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Marissa Mayer has given birth to a boy, her husband tweets. Mayer, who took over as Yahoo's...

Marissa Mayer has given birth to a boy, her husband tweets. Mayer, who took over as Yahoo's (YHOO) CEO in July, has said she'll take a maternity leave of only a few weeks, and plans to "work throughout it." Update: Yahoo says Mayer will return to the company after 1-2 weeks.
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  • This is relevant....really!
    1 Oct 2012, 12:34 PM Reply Like
  • Actually, it is, if it slows down Mayer's turnaround plans a little. As you might've noticed, Mayer and the rest of Yahoo's leadership has its hands full these days.
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  • Mayer is an egomaniac ... I mean, c'mon, you're 7 months pregnant and take on the job of SAVING YAHOO, and now you're going to "work throughout" your maternity leave ... to prove what, exactly? That you're an egomaniac? That you're a superwoman at business, in addition to being a superwoman in rooty-tooty SFO social life?


    Just give it up, Yahoo employees.


    You continue to get paychecks only because it gives Ms. Mayer satisfaction to do so. It's her world ... unlike Yahoo customers (who've abandoned it), you must live in it.
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  • The amusing thing about this is that the Board that hired her had to know she was pregnant so they clearly don't have the sense of urgency that needs to be there to turn this titanic around.


    This should be a 24 hour job at this point and it's obvious the CEO won't be there for a while during some pretty critical times.


    As an investor, I would be POed.
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  • Just give the activist investor his cash payout from the Alibaba divestiture ... and stall the few Yahoo employees who are actually employable elsewhere from leaving until he winds down the rest of his stake. Anything else is gravy.
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  • my yahoo mail has been down for 2 hours--third time in the last two weeks--running out of patience
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  • These politically-correct bedtime stories about nurturing-mom CEO's make it easy to understand why some companies are so screwed up. The competition doesn't take time off for babies.
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  • another politically correct, dumb ass, super mom
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  • Wow SA commenters this is a new low even for you.
    You guys ever hear of telecommuting? You guys make it sound like all the male CEOs of the world work every day in the office.


    Of course the board realized she was pregnant when they hired here. They were probably rational thinking people and knew that they had ways to work around it.
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  • Rhianni,


    I apologize for seeming insensitive, I am simply looking at it with a non-emotional eye and drawing a reasonable conclusion from that observation. This is not a male or female thing, it is biology.


    Nothing wrong with a pregnant CEO. There is something wrong with having a CEO in charge of a turnaround situation who doesn't have a 100% focus on the task. You don't "telecommute" a turnaround.


    You need to instill a can-do, never say-die culture from day 1 in a turnaround and this sends an odd message to the employees of Yahoo which explains why she goes to great pains to say it will only be a short maternity leave. She understands that time is of the essence.


    Just look at Steve Jobs who turned around AAPL. He was obsessed with that process from the day he was brought on board and not even illness could take him away from the job. I am not saying that is a personally healthy attitude but it certainly is an investor healthy attitude.
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  • Galt,


    Keep your ammo dry. The pro-Mayer camp wants to lionize her for "being a hard-charging woman who juggles the demands of a Silicon Valley company while burping the baby (and looking glamorous to boot)."


    They don't care about business fundamentals or executive focus. They really don't. These are ideas that are completely foreign to them. They read "FastCompany" and "Mashable" for their news, not SEC filings.
    1 Oct 2012, 02:56 PM Reply Like
  • Its not really an insensitive thing. What people personally think of her choice in how she handles her pregnancy isn't important.
    This will be gone in a couple weeks I doubt that Yahoo will collapse in that time.


    Steve Jobs took leaves of absence for his health. He did great things and lead phenomenal growth at AAPL but lets not canonize him here.
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  • And Mayer herself will be gone in 16 months (already on the clock, so like 13 months left). This is just a joyride for the near-billionaire. Her chance to one-up Sheryl Sandberg.
    2 Oct 2012, 10:39 AM Reply Like
  • I'm pulling for her. Cramer thinks the stock will go up maybe to $22.00. It's now about $16.00.


    Should you buy some? Why not?
    1 Oct 2012, 09:34 PM Reply Like
  • Should have been pushing for her, instead of pulling, but it is too late, anyway.
    2 Oct 2012, 01:29 AM Reply Like
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