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"We're going to patent it all," Steve Jobs declared in '06 after Apple (AAPL) paid $100M to...

"We're going to patent it all," Steve Jobs declared in '06 after Apple (AAPL) paid $100M to settle an IP suit. The result would be a huge patent portfolio Apple is now wielding against rivals amidst complaints many patents cover obvious and/or existing software concepts. Apple's "unified search" patent was rejected in '04, with an examiner calling it "an obvious variation" on existing ideas. It would be rejected 8 more times before getting approved last year, and then successfully used against Samsung.
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  • Now that investors are collecting it's time to jump back in everybody! Get it now before it jumps back up above 704, because speculators and analysts are already talking about the success of the Iphone 6 that apple was holding all their advancements for. And it will probably get released at the same time of the physical Apple TV.
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  • When WILL the Apple television be released?
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  • Just what is the Apple television ??
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  • If I-Joke TV does, I will short it like nothing I have ever shorted before.


    Sharp is just doing great!


    So, we will then have Sony, Sharp, Netflix Hybrid.


    Short of the century.
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  • There are many patents that have been issued with "an obvious variation" on existing ideas. This is a problem with patent standards control.
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  • We need another approach on patents especially for technology companies. These tech companies are turning into legal shops over trivial stuff. Surprised nobody patented music playing while person walking. Oh wait........
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  • So the trick to getting a patent is to keep resubmitting. What a great system.
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  • More like keep throwing money till someone grabs it
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  • bogus patents
    pathetic bogus patent system
    disgusting company based on bogus BS
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  • Almost every single patent is submitted multiple times.
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  • yep - patents typically always get sent back at least once because you try to patent everything the first time. It is a system built for lawyers... not inventors.
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  • As someone else once commented, it is almost necessary today to have an attorney sit next to an engineer.
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  • Was the patent for rounded corners on a rectangle?
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  • When the Google CEO sits on Apple's board and then Google comes up with the copy-catting Android OS that they give away for free to Apple's competitors, Apple should do everything in its power to stop them.
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  • Probably on a circle!
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  • I love reading comments from Apple Haters. They are so predictable and lame, yet entertaining to think that an individual hates a Company so much that they seek out an opportunity to spew their venom.
    Sorry you missed your chance to buy the stock at a lower price. Get over it.
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  • Why do you troll these threads if you have made a killing on aapl stock?
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  • LOL^
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  • The stock price is lower or haven't you noticed. It is down 10% in a very short order.


    I was warning people that this could be tough to double again. Look at my prior posts.
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  • This drop is merely short-term noise. I am glad it occurred because I could buy options more cheaply. Apple has made me more money than any other stock I own. Fortunately, I gave up the bear case a long, long time ago.
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  • I made a chunk of money on Apple too. The question is can this stock double or triple versus other investments. I think double eventually but triple is a huge stretch.


    Apple will be a good company indefinitely but not sure about the stock.
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  • Any way you look at it, android is a stolen product, why is the ny times protecting a stolen product and trashing apple for protecting it.
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  • Money.
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  • are you on drugs?
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  • Whaaaa?


    Android is based on Linux.


    MacOS X was based on a Linux variant and has a Mac user interface.


    Linux is open source.


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  • J.W. - Really? Wow!


    Do you have a newsletter subscription I can subscribe to?




    Apple is experiencing very legitimate and material supply constraints (not the "channel check" reports that were evident in previous production/releases). As well, it seems almost conspiratorial how much negative publicity, specifically from Foxconn workers, has happened recently.


    If Apple announces an agreement with several TV networks for on-demand streaming television, then their Apple TV will be a success. In the meantime, Samsung has been making a HUGE, and in my opinion, successful publicity campaign, to differentiate their phone as the other HOT phone. Their TV ad campaign made a big impression on the average consumer as many people I've encountered have talked about it. The morale of the iPhone has gone down, and in my opinion, Apple is now the mainstream giant that "cool" people don't want to be associated with.


    I think Samsung is the new cool phone. I own an iPhone 4s, and if I didn't lose money on AAPL options before the release of the iPhone 5, I would have purchased one :)


    We'll see what happens. This market is most definitely manipulated, however, I didn't know how until I saw this brave SA post here -


    Good luck all!
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  • The Galaxy as the "new cool phone"? Huh? The Galaxy is not cool. It is, however, a well-priced phone and decent knock-off of the iPhone.
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  • "The Galaxy is not cool" Well, it is, and you must have had a fat finger error typing on yours.


    I don't think the iPhone is cool. OMG I KNOW!


    Who's right? Well obviously since everyone wants an iPhone and AAPL stock is better than shares in Jesus would be (JSUS), it must be the cooler phone.
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  • Let consumers decide what is cool. If they buy the Galaxy then it must be cool enough to buy.


    End of story.
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  • The Street has Apple supply contraints all wrong. Thjis sell off therefore makes no sense. Bottomline, no company on earth can materalize 100 million highly complex product units. It takes months. it is called a roll-out, not a materialization.


    if you want an iPhone 5, you can get one by pre-ordering then waiting for your notification to pick one up and ave it activated. The wait is 1-14 days depending, It is not long. You will get your phone.


    Why do you thnk the Chinese workers strarting going postal? Because they are being paid three times the usual but being forced to work around the clock and be absolute perfectionists. Which they are not used to doing. Otherwise though, everything will be fine. 10 million in mini Ipads now on the way too, and that wil take time as well. But by february, the two massive roll-outs will complete and lkely Apple will have another 50 billion dollars in profit. So where is the beef? 50 billion bucks profit in 2 quarters
    with no debt and already 110 billion in the bank. That would equal 25% of the current market cap, in CASH. And the Apple brand name alone is worth a half trillion dollars.


    The naysayers have really gone way too far. demanding Apple TV now or they will short? These idiots know nothing. Apple TV is not a device it is a whole new way of doing TV, which is dependent upon huge new content deals which are very complex and expensive. Apple needs one big one to get the ball rolling. Or they could cimple buyTime Warner or something and taker over Hollywood that way. But if Apple wants to do it, they will.And right now they are kinda busy getting out 100 iPhones and 10 mini iPads plus a loot of other great stuff.


    I bought more today, on margin. I thnk the whole market is insane right now versus Apple. They dont deserve it and they do deserve a $1000 price. They may get it too, sooner than people think.
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  • Stocks get what they deserve every day. The market decides.
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  • I am an Architect, educated at the Univesity of Michigan with an engineering background for GMI.


    I work with Telechart Platinum, Strategy desk and have been developing on the Amibroker open source platform now having some 56 pages of code.


    I have created over 3000 indicators and chart templates on these platforms also including Worden Brothes Blocks.


    The vast number of indicators has been winnowed down to a very small set, far superior to the common indicators found in all the platforms.
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  • They will patent the wheel next.


    Lawyers are cheaper than R&D
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  • That is Apple's ace in the hole. If they can maintain a stranglehold on smart phone and/or tablet technology it has a virtual monopoly. $1000 here we come! I can dream can't I.
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  • dont buy apple they are talking about it gonig down to the 535 range. they screwed up the iphone 5 get over it. People are sending the phone back there scratched up. They wont even make there earnings now. And the chinese are striking thep hone was built poorly and there is no way around not scratching the phone. I heard if feels flimsy and toyish. Thats not good thats there number 1 product.
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  • Someone commented that while Apple has Apple, Samsung has the Korean Government, which is larger.


    No question that the South Koreans have shown their intelligence and their brilliance... just go to Best Buy and see all the wonderful things that they make. Only Dyson seems to be able to compete.


    So if they want to take ideas generated here and fight our patents perhaps we should rethink about our continued defense from the Korean War. How long have we been defending them? Over 53 years, almost 1/4 the timespan of the US. The point was proven... freedom and free markets and Democracy ARE better. Maybe they can hack it now all alone if they want to take and push us out from competing according to the rules that we established long ago and make nonsense arguments that destroying the patent system makes it better for the consumer.


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  • Huh?


    We are going to war over cell phones?


    Hilarious. Quit being so emotional.
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  • Samsung's new mini iPad ripoff just got a B grade from a tech cu=onsumer affairs analyst. The Apple mini iPad will likely get an A.


    And they are roughly the same price, so why would anyone pick a Samsung over an Apple? That's like paying the same price for a Saab instead of a BMW Or Mercedes. Saab is a nice car, but not worth nearly as much.
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  • Beats me. Why buy anything at all?
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  • The Cotton Gin was new technology, the screw impeller, was new technology, the steam engine was new technology, the Model T was new technology, the Packard Merlin was new technology, and on it goes.


    Any Anthropoligist from Michigan will tell you that technology is the fundamental determinant of culture.


    So called technology companies have been patenting things since the inception of this Country.


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  • Whgo wrote this? Samsung's legal team? Correction, Samsung was found to be 100% guilty by 100% of jurors right away after they saw the evidence. There was no eight tries or whatever. Jobs did execute patents carefully, and guess what, they turned out to be inventions Apple created which are now worth a trillion dollars. So why would anyone feel Apple doesn't deserve to protect those patents?


    Try using Batman, Spiderman, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter or whatever without paying the owner of the copyright. True you can rip offany of thedse by changing many details, but in certain aspects, Samsung didn't take the time to invent something different. and they got caught. And anyone else who tries it should pay. I saw counterfeit Apple I'Phones in South America which looked exactly like the real thing, but there is nothing inside them but some cheap Android garbage. Millions of parties would love to rip off Apple and part of it success, but they do not allow it. Or at elast they pick a few to make an example out of to scare off the others. As well they should.


    Apple has just sold off about 15% for no particular reason. it is now the bestglaring bargain free money buy in the market. The upcoming quarters are going to be the biggest in history. That is called real growth and tens of millions more in the bank. I know the technical breakdown details, but technical really means nothing in the long run and should be ignored after the fact. Buy all you can at these prices. We will not be in the 600's for long.
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  • Apple won in an American court. Samsung has won against Apple in an Asian court. More drama coming soon.


    Arguing a legal foundation for a company is typically not a winning strategy. Margins will come down. The competition is getting intense.
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  • Galaxy 3 was just added to the suit apple won against Samsung. It was too late to add it before the trial since the pre trial order had set a deadline for adding devices and the S3 came out afterwards. but now that its been added, its pretty clear it will be banned as well since the same facts including design and functionality patents and law apply. Same judge as well.
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  • Interesting overview in this news story.

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  • I recently won an Ipad from my broker, any body want to buy a brand new retina ipad at discount?
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