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Tim Cook does a mea culpa over Apple's (AAPL) iOS 6 Maps app. "We strive to make world-class...

Tim Cook does a mea culpa over Apple's (AAPL) iOS 6 Maps app. "We strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible ... With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment." While reiterating Apple's commitment to the app, he suggests frustrated users try App Store and Web alternatives. A Google Maps (GOOG) app for the App Store appears to be months away. (more)
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  • This is certainly a new era for Apple...
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  • Yeah, one where they sell 5 million phones in the first week.
    No one was buying the iPhone for the map app. People buy the iPhone for the strength of the entire Apple system. Besides google maps is still weak when compared to a dedicated GPS unit. Most serious map users use real GPS units.
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  • Ahahahaha! Serious map users.... Ahahahaha! Ok, what do frivolous map users do?
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  • Agree buy a TomTom app for the country where you are and the downloaded maps are available without using data..


    I do miss Streetview but can live with it.. or use iFindView


    However saw Tim Cooks suggestion re alternatives and want to note:.... in Australia the suggestion by Apple to download Bing Mapquest is an non-starter as it isn't available from the Australian App Store - ti tries to transfer to the US store and then just quits... Please make the app more widely available worldwide
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  • Not anymore. I am now using the new maps instead of my Tom Tom because it is so much easier to input the address you want and the directions comes out clear as a bell. The little imperfections are tolerable and will be quickly addressed as Apple adds on to their map data. This thing has been blown out of proportion just as was the antenna gate.
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  • Get lost or stop at service stations to ask for directions.
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  • @Positive Equity


    " Most serious map users use real GPS units."


    Or a Lumia 920
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  • Hard to do when it's vaporware!!!
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  • It will improve with user feedback. Google Maps needed user help at introduction too, this is no different.
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  • You read that apology in its entirety and my first reaction is what an embarrassment.


    "We launched Maps initially with the first version of iOS. As time progressed, we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, Flyover and vector-based maps. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up."


    So the new improved version of the phone is a lot worse than the last version!


    This kind of arrogant contempt for your AAPLbot user base is astonishing to me but I never would use the products in the first place so this just confirms my preconceptions.


    They didn't know this would happen or they didn't care - you choose.


    "We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better."


    This is the first concrete example of what the loss of Jobs will mean to Apple's future.
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  • Gibberish.
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  • Still trying to figure out the reasoning of this comment...
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  • milehr/blejsmith,


    "Still trying to figure out the reasoning of this comment"


    Apparently AAPLbots are incapable of reason.


    This company prides itself on:


    "we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers"


    Well based upon this debacle this is not true.


    What exactly did Apple users gain from having their Maps function degraded?


    If you can't see the situation honestly then you have to question your own judgment not mine.


    Good luck!
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  • Actually, I have used the maps application extensively in a rural area with great success.


    And frankly, we cannot condemn a companies hubris and then mock them when they apologize for making a mistake. if humility is really What we want, humility is what we should actually reinforce


    I say the maps are good,they're going to get better, and bravo for apologizing
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  • Blahh Blaahh Blahhhhh everyone listen to my big ego rant for i am GaltMachine master analyst of all things tech. Hello, delusional fool!


    Seriously, Cook is running Apple just fine. As evidenced by the record 5 million iPhones sold in the opening week.
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  • You guys should have seen google maps when they first came out. There were major blunders. Maps are only as good as the people who supply them.
    Customer feedback will improve the product. Be patient.
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  • Positive Equity,

    "Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]


    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.


    An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another person or object."
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  • The Apple world is very good at projection. In fact SJ's was very good at projection both personally and professionally although he learned from his mistakes even though I never noticed him admitting to the mistakes. This is often a trait of people who are perfectionists.


    So with Apple you get really good stuff consistently but they hate to admit mistakes. In this case, IMO, Cook knew this was shipped below grade.........he is not that stupid. But he felt compelled to take out Google so the strategic concern overrode the product decision.


    I need to start projecting at work.
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  • My 1st reaction is "what a non-issue." If you're smart enough to work an iPhone you should be smart enough to know where the hell you're going. I'm sure an update will fix the problem. Do you remember the stupid problems that arose when iPad was introduced? Most of them had to do w/ analysts not getting it as usual.


    While I'm here, how the hell can you be a highly paid analyst, predict 10Million sales in the 1st weekend and never bother to check on the inventory? Even Nigel from Spinal Tap knew "Well you can't sell something that doesn't exist." I guess these stupid analysts missed that day in business school.
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  • "The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another person or object.""


    ... so when you say AAPLbots are incapable of reason...
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  • " If you're smart enough to work an iPhone you should be smart enough to know where the hell you're going."


    You can't be serious?
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  • Dialtectical,


    Et tu.
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  • Galt, just saying you had a lovely definition of projection, but that cannon could be pointed anywhere. Yes, even me.


    If I said you were brilliant would that just be my projection talking? Oh, well, it's supposed to be a hidden fault... what if I said you were too brilliant for your own good?
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  • maybe some inventory was held out for the 22 countries today....
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  • DM,


    I appreciate the wit. For the record, I think we are both brilliant and the most interesting people I know.


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  • You know you can just download google map using Safari browser and add to to home screen... problem solved.

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  • Nice idea but it doesn't have the features of the google maps app such as traffic which is a great feature among others.
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  • It does have traffic where I live (East Coast) and so far has been very accurate. I was also in Prague this week and the maps got me around just great.


    I did notice one thing that I both like and also could be a problem. POIs on the map show up and disappear as you zoom in and out. One POI disappeared as I zoomed in and I wanted it to continue to show. I dropped a pin on it so I knew where I was going. I am sure this will get better and better.


    As a software product developer for the past 40 years, I would say Apple has done an admirable job with the iPhone 5 release.
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  • If anyone wants to do due diligence, They will quickly noticed that most of the user comments on the Internet that you will see about the map program are actually positive. I have use them to navigate Hungarian Geography, Backwoods American geography, Now this comment mentions Prague, I really think it's okay.
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  • Hi Kevin,


    I think the problem here has less to with the workaround, and more to do with the perception in both the consumer space and investment community.
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  • According to most of those two groups (consumer space and investment community) the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad where going to fail, don't listen to those if you need to make a big decision about buying or staying long, glad I brought lots of shares in Apple seven years ago, only wish I had gotten more.


    The 4th quarter 2012 will be the best quarter in Apple's history. A6 CPU, 250-300 million new iOS 6 user's before the end of the year, and a new iPad Mini too, map program Ha..Ha..if it was the only thing before the end of 2012 its importance would be greater but its not.
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  • " glad I brought lots of shares in Apple seven years ago, "


    OMG! Sell!! ;-)


    Seriously though.. haha
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  • Expectations for Apple products are very high, and deservedly so. With any other company a product like iMaps would be lauded as a great success. Apple will clean it up in a year.
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  • I personally don't care about the maps feature, but the above fix sounds easy enough for those who need the app. What's all the fuss???
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  • I agree with you. If the primary reason for buying a smart phone is the maps function, go and buy a Garmin product
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  • $69 at your local Walmart - I think using map on a phone is very dangerous while driving especially when you get a call or try to text at the same time :)
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  • Look at it this way, with a launch this size was it really possible to not have a fuss about something? I don't think so.
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  • The fuss comes mostly from those rejoicing in any Apple misstep. Jobs made several big mistakes through the years too, but knew how to fix his errors. Cook and Co will make some mistakes too, like the map flap (although it is so overdone as a 'problem'), but they will quickly recover. Next quarter will be a big one.
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  • Not really cause I am an apple product user and love it. However I do not have blind faith .... this is business and apple made a bad move. So why we do not just recognize this and move on.
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  • If you really care about the business aspect, then you can't help think this is a brilliant move on Apple's part.


    Think about it. Apple is no longer paying (through licensing) to help with Google's Android mapping development by feeding them mapping data from millions of iPhone users, just so that Google can withhold features from iOS in order to give Android an advantage in the marketplace.


    Apple now has control over it's own mapping database, and is no longer being held back by Google. Now iOS and Siri will have even greater access to location-based information, and can present it in a way that's more meaningful to the user. This is where Apple is going with their own Maps, and they had to do it with a major iOS release before the licensing agreement with Google expired.


    This will only add tremendous value to the Apple brand, at Google's expense most likely.
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  • Is quality control a foreign concept ? AAPL always had the choice to leave it as it was if it wasn't ready. The software manager on maps
    seriously dropped the ball. Iphone 5 gets a black eye because AAPl
    didn't know it wasn't ready. Unacceptaable. Cook needs a stern picture of Jobs in his office saying it doesn't go out the door until it is
    customer worthy.
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  • Anybody who has read the tech performance reviews on the i5 will quickly realized the i5 beats all phones hands down including the 4S, faster refresh, better camera software, color accuracy, etc. I will try and find the link to the nerdy webpage where I saw the info on all the tests as compared against other mobiles.
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  • This is not a product manager issue or QC issue. They knew they were shipping an inferior map app but they wanted to take Google off and that trumped QC.
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  • I think that Tim Cook should have been holding up the severed heads of the morons who make the management decision to launch Maps when he made the apology!
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  • rash


    How can he hold his own head? It is him.
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  • Google wouldn't give them the best product. So if they didn't make this move this story would've been Apple has inferior versions of Google maps
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  • Here you go, as requested.

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  • I wonder if those cars on the Fiat commercial are using the new iPhone 5?


    You know where you see them going into the ocean?


    Gotta have some humor in all this.
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  • They knew they were launching a major app, year 1 version and it matches if not exceeds Google map at year 1. Let us keep our perspective straight. It will quickly improve with time as more data are gathered and plugged into the app.
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  • Actually, the guy in charge of Maps development and implementation is Apple exec Scott Forstall, the senior vice president for iOS....He is the senior software guy at Apple...

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  • jobs made mistakes too. iphone 4 had antenna issues. even tho many say it's a non issue, apple gave free bumpers to resolve the problem.
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  • Aside from the tech nerds geeks most people don't know or care, search and maps are utility programs. The top 12-13 reasons to
    buy a smartphone. Note, the top seven are used 99%? of the time. iPhone sales will not be affected by lack of maps, search, or youtube.


    1. Phone
    2. Music (iPod)
    3. Web
    4. Email
    5. Texting (and all things social)
    6. Snapshots (Pictures taking and organizing)
    7. Games
    7a. Map program
    (Note the average person would use all the other functions more than a
    map program, most people tend to go to work, school, home, store 98%
    of the time. In other words they know where they are going.


    8. Check weather
    9. Calendar
    10. Keep Notes
    11. Banking
    12. Check stocks
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  • Being an apple product and stock owner I still consider this a slap in the face. Apple should have kept that last one year in the contract with google and have both maps and ASK users to help them to build another great product instead of launching a bad product, having to offer a half hearted apology and we still use google map. Sorry apple fans (me included) - this is still a slap in our faces. It is all about business.
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  • Google refused to allow turn by turn navigation on the iOS map. If Apple had stuck with with Google maps, The controversy would be why are iPhones the only premium smartphones without turn by turn navigation they had to pick their poison and I am glad they decided to try make their own product. it will be perfected in time and honestly I have been very happy with The program over the last few days!


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  • Consider yourself slapped. How about a thank you for the over 60% return you got this past year from Apple? My suggestion is for you is to sell the shares you own in Apple and buy NOK or RIMM stock. While you are at it slap yourself again for being a egotistical fool.
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  • I totally agree. Not having to pull out my GPS over the past few days has been a time saver; just touching an address in an email and going directly to turn-by-turn instructions in the maps app works well.
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  • If it is about business then getting rid of that parasitic company (Google) that is your direct competitor is the right thing to do, and while Apple is at it git rid of all their apps from your Appstore, after all Apple doesn't design any Android apps?. Doesn't need to.
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  • I respect your opinion and you should respect other's as well.
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  • I'm bothered most by the lack of even modestly good judgment in releasing a useless and sometimes laughable product under the Apple name. What I'd like to know is whether the problem can be sourced. If the question "who made what wrong decision when" cannot be answered and addressed, the era of big problems at Apple has begun. Caveat emptor!
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  • LOL
    You would know since your ego is such a big problem. Seriously who cares what you think about Apple. Get a life!
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  • fturhiano, do you own any aapl share? Sell them. I'll buy.
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  • Nonsense. I have been using the new map since I updated my 4s more often than the few years I have had Google map on my iPhone because the turn by turn signal work so well now. Bye bye Google, I do not miss your map one bit.
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  • Feedback on a product like this is essential.
    Its the data that is at fault not the software.
    Given the importance of the application for future marketing it was essential that Apple begin the process of truly great mapping app.


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  • kmf


    Consumers don't care about data versus applications. They want a great quality service now and assumed that is what they paid for.


    Imagine if every product was shipped like this. It would be unbelievably bad. Consumers would buy nothing. It is Apple's responsibility to make it great not consumers.


    I understand the game however and this was not about the consumer.
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  • "Imagine if every product was shipped like this"


    You must mean every OS from MSFT since DOS.
    The consumer is the ultimate (but unpaid) debugger. This is simply iMaps Version 1.0. Apple will beat Google at this too.
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  • "This is simply iMaps Version 1.0. Apple will beat Google at this too."


    You bet Skippy!


    Oracle taps Nokia for maps
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  • I think it is a testament to Apple that people expect Apple products to have such an aura of perfection that they can use words like "disaster" and "catastrophe" to describe the overblown flap over changing the maps application on iOS6. Put in the perspective of actual major fails like Microsoft Zune, Microsoft Vista, the cratering of RIM and Nokia, Google+, etc., I'd say that Apple Maps displaying distorted pictures of bridges is pretty minor.
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  • There are so many ways around the stupid Google Maps issue. Use the "Around Me" App and you will have access to Google Maps. Users of Apple Maps are not having any trouble functionally using the program with voice guidance. As a shareholder, I'm much more concerned about production supply issues. This too shall pass ...
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  • understand that this is not software that you make. It's not a word processor. where a Programmer simply adds features to get the desired results. This is a compilation of enormous amounts of data. You can't really work on it for another year because what perfects it is user refinement.


    Yesterday as I was driving around it successfully found every small local business I looked for. Even those businesses that had only been in the neighborhood for a couple months
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  • By suggesting subs try the app store . . Cook is calling complainers' bluff.


    Why? . . because he knows there's nothing better out there, for iPhone users of substandard (no voice) google maps on an iPhone.


    The simple fact that iPhone5 has voice, moves it miles ahead, and the few geographical errors (that will be fixed as identified are a small price to pay for the benefit of voice.


    A tempest in a teapot and Cook handled it well


    He's also saying . . .


    "me thinks thou dost protest too much"
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  • Very well put, GB!
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  • I've had voice on my Google maps for 2 years on my Droid.. what's the problem with getting voice going on the iPhone anyway? It's old tech.. good to see iPhone has it now, sort of.
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  • Luke,
    Of course you've had it on Droid.....that is what so many have seemed to miss about this situation. Apple didn't make a reckless decision "out of the blue". Google was giving Android turn by turn navigation all the while denying it to Apple...Apple wanted to integrate their own tech with Google maps for iOS, Google, Apple began developing their own app out of necessity....


    That is why, this whole time, I have been joking around that Google should provide second rate search algo for iOS.....because the end result would be the same....Apple would be forced to replace Google's program....
    1 Oct 2012, 03:10 AM Reply Like
  • Ronin,


    That's interesting about Google refusing to allow Apple integrate their own tech into google maps for iOS.. I didn't know that..


    In any case, voice is really required for driving, however non voice is fine for walking to the local farmers market. ;-)
    1 Oct 2012, 01:47 PM Reply Like
  • There is great pressure from the top to produce great technology fast..which is rarely possible .I have bin in R&D for many decades
    since the Apollo Moon Program..Sometimes it takes this long in planning, in order to bring the risk factor to almost zero...MEA CULPA,
    MEA CULPA...MEA MAXIMA CULPA...paul m sykes
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  • anyone ever think that erroneous gps guidance can have bad consequences?
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  • Darwin won't think so.
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  • I, for one am a little weary of the Apple/Google war that is a large distraction from doing business. That issue should have been buried with Jobs. If there is reason to sue Google/Eric Schmidt, get on with it. Otherwise forget it. in some circles Steve Jobs was considered insane; to keep his Google war alive is puffing life into that insanity.
    About three weeks ago I was prepared to make the big jump to an Apple computer. I bought a Macbook Air. I must have had a defect because it would lock up several times a day. They lost my contacts from Outlook. I finally returned it and am back on my boat anchor until there is a decent Ultrabook available.
    During this three week torture (maybe I am paranoid), I was certain that anything that I did that involved Google didn't work well and sometimes not at all.
    Cook better get his stuff together...risking the company over some crazy Jobs vendetta won't sit well with shareholders.
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  • get over it . If u need gps use Motionx, which is excellent imho. Or Waze which is FREE, does crowd sourcing and a bunch of other stuff. And I like both better than Google Maps which I used for years. Though I miss Location.
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  • Tim Cook has been shown not to live up to Jobs. Besides the play seemed like away from Google, when in fact they must have thought that still need Google. In drawing the maps and direct access to YouTube is almost like a fight, however humbly Cook should stick with Google products that are excellent.
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  • Apple cannot fight and block google; its products are superior (search, maps, ...). I have been a loyal apple user since the 80s*, but I'd boot apple if they continue this inane fight. Cook comes off to me as a Dale Carnegie type more than a Charlie Foster Kane, and his latest missive is an attempt in that direction.


    *Many were bought while Jobs was still alive, but no bets going forward. My loaded 17" macbook pro with retina is probably the best laptop I've ever owned.
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  • Indeed. Unfortunately for Apple, Google products are superior.


    Google Wave, Buzz, and Froogle come to mind, not to mention countless others I can't find anymore for some strange reason.
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  • Anybody who owns an index fund has a stake in AAPL voluntarily or involuntarily - 5% of the S&P500 and 19% of the QQQ's - so we all need it to succeed. Frankly it is kind of scary how much influence this company has over the equity markets and the average investor.


    Self-inflicted wounds are so unnecessary. They could have released a product that was at least as good as the one they replaced. That is the point. I don't understand why you would knowingly create negative PR for a product that has had such overwhelmingly positive hype in the buildup to its release.


    Hopefully they learn from this experience and it ends up being an isolated incident.
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  • Galt, You hit upon something vital. In the long-term, I think this could be a powerful positive impetus to make better products in the future.
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  • Maps is the least of their problems if you have tried more functional touch technology and are tired of an extortionist ecosystem. The parts shortage thing was evident moths ago, and logistics is supposes to be a CEO strength. This is all a joke.
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  • Every time I use Google mapping on my older iphone, a sponsored map listing also comes up for a business like a dry cleaners or flooring store or something with no relation to my search. And with it comes a colored pin. So, then I request the directions to my desired destination, and the damn system defaults to giving me directions to the sponsored search (small business) location, which is usually miles from the actual destination I intend. Really frustrating system.
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  • I still remember reading a news of 3 Japanese using Google Map on iPhone 4 for direction and landing up in sea and they car got stuck in the sand in one of the cities in Australia. This happened one and a half years back. So I don't understand all this noise about maps.
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  • Apparently TC did not chat with Regis McKenna as did SJ on "antenna gate" as did SJ and the message was not to apologize but go forward confidently. Tides are turning.
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  • "Apparently TC did not chat with Regis McKenna as did SJ on "antenna gate" as did SJ and the message was not to apologize but go forward confidently"


    Totally agree. An apology is an admission of fault.


    Shouldn't a done it, wasn't prudent
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  • When I read Apple had apologized my gut reaction was, this is not good. From a PR point of view, people will only get that Apple screwed up somehow. Better to just say, the phone is great, the map is good and we will be improving it, enjoy. I have a decent amount of stock (by my standards) and this (the apology) did bother me. The culture there is definitely changing, and I don't see that it is for the better.
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  • @Gary Bushwacher, @tom100 - right on, gents!
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  • Use bing maps
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  • As much as I worshipped Steve Jobs, lets not forget it was Jobs who decided to "go thermo nuclear on Google." This ultimately led to the decision to develop their own version of maps. And let's no forget that Steve also had issues with Adobe Flash which also prevented Apple users from being able to view videos on many, many web sites.


    This map issue is so overblown. Apple will get it right. In the meantime I've read countless posts from iPhone 5 users who say the map app is great.
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  • The point is apologizing is the wrong strategy. Of course, we can armchair-QB all we want. We aren't Tim Cook and he went the direction that made sense for AAPL. Don't go complacent and keep improving products, Tim.
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  • On the contrary, I can't help but admire the genius of the move and I know I'm not the only one who's written about it. Notice what Cook accomplished in his 'apology'.


    1. First, he's showing humility and Apple's concern for customers first, putting their needs over self interest by admitting fault then suggesting solutions. I'd bet that when Apple users are using that outsider app while still using Apple they aren't going to think, phew, thank God for NOK or MSFT. They'd be thinking instead, wow, what a great phone this is; even the company cared enough about me the user, to tell me about this outside app.


    2. Apple looks like a hero for suggesting even competitors' products at their own 'expense', possibly gettting loyalty points. This reminds me of that 'handsome apology' over the Tylenol incident. JnJ came off looking like heroes. I have little doubt many will admire Apple for the same this time. Forgiveness shouldn't be too hard.


    3. He then suggests 'alternatives' in such a casual aside as to say this isn't a big deal (why are you making a fuss over this one thing?) we have a problem we're working to fix, but hey meanwhile why don't you go try these second raters. It's the same thing we've done referring people to other competitors but doing it in such a subtlely dismissive way that the effect is powerful, often eliciting a contrary response.


    4. In listing the 'alternatives', he is careful to put Google and Nokia right at the back. This is a common enough business strategy; I saw this one straight away as we use it all the time in our own business when queried by clients who else they might try, we give a list and put our biggest competitor last. I like tacking them on almost as an afterthought. "Oh by the way, I hear xxx is also quite good at..." but of course AAPL weren't stupid enough to be this obvious.


    5. He listed the less significant ones first which accomplishes a couple of things
    i) Shunt interest to those who are less likely to threaten it
    ii) Hint that these other products just 'sprang' into mind first because they are superior to those we mentioned last.


    I don't think AAPL will have much to worry about. This might hurt in the near term, but it will blow over. Customers - and investors - have forgiven companies for much worse. AAPL's got a very large EBA with both.
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  • I suggest Cook did more in this single action to damage Apple image (and stock) than has been done in decades.


    The leader of an industry, a nation, a people does not issue an "opps". They circle the wagons, pull the team together, and work diligently to improve the situation.


    If he wanted to come across different than Jobs (who never would have something similar), if he wanted to demostrate humility; he was successful. Heck it's front page news in my Dallas Morning news. And I don't mean business section front, I mean FRONT. So now it's visible to the casual consumer, not just the investment geeks like you and I.


    I am NOT interested in seeing my flagship holding eroded (for no reason) for his humility. That is NOT how to run the world's leading company.


    The fanboys (of which I am one) will say . . "oh, but it's a buying opportunity"


    And whilst I do not disagree with that (because the fundamentals all are good), the damage to image was totally unnecessary, and will haunt us for a long time. Nobody talks about antennagate today, but they will talk about mapsgate. Cook put it in the map (pun intended - see I haven't lost my sense of humor)
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  • Honestly, if we as consumers want great products and want to be told the truth we need to permit our leaders to apologize. Human beings are fallible. They will make mistakes. The mistakes they make will be less egregious and more easily corrected if they aren't crucified when they do.


    When you say an apology is merely an admission of fault, You are treating every single apology as insincere. Apologies are many other things. They are Acknowledgment that the wronged party is valuable and therefore worthy of an apology. I would say that this is good message to send to consumers. And they're also an implicit promise that you could've done better and will do better in the future. Think about it, how much of the Exaggerated response\to any flaws in Apple products is caused by this Fetish with perfectionism?


    Basically, Apple has to act as if they have no flaws, and then the public gets to crow at them every time they are shown to be merely human.


    I am more comforted by a company that admits mistakes than by one that tries to pretend it never makes any and believes that I am stupid enough to buy it.
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  • I disagree. I think apologizing is what good companies do when they goof. Perception is reality, so it does not matter how many people thought maps was fine or how many cities it got right. It matters that people were making fun of this substandard product. By apologizing and committing to work hard on it and to keep customer's first, Apple is showing not just "humility" but the idea that they will not ignore the user experience going forward as some have suggested this app signals.


    Corporate apologies are always strategic, and it is worth seeing how this plays out before assuming that "showing weakness" is a bad thing. If Apple is to move the spotlight on to the next things on its calendar (like iPad mini and q4 earnings) it needed to put this issue to bed. By coming out with a statement, it has taken a lot of the steam out of the story of how bad the map app is. In a few days, the media will be ready for the next big deal from Apple. There will be far fewer headlines asking "Can Apple's New Mini Overshadow the Maps Debacle?" than there would be if this was allowed to fester.
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  • Beautifully said Applocrat.
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  • Gary,
    Jobs probably would have apologized for the situation as well.....people are too quick to supposedly sniff out differences between Jobs and Cook.....


    "pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4 ......resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties"
    -Steve Jobs



    As far as the rest of what I think about apologizing, my colleagues have said it better than I can....
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  • exactly, most people will only hear that Apple screwed up, and will think "Gee, I thought Apple was perfect and that's why I am paying a premium; so maybe I should look elsewhere." The negative news is way overblown, but it is what it is. Still, I am sticking with Apple as it is one of the few great things in a sea of crap we are surrounded with.
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  • Whoa there folks.


    I’m not suggesting never apologize; right or wrong, goof or no goof. I not suggesting cover-up. I do think genuine mistakes should be acknowledged and apologized for. That in itself is good business


    What I am suggesting is - there was no goof, but apologizing makes it one, it legitimizes the possibility. The original statement from Apple, and I paraphrase “Apple maps is a new app launch and will continue to be developed and enhanced; and since it is cloud based, easily updated”. That’s all that need be said.


    @DM . . . a couple of thoughts on your points


    Re “perception is reality”. I certainly agree with that concept, but my point is Cook “broadened” perception (unnecessarily) through his apology to the vocal few, which created reality. So now we DO have a problem, because broader perception (and his apology) validates it as such. In my mind we don’t have a problem, we have a better maps app (voice) that is under development. You can make a case that it was launched too soon, but that’s another issue.


    Re “corporate apologies are strategic and designed for a reason”. Agree and agree . . . that is might have been designed to turn the page and move on. I can accept that; but I still wouldn’t have done it. Cook has only legitimized a minor issue; and Apple didn’t need to do that.
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  • Fair points, Gary. I don't know much about how bad the map app is or isn't. I do know this. Google had my address improperly placed all the way on the other side of my block until about two months ago. Bing still does. Apple has my address pinned properly right at the exact location of my house... BUT, when I ask it for just the street, it tells me it will take six minutes to drive there and takes me to a place which is several blocks from where I live and a street that is NOT the street I live on. And I live in the US where I've heard this app is better than the rest of the globe. Further, It can properly identify where my office is, but unlike Google Maps, it doesn't show the names (or even existence) of all the private streets on the hospital and university campus where my main office is located. So in other words, it has the place-name, but the streets (and their names) are invisible.


    Because I can see these two noticeable flaws in my own tiny sample of where I live and work, I can only imagine that many others are finding flaws that are not as spectacular as the well worn ones on the web but which are still little missing niceties or glitches. I was not ready to throw Google maps out the window when it placed my house a quarter mile from where it really is, and I know many people will tolerate the little quirks of Apple Maps as well.... But if nearly everyone has these little quirks, it does seem that the problem was so big that blowing it out of proportion was not much of a risk.


    Apple restores my faith by telling me that it knows it should not take six minutes to drive from my house to the street where I live and that it is working to correct the problem.
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  • Good points Gary, I too was worried that he had validated the problems beyond what it merited, but I see a legitimate motive behind the statement. Apple plans to aggresively roll out this phone to many different geographies. If the maps program is faulty, each new region could expose more blemishes.
    Without an apology, the perception that Apple was supremely arrogant could continue building. I think Cook's apology spoke to that perception of ARROGANCE more than it addressed the maps issue itself.


    And that, more than the dysfunctional program, seemed to me at least to be at the heart of this "outrage." People were bewildered by Apple replacing a feature that wasn't, according to the users, broken with a less polished version. The only rationale most users could find for this was arrogance and disdain for the customers on Apple's part.


    By apologizing and reaffirming their commitment to the quality of the user experience, even to go so far as to suggest using another company's products, I think they defused the most damaging potential outcome of the incident.
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  • Ultimately, the maps application will be judged on its performance. And, if the performance is not that bad, consumers will come to look upon the complaints as hyperbole, and they see Apple's apology (if they remember it at all) as a sign of Apple's attentiveness to its customers. Imagine user picks up the phone uses maps, maps works reasonably well, user thinks.. gee this was a big deal?" And here is I believe the core of Apple's strength (pun intended) They know they have enough brand value that smartphone customers will give their product a shot. They feel that when the customer tries the product the customer will like it.


    I often think that the we are so worried about alienating doesn't really exist, at least not in very large numbers. They are people who were interested in buying an iPhone, but only on the supposition that it was perfect. And more importantly, they are willing to absolutely abandon even trying the product based on a bit of bad press regarding one feature.


    I don't think most people shop that way.
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  • Agree Gary. I keep saying this but it keeps falling on deaf ears - that you go on as business as usual. That is what corporate communications is all about - you state, offer solutions because you focus on the user experience, restate your values, and align with key messages. This is usually AAPL's m.o. There is a time and place for apologies - this was not one of them and as Gary notes above, this will bring extra attention, extra attention that AAPL doesn't need. Also, when they pulled the genius commercials, I didn't hear, read or see AAPL saying "sorry we aired those commercials" - they pulled them silently and moved on. A statement AAPL is focused on the user experience and are dedicated to improving their products is good enough. Geez, guys, much ado about nothing.
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  • maybe our governing powers should study Tim's, that wouldn't happen, morals and ethics yah right,....
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  • i saw a pretty lame comment how a guy nearly got lost walking to a farmers market....oh my....
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  • Then he should lookup and see.
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  • Thanks scott :\


    Actually the story was that I used walking maps to my benefit.
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  • @Luke .... Don't think I didn't see your last weeks worth of aapl bashing.....this one comment you made in a reply to DM .really set the tone for my comment...".With regard to Apple being a good investment, that is for the individual to determine; personally I do not think so, not at these levels and especially with the lack of innovation and quality going into the iPhone 5". lack of quality? no innovation? come on...they set the bar for all others to try and copy....I know you are long msft and nok that is fine good luck...
    i hope it works out for you....I don't feel like I have to put a aapl rival down to make aapl a better investment....I do poke fun at Rimm only because of the pumpers that think declining margin products profits market share yoyoy is a good healthy investment...


    When I did make my statement I did not associate your name with it.....
    as far as maps go cnbc had lots of fun showing a flat Eiffel tower and melted Brooklyn bridge over and over.....I recently heard there is a isle map app for shoppers so they can go straight to correct place without having to walk in wrong direction....hilarious to me.....the women shoppers I encounter in stores are usually overweight sucking on a whip cream 2200 calorie mocha latte with an empty shopping cart texting and clogging up the isles by parking there..... a little extra walking isn't going to hurt anyone....:-]
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  • and further, on a real side by side comparison test other than a few funny architectural glitches imaps not so bad ....
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  • Part of this is semantics. A part. Good companies act, they do not react. Communications is all about making a statement, providing solutions, going back to re-emphasizing values and key messages and you move on. No apologies. Honestly, as a long-time AAPL customer and investor, I don't give a damn Tim Cook is apologizing, I do give a damn about what he is doing to improve products, stay innovative, etc.
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  • Wow, look at all the brilliant people!
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