  • I just talked to someone with a Lumia 900. He thinks it's great, other than the battery won't last all day. He said he's on the internet a lot, not sure how much streaming that included. But not being able to last one full day is not good.


    Your mileage may vary.
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  • Well Newest Century. Did iPhone 5 flop?
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  • dude, it is not even out yet, and already the hypercriticism???
    EXACTLY how many speaker types are not supported by the adapter, and what market share of iPhone-docked speakers is this? And why complain about the black borders on OLD apps that the iPhone5 is able to run via intact back-compatibility? This is more than I am used to with desktop and laptop computers!! Regarding simultaneous voice and data, what activities will I not be able to do that I currently do, and may I do those things at 4G speeds?
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  • And these dudes don't consider in how many days or hours the old apps will be upgraded to take full advantage of the best phone in the world.
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  • 4G speeds? Sure... if you live in USA, UK, Italy or Germany.
    Other than that, you're screwed and will be limited to 3G.
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  • You left out Canada, Australia and Japan. There may be more.
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  • 4G is hardly ubiquitous in the US let alone other countries. If you're in a relatively high population density are, you're likely fine.
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  • OK so that's good news in the sense it effects purchasing. As for voice & data with Verizon, that's nothing new. That's years old with all phones on Verizon (unless they have fixed certain geos).


    So how much do you project this will impact sales. Give us something we can ACTUALLY use.
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  • Look, I'm an Android user and own nothing AAPL and won't buy the stock. But c'mon, these are the gripes? Point 1 is the only one of importance and users have been living with that for some time. My SGS2 loses simultaneous voice/data when I lose 3G/4G signal while on a call and it doesn't return until the call is terminated. That happens 1/3 to 1/2 the time.
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  • lose 3G/4G signal while on a call and it doesn't return until the call is terminated. That happens 1/3 to 1/2 the time.


    Because you own an android phone and not a Lumia 900.
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  • in response to problem 1)Who cares? How often do you use both at the same time anyways?
    2)Connect it with the headphone jack if it doesn't work, and if it doesn't work with the adapter in the first place, then you probably have some low grade speaker/dock system to begin with
    3)Existing Apps will be Re-written within weeks of the release. Why would any developer let the unused space go to waste? (Ad revenue)
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  • Is your question "How often do a speak on the phone and look at a website?" I'd say very often. This is a significant fail.


    None of the speakers we have have a headphone jack and you can't charge the phone via the headphone jack. diesel, perhaps you don't understand the application.


    Re writing the Apps to render to the larger screen will be easy if all that is desired is to extend the existing background to the edges. To use it for banner ads will take more work, but given the Pareto... perhaps 1000 Apps constitute 95% of use, getting the Apps rendered to paint the screen with something useful will be trivial. This is a non-issue.
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  • I just explained the third point a moment ago. These guys are at a loss for what to criticize, kind of proof we got some awesome device from Apple, as usual!
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  • I am buying an iphone5 this week. I've been waiting two years. And you can quote me on that.
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  • If it's the first one, your whole life will change! That's how good this incredible device is! And that's something few people who don't own it realize. Not Analysts, and definitely not Samsung, BB and other poor guys. They are all lost in paradise!
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  • Your WHOLE LIFE will change because you are buying a phone?


    Amazing. And I thought only the Yahoo messageboards were full of blind pumpers.


    It's almost as if Android or Windows Phone can't do everything iOS can!


    Oh wait.........they can, and in many cases, they beat it hands down.


    It's a freakin' phone, not a religion. Perspective!!
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  • There's no law preventing anyone from buying anything they want. If someone wants to get a Lumia 920 because of it's exciting colors, I'm happy to encourage them to wait a short time to buy one.


    Perhaps they're excited about getting an awesome Windows 8 phone. That's great. My wife is ready for an upgrade. Perhaps she'll get an iPhone, perhaps not.


    Far too many people act like this is a black and white decision and there will only be one phone that will capture 100% of the smartphone market. That's not going to happen. Dell didn't become the sole manufacturer of PCs, nor did HP, nor did ..... Apple. Big deal.


    From an investment perspective in smartphone companies, Apple trounces everyone else in profitability.
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  • "If it's the first one, your whole life will change!"


    Step aside Christ, iP5 here to save the worlds problems.
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  • It's strange that Android users are drawn to iPhone discussions. It's almost as if these Android users all have buyers remorse.
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  • At lest you can see and touch an iPhone.
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  • Apple newbie here, although I've owned the stock since last October and I couldn't be happier. I have a Droid X 3g, and I'll upgrade to an iPhone 4g just for that fact alone. I bought an iPad a few days ago, and am just learning the ois, and I like it so far... a lot. If the phone and computer are like the iPad, I will switch in a heartbeat.


    I like the way it logs you in automatically to every site you've logged into before. With my PC, I have to buy roboform and pay a yearly fee for this very feature. Could it really be this easy?


    I own a small business, and have to buy anti virus software for each computer. Oh sure, there's free stuff out there, but the free stuff is not as strong as I need it to be, so I have to buy it. But the fact I have to even worry about it says a lot right there. Virus free? Sign me up!


    Long story short, any minor issues like these will be solved in the next release. I can't wait to get my first Macbook and iPhone, and I will kiss the PC and Android products goodbye forever. And good riddance.
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  • ManoLive... I was a dedicated BB and Windows user till 2009, when I saw the light with the iPhone 3GS. I literally lived from the Wintel guys for many years, as you can see on my profile. My whole family did. I almost disowned my second daughter (of 4) because she bought a Mac a few years ago.


    Very long story made very very short, a few months after the 3GS came the iPad, then first iMac, iPhone for my youngest, MacBook Pros the 3 girls who didn’t see the light as early as the second one, MacBook Air for moi, iPhone 4 for the other 3, my ex-wife, my company, second iMac 27 inch wonder... My whole nuclear and extended family now swear by Apple products. Nothing like it! Nut-ING!
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  • Can't wait to implement it into my business, although the programs I use are all windows oriented, I know there's a way to run windows programs on iOS.


    It was refreshing to go into an apple store and be helped by salesperson after salesperson, and not feel the pressure to buy, since they don't work on commission.


    Then, when the girl rang me up, she did the whole transaction on her iPod. She even swiped my credit card on it. I was impressed. No receipt required as she sent me one in my email. And she spent time helping me set up the iPad and get familiar with it.


    All those devices must have cost you a small fortune. I always went the cheap route with windows, and I got what I paid for. I spent entire weekends trying to fix PC problems in the early days. Never again!


    Count me as one more addition to the aapl ecosystem.
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  • To run Windows on a Mac, all you have to do is get Parallels for Mac or VMware Fusion. Both are great, but the new Parallels is being considered better. Even though I have VMware since I got my Mac, I have never actually used it, because Mac programs are SO superior.


    About "fixing PCs", I used to spend at least 20% of my time doing that. Rebooting, dealing with viruses, etc. I'm a power user, and my "fantastic" Dell Precision Workstation, which was a high-end system, crashed every single day. My Internet would stop working every couple of days, and I was for ever on the phone with Comcast. When I got my Mac, I never again had to reboot. I've gone months without doing it, and incredibly, Comcast stopped receiving my calls, because apparently (and this was very surprising to me), it was not an ISP problem, but a PC problem.


    I've had my iMac for over 2 years now, and I still spend every day in awe of how great OS X and Macs are.
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  • Why do people hate on Apple? If you want something to criticize go over to Amazon and look at the Kindle Fire lineup. They don't even bother to tell you specs on the camera and yet get a free pass.
    Seriously, people, stop hating on a great product.
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  • People who hate Apple have no rational reasons.


    As to the Kindle Fire, it is the fruitcake of tablets.

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  • "Why do people hate on Apple?"


    I used to love them... but I had to kill 'em.
    Nowadays I hate Apple for the mere reason they are acting as bullies. For a few years now, Apple has become the new Microsoft.


    Anyway, who cares? All that matters is how good the new devices are... and I'm afraid that most Europeans won't be buying an IPhone 5.


    How do I know it? Because Apple decided to dismiss the European market. A pure elitist move. IPhone 5 is only for the rich. Right?
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  • Thanks for reminding me of my "sovereign country" gripe. There was a time when I was annoyed that there was CDMA and GSM. Now there are over 2 dozen different and incompatible 4G LTE systems in the world. Thanks a lot to all those countries who have exercised their "sovereignty" by establishing their very own standards. The world is such a better place because of it.


    BTW. Why didn't Qualcomm make a damn chip that was compatible will all those systems?
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  • $199 is just for the rich????
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  • No, dwilly...


    I give you the same answer I gave Roberto:


    I wasn't even talking about the price, but the 4G shituation.
    Thanks for not even opening the link and assuming otherwise.


    Jeez, do you people even read other people's comments?
    Or do you simply enjoy misinterpreting what other people say?
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  • And how about $0.00 dollars for an iPhone 4 being for the rich!?
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  • "And how about $0.00 dollars for an iPhone 4 being for the rich!?"


    F*ck, Roberto!


    I've explained once, I've explained twice. I even gave you a link... and you STILL don't understand my comment was NOT about the price, but the fact that IPhone 5's 4G only works in RICH countries (Germany, USA, Britain...) !?


    Get it now?


    Jeez... you need to work on your interpretation skills.
    Reading and Understanding are two different things, you know?
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  • That is only the U.S. Subsidized price.
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  • the rain maker is gone and they've been losing talent.
    with their current size and the increasing competition that you are starting to see, they'll have to cut prices in order to keep volume. But that damages brand image... The key is to keep ahead of competition, like SNE, NOK, RIMM once did. But AAPL is no longer as innovative as it used to be with Jobs at the helm.


    They may do fine with this iphone. But what will there be in the next one that will make it a compelling buy? And in 10 years when people will no longer use phones the way we know them...
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  • Let's face it
    All the critics on Apple products come from people
    who havn't tried them
    That's all over the world
    I've convinced many to convert to Mac and they are in heaven
    Just lokk at the stock index
    That' what count here
    Greetings from Denmark
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  • "Just lokk at the stock index
    That' what count here"


    Exactly. I try to "buy low, sell high," and not "buy high and pray it will go higher."
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  • Same thing with me Macnor. I've given Apple lots of new customers, and they are all so thankful to me.


    On another note, today a friend told me that he thought something I participate in is a scam, cause his wise attorney business parter told him so. Do you wonder what example I used to make my point and get him at ease?


    "Listen Alex... Someone who owns an iPhone tells you it's the most wonderful device on the face of the Planet. Another one who does not and has not ever owned an iPhone tells you it's no good. Who would you believe?"


    With that, I rested my case and he was totally convinced his wise attorney business parter doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground.
    14 Sep 2012, 04:41 AM Reply Like
  • The simultaneous data/voice has been an AT&T selling point for their network versus the others since they were added as vendors. Apple has always been good at making some extra cash for little upgrades (the second power adapter, converters, etc.). And, as far as apps go....come on, app upgrades take place hourly sometimes, forget about daily. Any 5 owner will be awash in upgrades for months as people catch up with the changes in platform.


    And for people who say they won't buy the stock and won't buy apple products....fine, unless, of course, you want to increase your wealth, then not buying stock or options on AAPL over the next few years is just stupid. Oh, well, to each his own.
    14 Sep 2012, 03:58 AM Reply Like
  • Unfortunately for them Edwin, the world is full of stupid people who don't want any of that. Oh, they say they want to be happy and they say they want to be rich, but they rather criticize Apple to death and stick to their ideas rather than make anything that makes sense. Contrarians, born rebels I guess. It's like preferring to be right over being loved. They want to be loved, but they would rather be RIGHT!
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  • Tell me how your philosophy as worked in the past?


    With that philosophy, you'd be buried in RIMM and NOK shares by now, 'cause they too, were market leaders. As such, their shares should have gone eternally higher... like AAPL will, no matter what. Right?


    Stick to your conviction. Buy more AAPL then... and good luck believing in eternal growth stories. Life has told me nothing goes up forever. Apple won't be an exception, no matter how hard you love them.
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  • Just watch Apple go to $1500 a share and above mitrado. I'm not saying for ever, but just watch it bust through $1500.
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  • People were saying the exact same thing in January when the price was still in the 400's. You missed the 69% boat ride, Mitrado. Get on, there's still room.
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  • Thanks, but no thanks. The risk is too much for me.


    I know NOK will go up and I know AAPL will go up as well, but NOK downside is very little... and AAPL won't go up forever. AAPL endgame is approaching fast. The downside is simply huge. I don't want to wake up one day to realize my AAPL dropped overnight from $1200 to $300 or something like that.


    "Buy Low, Sell High" has always been my strategy and I'll keep it that way. :-P
    15 Sep 2012, 12:11 PM Reply Like
  • Go ahead mitrado!
    Jump in the NOK bandwagon, a company that's struggling to survive, instead of AAPL, a company that's thriving and will continue to thrive for several years to come!
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  • "A company that's thriving and will continue to thrive for several years to come!"


    The same could be said about NOK when it traded at $50 a share.
    The same could be said about RIMM when it traded at $50 a share.


    What happened to whoever jumped on those bandwagons? Oops, they lost.
    15 Sep 2012, 02:08 PM Reply Like
  • Greetings from Belgium. I'am an i-device users since my daughter offered me my first imac 2 years ago. Since then, i've had so much pleasure & such an easier life that i've asked my wife & children to give me only i-device presents for all occasions. Now, i have an iphone 4S & an ipad.
    The criticism is so easy & cheap. I have not seen an i-device user changing to others but many newcomers to apple world.
    14 Sep 2012, 04:29 AM Reply Like
  • 1. People still use their phone to talk? Kidding, but I've never needed to talk and use the web at the same time.
    2. Oh no. Panic. A few speakers won't work.
    3. iOS apps are incessantly re-written. Does anyone really think developers haven't already done so, and are waiting until the 21st to update?


    I bought a 32GB black this morning. Can't wait to have it next Friday.
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  • I'm in Spain and I can't wait to go to Miami in 2 weeks to buy one, no more SG in my hands !
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  • Are you sure? IPhone 4G won't even work in Spain, ilgattogino!



    You should wait for the IPhone 6... or move to UK, Italy or Germany!
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  • @jimcramer i5 ordered, me and probably 5m other people today. May be record revenue day for #AAPL
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  • Zoom Zoom..The best Iphone racing game on the planet !
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  • I GOT MINE!!!
    Upgraded from my 4s at 3:02am EST.
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  • I do not believe what you say about the iphone 5's features, as AAPL management is not that stupid.
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  • Gripes galore on petty things. If we always acted this way we would still have hand crank wired phones. iPhone 5 is a big incremental improvement and with ios6 it is a fabulous tool for all kinds of things.
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  • You guys all got trolled by New Century
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  • I shorted Apple today at $694 and change. Shorted it with $4,633,852 with $1,500,000 in margin. The innovation is gone. I will make a lot of money.
    14 Sep 2012, 10:13 AM Reply Like
  • Ouch. You're down. But good luck!
    14 Sep 2012, 12:42 PM Reply Like
  • How long will you plan to hold on to your short?
    Tell us when you Cover it. Good Luck?
    14 Sep 2012, 09:33 PM Reply Like
  • Start looking for relatives where you can go live, cause you'll lose your $4.6 Million Convingtonium. We don't need this kind of advice!
    15 Sep 2012, 01:23 PM Reply Like
  • 200 new features in the iOS 6 alone and the innovation is gone.


    Research much?
    15 Sep 2012, 03:22 PM Reply Like
  • APPL is $696 today.
    17 Sep 2012, 01:39 PM Reply Like
  • Got my two iPhone 5 pre-orders in at 12:30 eastern via Apple's site. See ya in a week, you gorgeous new piece of phone! ;-)
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  • Oh, the horror!! Apps will be letter-boxed!!!


    Well, if you want to change to a 9:16 aspect ratio, which is certainly an improvement, that's what happens... In 90 days, they'll all be gone...


    14 Sep 2012, 01:10 PM Reply Like
  • Is it me... or this Roberto guy is on a mission to insult everyone who doesn't agree with his opinion?
    16 Sep 2012, 05:54 PM Reply Like
  • Don't get why all the Apple hate!


    I love my iPhone (and would like to get the iPhone 5) but I'm not about to go on an android discussion and passionately attack their fans. Nor will most iPhone users. Seems to be an android thing, which I don't understand.


    AAPL has been the investment of a lifetime, and Apple makes the best devices I have ever used, but I am not about to tell android users what to do. All these personal insults is a little too much.


    I like to read the comments because there are often interesting points and different points of views. But often the most passionate insults are by the most ill informed people, and they are not well formed arguments. The innovation is gone at Apple? Aren't they the guys that invented most of this stuff? And what's innovative about copying a la android :)


    If anyone thinks the iPhone 5 will be a "flop" I think they are letting their emotions get the best of them... not a great strategy for investing.
    17 Sep 2012, 01:37 PM Reply Like
  • "If anyone thinks the iPhone 5 will be a "flop" I think they are letting their emotions get the best of them... not a great strategy for investing."


    Well, I can't speak for others but I don't care about AAPL.
    I'm not buying AAPL... and I'm not shorting AAPL.


    I am, however, betting that Nokia will return to profitability... and will become a nice alternative to the Android/IOS flock.


    As such, I've bought 520 NOK shares with enough money to buy one-and-an-half AAPL shares.
    17 Sep 2012, 01:48 PM Reply Like
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