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Shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA +2.3%) trade higher with news that Toyota is de-emphasizing its...

Shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA +2.3%) trade higher with news that Toyota is de-emphasizing its pure electric vehicle program making for an interesting backdrop. Tesla isn't shy about stating its own conviction on the EV market and is in the midst of setting up retail stores across the U.S. At the moment it has the auto industry press on its side as more extensive reviews of the Model S come out with Wired's 4-day test drive concluding the vehicle's large battery and charging potential should keep "range anxiety" in check.
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  • Toyota owes its soul to the (oil) company's store.
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  • The thing I found disturbing for Tesla was Toyota would have at least one fuel-cell car on the market in 2015 contradicting Elon's laughter that a fuel-cell car would never work-------
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  • The thing I find disturbing for Toyota is the report that the iQ Electric will go on sale in Japan for $46,500. They're not even trying. Who the hell is going to buy that (except for corporate loyalists) when, for another $10k - $15k, you could get a Tesla S40??
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  • While the other automakers are cautiously sticking a toe in the water (the battery electric vehicle market) Tesla has jumped in without a wetsuit or life jacket. Tesla's model S is a full sized automobile with a set of full sized capabilities. All the others are 'commuter cars' just a short step up from a 'neighborhood electric vehicle'.


    Yes, I own a small amount of TSLA stock.
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  • New battery technology is on the horizon. Tesla should provide buyers the ability to swap out the batteries when the new longer lasting batteries come to market.
    If the reports are correct Lithium light promises to double and triple
    the current range which means you will be able to drive 500 miles on a charge maybe more.
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  • Lithium-Air and Lithium-Sulfur batteries are still in the laboratory and not close to commercial production from what I can read. Meanwhile, over the last decade lithium-ion and some others have passed the safety, reliability, and production tests required of such a product. The newer chemistries are tantalizing but not yet ready for market. When they are you can be sure Tesla will do the re-engineering to utilize them properly. There's a lot more to it than just swapping new for old like flashlight batteries.
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  • Toyota is best known for its hybrid technology. It is having trouble convincing public that its plug-in version is a better bet and worth the premium it wants for that. They are better off just licensing Tesla's electric drive train for all its line like it has done with Rav4. Why re-invent the wheel? This also applies to all other automakers who aspire to offer Electric versions of their best-selling models.
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  • Agreed with last comment. However, what are the details behind those licensing terms. Are they offering operation and design support or use of their existing technologies. .. ie. is Rav4 drive train smaller version of the S?
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  • The battery is 40KWh (same as of the low-end Model S).
    This is what Toyota says on their website:
    "The second-generation RAV4 EV demonstration vehicle represents an important milestone in Toyota’s unique collaboration project with Tesla. A key aspect of the partnership is to establish a new product development model that incorporates Tesla’s streamlined, quick-action approach. Under this new process, Tesla is responsible for supplying the powertrain and related components according to Toyota engineering specifications while Toyota works to seamlessly integrate the powertrain. "
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  • So this would help them to establish the basis for mass market prod once they are ready to take it at that level. Same thing this is positive as they are receiving revenues while promoting ev technology.
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