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Is it a Romney rally? "I like coal... people in the coal industry feel like it's getting crushed...

Is it a Romney rally? "I like coal... people in the coal industry feel like it's getting crushed by your policies," Mitt Romney said in last night's debate. Arch Coal (ACI +8.7%), which Brean Murray analyst Lucas Pipes says has more leverage to the domestic thermal coal market, continues to push higher (earlier). Also: JRCC +10.8%, ANR +6.2%, CNX +5.8%, WLT +5.1%, BTU +4.4%.
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  • There's a new Japanese saying...


    You can wipe soot off.
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  • Wipe it off your lungs? Out of the atmosphere? I'm sure "the Japanese" are aware there's many more substances in coal emissions than soot. How do you wipe off co2?
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  • Smokestack nastiness? Scrubbers. CO2? Vegetation...algal blooms. Algae actually thrives in warmer temps with higher CO2 levels...
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  • "I like coal. I support clean coal"
    If there is no such thing as clean coal does that mean he actually doesn't support coal? Seriously, most contradictory two sentences ever. But yes, coal stocks are cheap.
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  • It wasn't worded very well honestly. The term clean coal isn't literal and although greenies tout it as such no one in the coal industry truly believes in the literal definition. Coal is coal and using it has consequences just like everything else in life.


    (The below isn't targeted at Akram's Razor just a general feeling I have).


    There are ways to reduce the effects of burning coal and the world should actively invest in those technologies. But it just isn't good enough yet, it's way to expensive and unproven. CCS is basically putting the 'bad stuff' in the ground and hoping that it never seeps out of the ground.


    We need to drop this rabid polarization and start talking reasonably with each other. We'll do way more good working together to correct past wrongs and make a better future if we stop fighting about every little thing.


    Lets put some scientists and researchers to work by subsidizing research for cleaner uses of coal the same way we do other technologies (we probably are in some ways just stating it). While we are at it bring in some collage and high school kids to do tours and get them interested in the sciences where we are woefully falling short.


    Enough of my pontificating for now
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  • Very well said- thank you for your post. Seems so much on SA is taking a strident harsh tone versus reasoned debate.
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  • How do you short The Big Bird?


    May be short Mattel and Hasbro, for Mr. Romney is going to scare the .... out of little kids by killing The Big Bird so they will never go near anything that makes them smile.
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  • By the way; This is stupid, rallying based on one debate is just foolish nothing is better for coal unless Romney actually wins, and the odds are still not in his favor.
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  • A Romney win will be good for coal stocks and the effort to move the U.S. toward energy independence. Obama's EPA is working to impose draconian regulations on the U.S. coal industry to effectively implement aspects of the cap and trade bill that was rejected by the Congress. Romney will reverse course and get those coal powered electricity plants smoking again.
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  • Ha! Romney is (was) for cap and trade ! How exactly does energy independence work? Only if there is either government ownership of the energy companies (almost all countries) or other contracts that FORCE then to sell the output in the U.S., instead of exporting...that is why drill baby drill or keystone is a all goes overseas where it commands higher prices...the U.S. government should get in the energy business on our public a non-profit making effort, then sell it/supply to U.S. customers and power plants at the COST price...
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  • Last I checked Romney is not running to implement Cap and Trade and the Republicans in Congress would block any such notion. It is terrible policy that would restrict the use of fossil fuels and force consumption of so called green sources of energy that are grossly more expensive, less efficient and not as reliable. Cap and Trade and the regulatory path Obama has us on increases the cost of virtually every good and service in the United States, because just about every last thing we produce and do is tied to energy in one form or another.


    Romney's approach seems to be "all of the above" energy exploration and putting an end to Obama's draconian EPA, Interior and Agriculture regulations that are preventing drilling and mining on public lands from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. And it appears that Romney will also put an end to the silly EPA regulations that are preventing the construction of new coal fired power plants as well as modernization of existing older coal fired facilities.
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  • Good ideas, but no matter where the resources go there will be a million jobs created! And for now, that is a good thing and that is Mitt's goal. We can worry about, and plan, alternatives AFTER we get people back to work!
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  • You really want the government in the energy business on our public lands?? Both Cap & Trade and the concept of energy independence is a crock. The nation needs a diversified comprehensive energy plan. Diversified so no one source will dominate and each source can compete with each other for price and reliability. Comprehensive in the sense that alternative sources(wind solar, etc) and conservation are also part of the plan. Government Labs could be utilized to develop clean coal technologies and then these prototypes could be licensed to the private sector. We walked on the moon and developed the atomic bomb.....we can't clean up coal???
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  • We need a diversified comprehensive energy plan in the same way we need a diversified comprehensive food plan. That is we don't. This national plan crock hasn't worked since Carter created the money black hole that is the Dept of Energy. Just let the free market work and stop the government "planning."
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  • Romney 2012. Coal 2013!
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  • Jobs for everyone.
    5 Oct 2012, 08:07 AM Reply Like
  • Lots of good comments. Public lands belong to the public so hire a driller/transporter/di... for sale to the American public - only. Who is the government? We the people! If I were a multi national oil co. I would sit on any large "find" until it was profitable to sell. Americans deserve better from their lawmakers.
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  • And the government runs the postal service too...
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  • It does not.
    9 Oct 2012, 10:50 AM Reply Like
  • Postal workers enjoy federal government backed wages and pensions and the federal government bails out the postal service when it runs a deficit. Technically, the Postal Service operates as an independent entity, the same way the Federal Reserve and FDIC and other agencies of the government are independent of the Legislative and Executive branches. But the Postal Service is a federal government entity that enjoys a monopoly over 1st class mail delivery.


    The idea that the government could efficiently manage the exploration and production of oil, gas and coal is a joke, the same way that government can provide better medical care than the private sector. How about this, why don't you set up a government run energy and health care system and then depend on that and leave the rest of us to depend on private companies and individuals to deliver energy and medical care. Time for you socialists to leave us capitalists alone and quit wrecking our country.
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  • Topcat, read the US Constitution. It's a federal agency, organized by federal statutes and regulated by Congress. The only thing that's really changed is that the Postmaster General is no longer a member of the Presidential Cabinet as of the 1970s. It's also supposed to be revenue neutral, but it hasn't achieved that and continually requires funds from general federal revenues to make ends meet.

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  • It is regulated by Congress.Regulated by Congress... and that's the problem.
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