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Questcor (QCOR -4%) trades lower after United Healthcare's Oxford Policy Update publishes...

Questcor (QCOR -4%) trades lower after United Healthcare's Oxford Policy Update publishes revised Acthar approval timeframes , which limits the use of QCOR's Acthar Gel.
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  • this is ok as said before QCOR Acthar is for short term spasm use. If you need to use longer than three weeks you should see a medical doctor. I have family who has used this drug -in a week you go from a frozen MS body(cannot move) to back to normal. Amazing-saved months living in rehab institution-what had to be done last time before acthar. This is actually good as no approval needed if prescibed-we had to wait 5 days for approval-an eternity during spasm
    5 Oct 2012, 01:51 PM Reply Like
  • Dear pat45,


    I am amazed to read your story even though the news you are replying to might (and I mean might) not be good news for you.
    If Acthar is as good as you say that you went from frozen to moving normally after the one week treatment I am putting my trust in Acthar.
    How often can/must you take the treatment?
    I am so happy for you!
    5 Oct 2012, 02:43 PM Reply Like
  • first it is not me-but a cousin-and she has not spasmed that bad again-been at least 9 months-although been through abc of ms pharmacy and came close a while back.New doctor helps. Hope she would never spasm again-but nice to know something helps for when it happens. I am small time investor-hate how things manipulated. But nothing more manipulated than health care-scary thought to have medicare privatized- old people fighting to figure out what is covered and what not-read that fine print. Hard enough just to fiquire out what to do.
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  • The timeframe changes seem nothing, so QCOR recovers quickly on this one
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  • My GOSH Seeking Alpha, do you think you could actually READ the bulletin before using negative words in your headline!


    I spent quite a bit of time having to explain the bulletin to folks on StockTwits, because of you scaring them.


    If you do not understand health insurance bulletins, then you should refrain from publishing anything but "Bulletin Published" with a link.


    I am sure good people lost money because of you.
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  • i did lost money because it triggered my stop.
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  • Agree with Mikey,


    Actually, unlike the Aetna publication which is confusing and confused, this United Heathcare Policy update constitutes Validation of ACTHAR for MS, which is just the opposite of what the shorts who just dumped a couple of million QCOR shares into strong hands want you to believe.
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  • I see this as a positive for Qcor since after aetna mess, investors are panicked about other insurance companies doing the same; however, not the same case with united healthcare.
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  • agree. I should load more when the price dropped below $18. When I realize it is nothing, it already recovered. :)
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  • Totally wrong to use the scare tactic with your writing.


    It is page 41 in the Bulletin, so you do not have to look and read through the whole thing!
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  • Dear pat45,


    I found the stuff about Acthar in the Bulletin - it will not affect you and your treatments - I am sure!
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  • It really would be great if Wall street actually understood the drug and its indications before acting. This is a shoot first and ask questions later.
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  • Apparently , he don't understand the bulletin.
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  • Remember - shoot first and ask questions later!
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  • This news from Oxford/UHC is actually bullish. It sets a slightly different time frame but in no way makes Acthar a non treatment. The picture is clear and with the possibility of a good report from Questcor regarding monthly sales shorts may be driven out.
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  • Additionally and perhaps most importantly it refers to Acthar as a "medically necessary" for several conditions including key indications like infantile spasm (IS), multiple sclerosis (MS), and nephrotic syndrome (NS). That term: "medically necessary" will help its fight with the Feds over marketing of the product as they for the most part justify the terms used in their marketing approach.
    7 Oct 2012, 07:12 AM Reply Like
  • the big portion of the shorts are already out!finra posts a daily short list and you can monitor on that. shorts went from over 6million shares to only 500,000. wish i had known about the report b4 i went long just b4 the aetna news hit. lost all my gains for the year on that one trade! got a call last week from the vp of marketing-the company seems to be continuing to look for additional uses as well. citron research is evidently the short that caused the most damage.
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  • FYI, those are daily aggregate transaction files. So the 500k you speak of, is just the transactions for that day.


    The true'd up short position reports haven't been published yet.
    8 Oct 2012, 01:24 AM Reply Like
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