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"I would like to have done better," says Nokia (NOK +0.2%) CEO Stephen Elop regarding the...

"I would like to have done better," says Nokia (NOK +0.2%) CEO Stephen Elop regarding the company's early Windows Phone (MSFT) sales: he thinks WP 7.5 didn't give Nokia enough room to stand out, and believes its marketing needed to be more effective. But Elop won't second-guess his decision to back WP instead of Android, a move that's increasingly questioned as Nokia's total smartphone sales plunge. He also claims to have "no indications" Microsoft is working on a smartphone, in spite of rumors. (HQ sale) (also)
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  • Elop has failed completely. He has sunk a once great company wby insisting on a risky and unhedged strategy which made NOK totally dependent on MSFT while MSFT is not bound by such exclusivity or non-compete clause. I am not sure if Elop has the intersts of NOKIA shareholders in mind, but he knows he has failed and tries to please MSFT to take him back once he is fired by NOK for excessive destruction of shareholder value. Hiring ELOP has cost NOK shareholders more than 30 billion dollars!!
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  • NOK was sunk before Elop was hired. He was seen as their last chance to survive. Marketing certainly could have been better for the Lumia 900 but it is a way better phone than any of the iPhone series. What we need is for Windows 8 and the Lumia 920 to come out SOON along with a HUGE advertising campaign. Even then MSFT and NOK are both going to continue to suffer unless they can convince developer to hugely increase applications for the platform. The Nokia apps on the 900 are really superb.
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  • I made a risky bet on Nokia for these reasons: 1) MSFT needs them to be successful and will be going the extra mile to make it happen; 2) they are focused on a variety of products for the GLOBAL market with a host of different price points; 3) they have spent a LOT of money on research and have a stable of valuable patents and the new products are great; 4) Windows 8 development has a high ROI since the apps are the same across the phone, tablet and PC devices; 5) the really important apps will be there -- the ones that have to be there for success; 6) AT&T, Verizon and the other providers would like to have at least 3 major suppliers to protect themselves by being kept hostage - they want Samsung to have competition so they will also go the extra mile; 7) announcing before the iPhone 5 without pricing was smart -- it made iPhone the me-too product and allowed them to come in under the iPhone pricing without giving away the store; 8) and lastly, their focus on cheaper handsets in India and China will pay big dividends -- IF -- their marketing is effective and broad. Nokia doesn't need to be Apple, it needs to be competitive with Samsung on a global basis and the stock will double, maybe triple, in the next year. I am hopefully confident!
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  • Maybe Nokia was slightly falling down but it wasn't as crucial as it is at the moment, and mostlty that was due to the new competitors like iPhone and Android powered phones...
    But Hang on, Nokia had the solution, it developed and improved Symbian significantly even before Devil sent Elop came to Nokia, In addition , Nokia ,also invented a marvelous linux-based OS called Maemo and followed by Meego and it was to grow up to Meltemi.
    Now Tell me, who shut down Meltemi? Who Discontinued Meego? Who Under-powered Symbian? All These disasters and market share losses happened WHEN/AFTER Elop came to Finland so it's not Nokia's fault my friend.
    Just imagine, even after two years of row lossing lumias Elop still insists on Windows phones! You See how crazy is he? My Biggest Question from Elop is, Nokia N9 and Lumia800 were launched together(well, it Was close) and according to stats N9 strongly out Sold lumia800 and Almost Every one loved N9 And it received the greatest Reviews And Also Won The Design Oscar.... Okay,With All of This Potential, why You Killed It? I Just want a logic answer from him,is it a big Request? It's A planned execution From Microsoft.
    Okay,you want to bring people windows phones? You're Welcome,no one interfers,but give us the right of choosing! Bring Symbian/Meego or windows smart phones and let your customer select!
    He Does not deserve to be Nokia CEO....
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  • i'm using lumia 900 and my wife is using iphone 3s (32gb storage) with just upgraded ios6.
    by comparison, i found lumia 900 outperforms iphone, at lease 5 circles in a car rally, in terms of camera quality & related apps, peoples connections to social networks and skydrive sharing, services in map, drive, transit, city lens, etc., display (AMOLED) particularly under sun light, virtual keyboard, universal USB connector...
    but i found one reality: an excellent product without good promotion thru media is no help to business.
    people are ignorance and they are needed to be told and be aware.
    nokia and microsoft must do better marketing this time!
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  • I don't know who it is calling the WindowPhone move a bad idea but that ship has sailed, it isd proven daily how good of an idea it was and with WP8 migrating to the NT kernal this is an earth moving event, and bodes bright things for the future of any company tied to the platform.


    Elop's assessment of Android was spot on, and in light of the 'two turkeys do not an eagle make' comment history ( , WindowsPhone was truly the best option. (The alternatives - or other 'turkeys' - being: Meego, Symbian, WebOS, Blackberry)
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  • I don't think it happens often kmi but I agree with you on this one. People are writing off Nok left and right turning it into the proverbial 'dark horse' can't wait to hear that bell ring.
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  • Why would Elop back a fracturing technology in Android? Everyone wants to "own" their own OS now to profit off of search and localization of ad deals.


    Amazon already has a clear path for a divergent flavor of android meant to be a virtual Amazon marketplace.


    Samsung is "developing" their "own OS" which is another divergent flavor of Android with the intention of signing deals with the Asian search engines.


    HTC is already doing the same thing... they are learning from the Apple lawsuits and need to "own" their own OS.


    This fracturing will essentially confuse and clog up the "Android Ecosystem" with customers being "locked in" to only specific android features of that maker. This divergence will be Android's undoing.
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  • It is obvious, when you look at the Amazon ratings of the Lumia 900 ( being vastly higher than any other phone ), that Windows phone once experienced is preferable to the others. This has everything to do with the active tiles in the interface. The other choice being the stale stationary grid of Android or IOS. This is the primary difference and the reason the choice Elop made was the correct one. It is the next evolutionary step in smart phones. Any other decision would have been safer but would not have given Nokia the chance of becoming a market leader again. Now with Windows phone 8 you not only get Christmas in your hand but you also get the ability to run every app that every system offers and this, when combined with their camera technology, gives Nokia a phone that cannot be matched by anyone anytime soon.
    Elop has also led Nokia back to competitiveness with the feature phone Asha line. The last news on this came about a month ago from Forbes and it stated that the Asha was wildly successful outselling the cheaper Androids 7 to 1. As a matter of fact all the non speculative news on Nokia the past two months has been positive with a huge amount of new contracts for Navtech and NSN.


    This captain isn't drunk and steering toward rocks. He's chartered the right course and will bring this ship safely in.


    Long Nokia
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  • There was nothing wrong with the decision. Whats wrong is the execution. Its terrrible. Its not fast enough. The marketing stinks. The PR stinks. Where is the phone? I've heard its good but I dont see it, I never hear it advertised, no one has ever heard about it. If a tree falls in the forsest and there is no one to hear it fall, does it make a sound?Elop would fail marketing 101. But that has nothing to do with the phone does it.
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  • kata,
    Couldn't agree more, great product awful execution. How do they show the phone on the 5th of September and then not have a date/price in hand to tell people.


    NOK / MSFT dropped the ball huge in the marketing and execution department and they should all be fired for it.


    That being said, I'm still holding off on buying a new phone until I can get hands on experience with Win 8 and the Lumia 920.
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  • Most companies won't advertise until the product becomes mildly successful. Nokia has to be a little tight with the money for obvious reasons. That's why I'm asking everyone right now who has a Lumia to show it off a little. Let people see it in action. You'll be surprised by the positive reaction and that reaction will confirm your original investment decision.


    Long Nokia
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  • That's the thing though. Nokia needs to advertise and they are being "handed" a budget to do so. Nokia has already put out comparison for the camera, and today they have launched a commercial stating change is coming with Lumia.


    Once pricing is settled they need to do a huge push, and I believe ATT will be pushing hard again in general with WP8. If not MSFT has the deep pockets to feed the consumers an amazing ad campaign. The surface teaser was awesome, it definitely got me excited. We need the same for WP8 and Nokia Lumia 920/820
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  • In the US AT&T was a horrible partner for Windows phones. Despite the lip service they gave to the launch of the 900 they still pushed Apple at every opportunity. This happened at both the retail and website marketing channels. Until the carriers get behind the platform in the US Windows will be a distant third ecosystem.
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  • Which I agree with. ATT screwed the pooch and I would think MSFT is going to lean on them hard for better results.
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  • Now that Apple is in the dog house with the iPhone 5 and their "here be monsters" mapping, things might change.

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  • So did they really drop the ball? They've got you waiting.......
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  • If Elop had zeroed out the dividend, Nokia would have hundreds of millions to spend on marketing.
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  • An admission to not have performed to oneself greatest expectations is the first step to accept change.
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  • If Nokia were doing as well as the Nokia supporters on SA say they are doing then Nokia's stock price would be triple its current quote.
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  • By that same logic, why do stocks seemingly change direction and drop or rise by 50,100,200,even 1000% over the course of a year -- or less? By your theory, unless some specific event is to blame, Mr. Market should always know everything and understand everything about every company and the only factor that influences a stock price is day to day events. Hogwash. The market is wrong all the time. Why were stocks worth 20% less in October 2008 than a month prior?


    In this case, many of us believe Mr. Market will be proven wrong, that there are factors not being considered.
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  • @skiz:


    If we were talking about a day, week, month, quarter or even year then you'd have a point.


    But I've enjoyed reading cheerleader comments on Nokia here since late 2010. Despite all the "rah-rah Nokia is turning it around" fantasies tossed about here Nokia (in the real world) has gone from $11 down to below $1.65.


    Recently NOK bounced off a temporary bottom so some (just a few) here who got in late have made good money. I wonder how many of them are hedged.


    Anyway, no one likes it when somebody brings up audited financials because Nokia's are quite ugly. Its always about the super cool products that are oh so much better than Apple's products.


    I have to laugh because Nokia could make the World's Greatest Phone™ and it won't matter a bit if it doesn't sell. So far, Nokia's roll-outs and "advertising" seem to be designed for the admittedly great Lumia phones to gather dust on back shelves behind iPhone displays.


    So you can talk about how Mr. Market is wrong all you want but now we are going on three years of Mr. Market being so-called wrong and Nokia's financials are backing up what Mr. Market is saying.


    Mr. Market is trying to teach you people something. I have a feeling in the next two to three quarters most of you will have woken up to the reality of the situation:


    Nokia is a woefully managed company whose "leadership" could turn gold into coal.


    Sorry but the financials back me up 100%.
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  • Elop has flopped. What else is there to say?
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  • You may be right but let's see what happens after the phones start shipping and the retail salespeople and consumers get their say. Nokia, like Samsung, and unlike Apple, is not a one-trick pony. They have a stable of high quality products aimed at a diverse global market -- not just the high end US market. It's a big world and the Nokia offensive is still in the staging period.
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  • I don't understand how anyone can say that Elop has flopped - the phone hasn't even been released yet - the hype is palpable on the L920 - read the blogs, read the tech sites, check the YouTube comments - people are excited for this phone. There is a legit buzz. There is also a legit buzz on what a dissapointment the iPhone5 has been. perfect timing to "strike while the iron is hot" Let's give NOK/MSFT a chance and see how the phone sells before we claim it is a flop and the company is done. Quite possible this early announcment late release is planned - get it out before the iPhone to draw comparisons, then wait til the iPhone Frenzy slows so that you are not just an afterthought. Now with the iPhone Map Debacle it's just icing on the cake.
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  • I couldn't agree more... I have wondered if waiting until November isn't intentional... wait until iPhone fever drops, and then own the conversation from there until the iPhone 6 hype starts. Yes, you miss out on everyone upgrading from 4S to 5, but those people weren't likely to be swayed anyway. It's the disgruntled Android and RIM and net new customers that matter.
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  • These percentages may be out of date. However, Windows is a Universal Operating System and probably represents at least 70% or more of the installed p.c. base plus laptops and other pads


    I would think the the interchangability of information between these Windows units will be more efficient than useing the Iphone or IPad or an Apple pc to talk to the various units not under the Apple label.


    This MS Operating System is a large universe to latch onto.
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  • PC is going out of favor. IPADs are in. Keep up with trend of time. Mundane uses for a common person is satiable with just an IPAD or alike. What an anachronistic concept!
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  • AT&T is not doing Nokia any favors....I went to the store to buy the new Lumia 900 in April 2012 and the sales associates were not at all helpful. Things might change this time around. Just the other day I went back to check out the iphone 5. Very disappointed. I also handled the iphone 4S.....what do people see in those phones? It's true, people are just wanting apple just because a friend has one etc. And then a red neck ( sorry ) walks in and truly couldn't afford the iphone 4S but caved in....something wrong with this whole picture. Of all the phones I looked at the Nokia Lumia 900 was the best hardware and we know how good the software is. And the worst part of my visit to the at&t store was they had just ONE Nokia phone on display!
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  • A corporate clandestine plan to dismantle even a remote chance of Nokia's resurgence. What Apple offers to AT&T for selling IPhones will eternally remain a mystery.
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  • AT&T Is Said to Unveil Nokia’s Lumia 920 Tomorrow (4th Oct) ??
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  • It smells like opportunity being seized.


    Long Nokia :-]
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  • Not a chance of releasing happening. AT&T will probably announce the available sales date, at best.
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  • Don´t miss this one.


    1,6 Gbts mobile LTE from Nokia Siemens Network

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  • Don't miss this as well.
    Even though might just be a rumour.
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  • Maybe a strategic partnership with China Mobile is the thing to target. Or maybe Deutshe/MPCS. Verizon and ATT are in the tank.
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