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The first iPhone 5 (AAPL) reviews mostly gush with praise. Walt Mossberg: "Apple has taken an...

The first iPhone 5 (AAPL) reviews mostly gush with praise. Walt Mossberg: "Apple has taken an already great product and made it better." Engadget: "An amazing performer with great battery life wrapped in a delicious shell." CNET: "You're going to be shocked at how light this phone is." David Pogue: "The camera is among the best ever put into a phone." Two features receiving a bit of criticism: the Maps app (some Google Maps features are missed) and the Lightning dock connector (backwards compatibility).
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  • consultnick
    , contributor
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    Mossberg, Engadget, CNET and Pouge.....this is a real home run! Getting by four very serious major league players....Wow! None of these are easily satisfied/none give free walks/passes.


    Amazing, and it shows what I MOST want to see--that Apple is listening to it's customers! That's the magic formula, and once one converts to life in the Apple "eco-system"---they never leave because it's just too good!


    Recent WSJ article features Meg Whitman's confession that they are going to re-design their HP stuff to look more like Apple.....but misses the point! It's not just hardware--but what it does within a system--and they will remain imprisoned within Windows!


    In the meantime, Apple will continue to out-innovate them. So they will be like pretty party-girls all dressed up--with no place to go!
    19 Sep 2012, 02:28 AM Reply Like
  • gensearch2
    , contributor
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    The new Maps functionality in iOS 6 is a concern. But since Google wouldn't include turn by turn on iOS, Apple had to go to something else.


    I returned a Galaxy S3 that my wife picked out last Friday and ordered a 5 yesterday. 2-3 weeks delivery.
    19 Sep 2012, 06:56 AM Reply Like
  • johnycarrs
    , contributor
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    Gensearch 2, could you tell us what your views on the s3 were hardware and software wise? Should apple be worried of this competition? Thanks
    19 Sep 2012, 07:04 AM Reply Like
  • gensearch2
    , contributor
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    Other than having a cheap feel to it with the plastic, the h/w seemed fine. Good voice quality. If you're inclined towards a larger screen you would be attracted to it.


    Doing some initial setup tasks such as setting up e-mail and calendars didn't seem as intuitive as Apple, but you do it once so no big deal.


    Next. I downloaded a couple of apps I thought my wife would like. One was Zite. Going through the play store wasn't anywhere near as friendly as with the Apple's app store. You really had to know what you were looking for on the play story. There were some subtle differences between the Android Zite and iOS Zite. Again, not a big deal but I found it disappointing. If you never experienced iOS you would be oblivious to it.


    I looked for another App I use "Pocket". I even plugged in Pocket into the search window and it didn't show up. I know it's there somewhere, I've read it is; but why it didn't show up on a simple search is inexplicable ... and yes, I checked spelling. So I decided to put that aside for the time being and get itunes synced.


    The real nightmare came with trying to sync iTunes to the Galaxy 3s. The Samsung app, didn't work; then I tried Easy Sync and Double Twist ... allegedly Double Twist is supposed to the be best app from what I read. You need to download an application to your desktop as well as an app for your S3 [This is starting to sound like "work"]. One app told me to update my Windows XP Media 10. I might not mine doing that but I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. The other app told me it didn't like the USB mode of my S3. WTF? Fine. Click on the help file and it smarts with a well ... which verision of Android are you using and which Samsung phone are you using. Different settings/procedures depending on your situation. As you might guess, they had the Galaxy S2, but not the S3. Being the optimist that I was, I assumed the S2 would probably get me to the right place in the S3. It didn't.


    I paused. Leaned back in my chair and said .... Is this how I want to spend my time with a smart phone? I'm sure, I could Google and figure this out, but is that really what I want to do to my wife and inevitably me? No way.


    It's one thing to hear about the problems Android presents with all the different versions of Android in the wild. It's another thing to experience it. It's not an experience I want to repeat.


    You can go down the check list of specs and features .... but that doesn't tell you anything about the experience.


    Does Apple have to worry? The S3 is a hot selling smartphone. So yes.


    In the long run, watch customer satisfaction ratings. As long as Apple holds the #1 slot in customer satisfaction, it doesn't matter what the specs tell you. Apple is selling you the experience. They sell you what you're going to use and their ecosystem.
    19 Sep 2012, 04:39 PM Reply Like
  • Daveqwerty
    , contributor
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    A nice, apparently well-balanced report, Gen2. Thanks for taking the time to write it. So nice to read something useful rather than a load of bashing from the trolls.
    19 Sep 2012, 08:22 PM Reply Like
  • Joe Dirnfeld
    , contributor
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    Can't read all this stuff, android s a stolen product.
    19 Sep 2012, 08:24 PM Reply Like
  • bondstevenbond
    , contributor
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    Gensearch, thanks for sharing your personal observations. I could not agree more. Apple is all about integrating h/w AND s/w for an "intuitive user experience". Apple's Head Designer Sir Jonathan Ives explained the concept this way. I will loosely quote the gist of what I heard him say:


    Do you know why the original Apple mouse only had one button? Because we wanted grandma to learn how to use the Mac simply by looking over her grandchild's shoulder. And years later, why did Mac's come with brightly colored handles? To carry around the house? No not really, but we wanted to empower people to feel they have a more intimate human/machine relationship. In a world where 95% of tech devices intimate and frustrate users, we want our customers to feel smart! We must always serve our customers. We absolutely must amaze and delight our customers each and every time they get close to our products, our brand, and our stores.
    20 Sep 2012, 09:21 PM Reply Like
  • John1138
    , contributor
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    The S3 is 20% heavier with a lower resolution screen. Not a competitive combination in a device that is intended for portability and viewing (compared to talking).


    Apparently their "answer" is an S4 next year that's bigger and presumably heavier at which point Samsung will be running straight into the smaller iPad's territory: and losing.
    19 Sep 2012, 02:02 PM Reply Like
  • HomeGamer
    , contributor
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    Just had a S3 on trial. Good h/w, large screen a huge improvement over my iPhone 4S, both screen height and width.
    First thing that struck me was the ease of turn by turn GPS, both locally and on a road trip. iPhone does not compare. Then, voice dictation on S3 of emails, texts and memos was astonishingly perfect. Paragraph after paragraph without an error. Again, iPhone does not compare, and Siri is just a disappointing gimmick.
    Android app store is less intuitive and less user friendly than apple, and in many areas (screen icon layout) android is a needlessly complicated experience, requiring much more conscious focus and attention to basic tasks than the iphone. Several people I've talked to had the same experience. Syncing the S3 with my iPad and MacBook was a huge headache, which is by design to keep you in the apple ecosystem. The fist inside the nice white glove.
    I returned the android at the end of the free trial and kept my 4S expecting the iphone5 to deliver many of the features I liked so much about the S3. Surprisingly other than a marginally larger screen( and they missed the opportunity to expand the width, which makes a difference surfing websites etc), the 5 offers no improvement on my 4s.
    I likely won't buy a new iPhone until 6 or even 7 offers, hopefully, what many of us were hoping for in 5. In the meantime if Google can clean up its messy iOS user experience, I'll be happy to reconsider and convert (i found that same messy iOS experience with the android tablet I tried and returned, alas).
    20 Sep 2012, 10:30 AM Reply Like
  • mogando
    , contributor
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    The rumored Samsung S4 would be a phablet size 5.0", and I could totally imagine Note 3 reaching 6". And that point they might as well cancel the Tab 7 line and lump them together.


    The only reason that *every* single Android manufacturer is putting in a big screen is that they know they would lose to Apple if they match the screen size (by way of batt life), so they're trying the hardest to use the ancient marketing hype that "bigger is better".


    They claim Android is "choice", but yet I can't find any state-of-the-art flagship top-of-the-line spec Android phone less than 4.3" screen. That doesn't sound like much choice to me.
    20 Sep 2012, 02:41 PM Reply Like
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