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McDonald's (MCD +0.3%) exec Bob Langert throws a bit of a monkey wrench in the theory that...

McDonald's (MCD +0.3%) exec Bob Langert throws a bit of a monkey wrench in the theory that buying locally-produced food is more environmentally friendly than food purchased from national distribution chains. He says the company has extensively studied supply chains to determine that sometimes transportation efficiencies lose out to production efficiencies. If he's right, McDonald's may try to beat down some of the claims of superiority of Whole Foods Market (WFM -2.1%) and Chipotle (CMG -1.1%) on the environmental issue.
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  • Food safety is the #1 consideration. One of the reasons McDonald's is the safest restaurant on the planet is that they source their food from a relatively small number of suppliers. A smaller number of suppliers is
    easier to inspect, control, and keep within specs. Having "local" suppliers scattered around the county would cause food to be less consistent and possibly less safe.
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  • I think a definition for "safest" might be in order here.
    26 Sep 2012, 01:08 PM Reply Like
  • "Safest" as in nothing to worry about for you and your family.
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  • Funny. haha
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  • If anyone knows food..its McDonalds....and I mean that seriously....they are perfectionists...I am in big mac tastes just the same here as in Denver where I used to live...
    26 Sep 2012, 01:23 PM Reply Like
  • You are talking consistency.


    I live in New York City and we are just beginning to require calories to be posted for all foods. Please check the amount of fat and the amount of salt in these foods
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  • ...A little bit of comedic humor taking from Jim Gaffigan...


    But MCD is a freakin' hamburger joint - they never have held themselves out as a healthy alternative.
    28 Sep 2012, 09:21 AM Reply Like
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