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Time Warner Cable's (TWC) COO says his company is comfortable "giving up control of the [user]...

Time Warner Cable's (TWC) COO says his company is comfortable "giving up control of the [user] interface" for hardware using its services, a comment that could be a green light for a deal with Apple (AAPL). However, he adds TWC wants to control the customer relationship while doing so - would that rule out Apple Store sales? Bloomberg recently reported Apple is "furthest along" in its set-top box talks with Time Warner. If/when it arrives, Apple's box could feature a novel cloud-based DVR. (WSJ report)
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  • If I cannot FFWD through the long, pervasive commercials, I don't want it.
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  • Apple will need to secure unique deals for its set top box that can not or would not be replicated by Microsoft's XBox or GoogleTV, or ancillary products like Roku, Boxee, Tivo...etc.


    If Apple produces a product that can't be commoditized by the competition, it has the wind in its sails. but I somehow doubt that content producers will cede that much power to Apple, so I'm curious to see how this ends up.
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  • I doubt this is an issue. The cable providers have never mutli-sourced set-top boxes. The provide is going to be supplying customer service. They would want there to be one box,
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  • Interesting. In my area we are on the cablecard system. If you can provide a box, they can provide the card. So, for example, if you use a product like this ( link)



    you can get a cablecard from the cable provider.


    I am assuming that 1. this is the market Apple is chasing, 2. MSFT and/or Google will chase Apple if it provides a device like this.


    Perhaps I misinterpreted the idea of the device Apple is designing?


    The reason I list the Roku and Boxee products as competition is because consumers sometimes use them instead of a cable connection although sometimes they are used to supplement same.
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  • That's more of a niche market. Apple would be going after 10s of millions which means set top boxes would be more likely.


    Google would have to change their stated position. They've promised to not be in the set top business and sell that group of Motorola off.


    Sooner or later we'll see what happens.
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  • Time Warner Cable's (TWC) COO says his company is comfortable "giving up control of the [user] interface"


    That's hilarious. Until a month ago my TWC settop box had the same crappy interface it did in 2000. They only JUST changed it do a black color scheme instead of the blue and yellow.
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  • Yeah = talk to a few customers - then if you really want a laugh talk to some of their reps.
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  • "Apple's box could feature a novel cloud-based DVR."


    Buy storage.
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