As the Arctic melts, the scramble is on for oil, gas and rare earth minerals as they become...

As the Arctic melts, the scramble is on for oil, gas and rare earth minerals as they become newly accessible along with increasingly navigable polar shipping shortcuts. So it's no surprise that China is becoming a far more aggressive player in the area, provoking alarm among Western powers. Rare earth names are slightly higher: MCP +1%, AVL +1.7%, REE +0.8%.

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  • davidingeorgia
    , contributor
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    "As the Arctic melts..."


    In less hysterical environments, this is also known as "summer".
    19 Sep 2012, 10:47 AM Reply Like
  • Tricky
    , contributor
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    Actually, there is extensive and fairly incontrovertible evidence that the Arctic ice is melting, as tracked by actual satellite maps, not by "modeling".


    But thank you for your political contributions to the discussion. Don't let data dissuade you from your point of view.
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  • Swass
    , contributor
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    There is not, however, incontrovertible evidence that man is responsible for it or even plays any minor role in it. Climate data going back thousands of years and more shows the climate was both far warmer and far colder before man ever could have begun affecting the environment on a global scale. Hence, it may have been warming over some time in the Arctic, but it may be natural and may eventually cool. No need to be alarmed. The Antarctic is also showing gigatons of additional snow/ice while the Arctic is supposedly losing some. We cannot pretend to understand what drives climate changes, just like Bernanke cannot pretend to have control over natural cyclical market forces of contraction and expansion.
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  • Tricky
    , contributor
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    Indeed, natural forces could overwhelm whatever mankind is doing -- they have done so in the past and will do so in the future (however near or distant).


    Your statement about the Antarctic is the first time I have heard something like that. I am not saying you are wrong, but most of the conversation @ that geography appears to have centered on the calving of massive ice sheets, which would seem to point towards warming rather than cooling.


    No doubt, climate science is extremely complex and we will never have the benefit of sensors covering every square mile of earth going back thousands of years.


    But what I find to be the most interesting new development in the debate -- the Koch Brothers funded a skeptic to look into the data and analyses used to produce the vilified modeling (that of "email-gate" infamy) -- he cleaned up the data, reran the numbers and announced a stronger correlation between human activity and warming than the previous studies did.
    19 Sep 2012, 11:55 AM Reply Like
  • davidingeorgia
    , contributor
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    So I guess the "hot air" must be rising to the North Pole since the ice at the South Pole is *growing*? LOL



    And you're quite welcome, Tricky...I'll take my "political contributions" over your religious dogma any day. And that's all AGW is...equal parts con game and religious dogma.
    20 Sep 2012, 05:40 AM Reply Like
  • Tricky
    , contributor
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    David, I really do try to be data driven. So in that vein, I thank you for the link as that is truly new information to me. And my reaction is "wow, that requires some explanation, doesn't it".


    It really is hard to know what to think, given how complex climate is and how there is data on both sides:
    * Arctic is melting; Antarctic is growing
    * Some Himalayan glaciers are melting; some are growing
    * The Koch Bros.-sponsored research supported the view that the earth is warming and that man-made activity is the primary cause


    The only strong view I can currently draw is that, as with the human brain, climate is an extremely complex thing and we are only scratching the surface of truly understanding it.
    20 Sep 2012, 08:59 AM Reply Like
  • Swass
    , contributor
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    Thanks, "davidingeorgia." I guess the point I was trying to make though is that the climate changes and always has. People get all alarmed over everything now-a-days because they they choose to focus on a subset of information and then make a lot of assumptions. Since the antarctic has been growing in snow and ice, this is quite offsetting any loss in any arctic ice.
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  • jhooper
    , contributor
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    Isn't it interesting that if someone claims bad gov spending will wreck the economy, that person is called a "gloom and doomer", but yet a growing economy is supposed to destroy the whole world via "climate change" which includes all the world's economies, but yet that's not labeled "gloom and doom".


    There's an old proverb that warns of those that will call evil good, and good evil.
    20 Sep 2012, 03:23 PM Reply Like
  • Larry Smith
    , contributor
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    China claims all of the South China Sea and now they want to claim the Artic. Because oil is fungible most western powers would throw the oil on the open market, even the Russians would, but China would keep all of it.
    19 Sep 2012, 10:50 AM Reply Like
  • Tricky
    , contributor
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    I'm looking at a world map, taking into account the fairly weak Chinese navy, and wondering why this article is trying to whip up any "fear" that the Chinese will be able to project any real power regarding the Arctic in any foreseeable future? They would have to contend with the Russian AND American navies. The Russians have far superior Arctic equipment. So I'm having a hard time getting "concerned" about the Chinese. I'd be more concerned about the Russians.
    19 Sep 2012, 10:58 AM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    With even minimal research one can learn that throughout human history, warming periods are GOOD for humans and cooling periods are BAD for humans. Also, most if not all of these periods are devoid of human causation. Facts are stubborn things.
    19 Sep 2012, 11:59 AM Reply Like
  • Tricky
    , contributor
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    Howdy. I hope you will find that I try to be intellectually honest and engage in civil debate. So I will follow-up on your comment.


    What periods are you talking about specifically? If you are talking about warming up from Ice Ages, then sure, "warming" from that benchmark is good. Furthermore, I'll submit that the long view on the issue of climate change is that all of recorded human history has taken place between the last Ice Age and the next one, a period of remarkably ideal and stable conditions for mankind.


    There have also been periods of "damned hot". To be fair, we hadn't yet evolved to be around for those. But I'm not sure we would do so well during the swelter that the dinosaurs lived in, let alone earlier periods where it was hundreds of degrees in temperature.


    Can you clarify which periods you are referencing?


    19 Sep 2012, 12:13 PM Reply Like
  • gmmpa
    , contributor
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    This administration doesn't care about the Russians or Chinese. They are sitting on the side lines sucking their thumb and complaining about how bad an economy they inherited. In the meantime Brazil and Venezuela are eating our lunch with our help in the Gulf and the Russians and Chinese are busy feasting on the North pole. On the east coast and west coast the government has restricted drilling. If this is not enough no new licenses have been awarded on public lands in the interior and the EPA is bussiness shutting down the entire coal industries.


    Folks it is really time for a change! Our country is being run by a bunch of morons and we put them there. I can see why Buffett and Soros and many billionaires are Democrats. They can control the morons in government when Democrats are in power and make billions of dollars with insider information. When the Republicans are in power they control the dumb ones and become democrat capitalists and make billions of dollars with insider information. It is a win / win situation for them. In the meantime 51% of the America the people and average investors that work and invest try to wade through the daily government regulations trying to find ways to make money, work and live.


    There now... I said it... I feel better. Regarding this information... What can we do with it?


    I am long AVL and other mining stocks. Long oil service and other sectors less sensitive to hyper-inflation and invested in companies with higher pricing power when idiots like these are in power.
    19 Sep 2012, 12:43 PM Reply Like
  • The_American
    , contributor
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    Many S&P Companies are to miss or their earnings lowered as we see the rise of DBA DBC from food, energy, insurance, education and MUCH MORE.
    Innovation has been lacking for years at best and to bow down and thank China and the Middle East your multi billion dollar contracts FXI Chinas market has underperformed but they have TRILLIONS in Surplus and own many tangible assets such as OIL UNG USO stockpiles of CU JJG DBC Commodities as we have already met peak OIL and yet we already have the proven technology with using other BIOF and propulsion systems.
    Yet companies such as BA NOC RTN sign multi billion dollar deals with China YINN YANG which I would look to trade but do not trust them as THE GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HISTORY of China taking our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and has already become our competitors.
    This is not rocket science when you take away market share and eat at earnings Corporations first step is employment which many jobs will never come back. Just look at GE MSFT INTC CSCO ORCL GM AA X etc and basically from every industry except for the American Companies that are Innovators Ex. AAPL GOOG FB who have opened new markets and created wealth from GRASS ROOTS.
    TSLA gives great hopes as it defied all of the auto in dust ry saying that it could NEVER be done and the proof is in the pudding.
    If Elon Musk the CEO of TSLA took over GM he would have scale and capacity to bring HEV and EV on the market at lower costs and that REAL INNOVATION.
    Innovating with smaller companies like NANO DDD NSPH which brought a 400% return this year. The DIA QQQ SPY awards those who have the cutting edge technology and companies like FCEL VLNC ALTI have been beaten down and come back.
    LNVGY.PK Lenovo is just one example That China has used our technology and taken away market share in the PC industry away from HPQ and DELL making them the No.3 largest PC maker in the WORLD and yet many have never heard of them.
    China is also No.1 in owning the most PMs mines GDX GDXJ GLDX GLTR GGGG RING (All ETFs) in Precious Metals that are operating and even ones that have yet to drill with GLD PALL PTM and one of my favorite SLV which I believe is the most undervalued at this point.
    China cut SLV exports by 5% this is by no accident and are also cutting back on REE s REMX which is Rare Earth ETFs
    They are increasing in their technology and have the fastest super computer in the WORLD that even surprised the brightest here in America
    USO UNG UGAZ DBA JJA all commodities will increase in price due to higher demand and as wages here in the U.S. have been flat since the 80s there are more Millionaires in China then there are in America and China has a rising middle Class where we carved out ours.
    I'm all in favor of Free Market Capatilism but there is nothing free when you cut out a middle class and small business who cannot get loans from XLF BAC WFC USB JPM GS etc to grow their business while we have rising OIL UNG Gas which was almost 1/2 the price several years ago.
    We devalue the USD and the day will come when China Economy will become larger than ours and the USD will no longer be the World Reserve Currency. Where will GOLD be then? And we played right into Chinas hand to replace it with the CYB Yuan which will appreciate all on its own because their Currency will be PHYS backed by GLD so imagine the outflows of money and the inflows into China.
    One must understand the Chinese. They do not care about where their stock market goes. They think Long Term and we have iceos who come and go pinching pennies each quarter to appease Wall
    We need A MANHATTAN PROJECT. Even bigger. If The Fed wants to take 3 Trillion than CREATE A NATIONAL SMART GRID INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT. This will spark innovation with many college students who cannot get work, this will CREATE JOBS, INCREASE CONSUMER SPENDING, INCREASE THE NATIONAL SAVINGS RATE AND HELP PAY OUR DEFICITS DOWN OVER THE LONG TERM.
    American Energy Indepence did a study, If we were to take 6% of AZ land mass or Southern region of The U.S. and cover it with Solar this would electrify America and help SECURE AMERICAN NATIONAL SECURITY ON ENERGY!
    If they are off a bit then you have wind turbines that should be on each side of our coasts which NOC can use OPTT to protect our shore lines from Russia or Chinese Submarines that have come across our shores.
    China tries hacking into EVERY aspect of Americas Ecosystem both Military and Industry and Even our Politicians including The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and they do it Daily and buy out our smaller companies that trade like AONE who has joint ventures with TSLA GM F and several others to gain and advance in Chinas Ecosystem and the cutting edge in technology.
    Just think about this, China manufactures not only Hi Technology components for the U.S., they also have the EU and Japan so we certainly cannot count out Europeaan Engineering and Japan's technology and OURS.
    THEY HAVE ALL OF THE WORLDS TECHNOLOGY inclduing Russia RSX and have their own Stealth Fighter Jets.
    Our CORRUPT Government gave OIL Entitlements over NASA.
    By 2040 China is estimated to have a GDP of 120 TRILLION Dollars and make up 40% of the WORLS ECONOMY.
    The U.S. is estimated to make up only 14% of the World Economy. THE BIG QUESTION. What would happen if the USD was no longer The World Reserve Currency? Then a PHYS GLD SLV bubble may come along as we loose grip and alliances in our New Geopolitical Landscape.
    My investment thesis is DBA JJG JJA DBC GLD SLV PPLT PALL GDXJ GDX GLTR GLDX GGGG RING and the best performer so far this year NUGT which I bought @7.92 premarket and you can see it in my stock recs.
    We have a broken house of government that no longer has the luxury of party politics whether your a Dem or Rep. THE PARTY IS OVER!
    It's so bad they had a Special on CNBC about it.
    We built The Hoover Dam almost 100 years ago and it produces 4 BILLION KWT of Electricity a Year and yet We have a QUANTUM LEAP IN TECHNOLOGY and there has not been anything on the drawing board nor have we built anything in over 1/2 a Century with a ROTTING Infrastructure.
    Instead of utilities companies charging for Natural Gas UNG it can be based on a flat rate depending on the amount of square footage a home or business would have and this is an INVESTMENT where America will gets its money back as a NATION.
    I'm tired of the can't can't can't crowd. Those are CORPORATE LOBBYISTS who bought our Government and own it filled with CORRUPTION and THE STATUS QUO HAS TO GO otherwise we will have our own GREEK TRAGEDY!
    25 Sep 2012, 02:24 AM Reply Like
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