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Vringo (VRNG +33%) skyrockets after the judge overseeing the company's legal battle with Google...

Vringo (VRNG +33%) skyrockets after the judge overseeing the company's legal battle with Google (GOOG) denies Google's request for a summary judgment, and orders the companies to engage in settlement talks on Oct. 9. Barring a settlement, a trial is set to begin on Oct. 16. Many SA writers have been discussing Vringo/Google in recent weeks.
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  • Here we go....
    3 Oct 2012, 01:04 PM Reply Like
  • WHAT GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!


    Much of the content of the legal arguments contained in GOOGLE's Motions For Summary Judgment is the crux of the legal arguments that GOOGLE will present in court -- the backbone of their defense. Since the judge has determined that the Motions are without merit leaves GOOGLE in an extremely weak position.


    The handwriting is on the wall.


    Vringo's position has now been immeasurably strengthened, and the chances are that there will be a lucrative settlement. Under the current circumstances, GOOGLE dares not go to trial and risk the serious ramifications that would follow, not only as it concerns the monetary award but the adverse effect on the core of their business..


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  • Are you long VRNG surfnspy?...this is the payback for our STVI trades! lol
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  • Holy Cow! Was STVI a disaster or what! I took a 40%+ haircut on that name!


    Yes I am long VRNG at $2.97 :-)
    3 Oct 2012, 01:14 PM Reply Like
  • nice entry point...Also long 6560 shares @ $3.26 :)
    you win some you lose some...take a look at SRPT...bought that last month @ $13.75 (1000 shares) and sold out 5 days later @ $14.75 for a quick $1k profit... up to $41.80 today!!
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  • "you win some you lose some"


    But you live to trade another day :-)
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  • where does VRNG go from here?
    3 Oct 2012, 04:01 PM Reply Like
  • My guess is $ettlement??? If they settle with GOOG seems to me like anyone else VRNG went after would want to do the same.
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