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Accenture (ACN) has bought Nokia Siemens' (NOK, SI) IPTV software assets for an undisclosed sum....

Accenture (ACN) has bought Nokia Siemens' (NOK, SI) IPTV software assets for an undisclosed sum. The consulting/outsourcing giant plans to integrate the software with Accenture Video Solution, a software platform that allows service providers to deliver Internet-based video services. Money-losing NSN has been aggressively shedding both assets and jobs.
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  • NOK continues on with their restructuring plan -- pretty soon the market is going to realize they are not another RIMM...


    All the very best,
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  • My only worry is that people will do that before I can increase my position!
    1 Oct 2012, 01:35 PM Reply Like
  • I increased in europe morning so up 4%, and buy more if it goes 10-15% deeper
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  • NSN is turning around much faster than anticipated. The '12 Q2 return to profitability is just the start. With (by far) the largest portfolio of LTE patents, NSN will transition into a growth unit in '13. (given the projected adoption and infrastructure spending on LTE.)


    Nokia is also finally aggressively monetizing its Navteq unit with all the deals signed this month. The Apple maps PR debacle helped, so do 3d party sign ups worried about potential Goog/Appl lawsuits.


    Too bad, most people who haven't done their DD on Nokia focus on just one of their business units.
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  • Dont worry p0zz, Nokia is being heavily shorted.
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  • You should have a look to chinese and indias consumer sites.
    And Nokia is still there....


    Most discussed new smartphone.
    1. Miu2 the strongest phone out chinese production quadcore ...
    2. Lumia 920
    6. Iphone 5


    So dont be surprised to see a shortsqueeze in the future
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  • So what does this deal do for Nokia's bottom line?


    How much, exactly, does this help Nokia shore up its cash burn problem?
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  • DVL, it's like rain drops - today it's this deal with (ACN) and yesterday it was Nokia's deal with Oracle. "Besides the deal with Oracle, Nokia has recently announced contracts with car makers BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Korean Hyundai, which will all use Navteq map data in some of their vehicles.


    Garmin will also start using Nokia data on transit services and walking routes to power a new Urban Guidance feature, which will be available as part of its Navigon app for Android and iOS."


    While each rain drop is small by itself, they are quickly gathering together to tell a much better story of recovery.


    We are also now starting to see pricing and availability of Nokia phones. If Microsoft doesn't screw the pooch over Windows 8, we could see some huge leaps in Nokia's stock price over the next three months.


    Long Nokia
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  • At this rate, Nokia may reach $4 by 2014.
    2 Oct 2012, 01:32 PM Reply Like
  • DVL, lets talk about the cash burn problem after Oct 18.
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  • Fine, but this is the THIRD quarter in a row where someone was telling me to just "wait until they report".


    It never seems to help this stock.
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  • I am not such a long time in Nokia.


    Cash burn so far i saw nearly stopped between Q1 and Q2 2012, guess Q3 maybee we see some. But they should have enough for 12-18 month.


    Now they have competive feature phones in the market ( asha line) since 3 month and competive smartphones (Lumia line ) from next month in my opinion.


    Added 1 billion " new " consumers ( china mobile and india), and a few of them will like WP8 and Lumia.


    And cash burning business units like NSN are black now instead red. Navteq generate a slight profit .


    Sure we all are speculating 18.10 Q3 numbers, end of the month WP8 launch, and short time after that the first real Lumias in the test.


    Hope no big bugs, mistakes and too awfull numbers :)
    2 Oct 2012, 11:19 AM Reply Like
  • p0zz, i have exactly the same view as you..
    still feel not enough with my current position.
    1 Oct 2012, 08:40 PM Reply Like
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